People Who Deserve an Award for Their Food Hacks

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The world is filled with all kinds of heroes.

Some of them save lives every single day, either by treating those in the hospital or saving people from natural disasters. Others are teachers, who strive to equip the next generation of humans with the tools and resources they’ll need to make the world a better place. Still, there are more heroes who make the world laugh, even when they thought smiling was impossible.

And some heroes work in food.

Whether it’s decreasing waste, increasing enjoyment, or spreading knowledge of many food-related items, there are all kinds of food heroes out there. They’re not asking for any praise, but we’re gonna give it to them anyway. Because they’re making the world a better place, and they deserve it!

Next time you sit down to a meal or grab a quick snack, remember the food heroes.

And give ’em a big thumbs up.

Now, without further ado, here are 29 people (and restaurants) who deserve some sort of prize for what they’ve done for food.

This restaurant that sells color-coded brownies:

Each color represents whether the brownie is an edge piece, a corner, or a middle. The only suggestion I would make would be to get rid of all the edges, and middles and sell the corner pieces. That’s what people actually want, isn’t it?

This restaurant that knows what’s up:

You could just offer to buy her a serving of fries, but no. She insists on not eating “that many.”

This McDonald’s that had to use bottles of soda instead of the machine:

This was probably pretty annoying for the employees to deal with. I applaud their commitment to service!

This restaurant with amazing pepperoni distribution:

This would be the perfect pizza for any parents of young kids. No one’s going to complain about how many pepperonis they get!  

This restaurant that uses pasta tubes instead of straws:

Saving the planet one straw at a time! Bonus: You can chomp on the straw once you’re done with your drink (if you’re into eating raw pasta).

This company that sells ugly lemons:

You know what they say. When life hands you ugly lemons, make regular lemonade!

Whoever invented this ice cream protector:

I’ve never one of these in real life, but if I ever do, I am going to shake the hand of whoever is responsible.

This restaurant that charges mean people extra money:

Dealing with rude customers is by far the worst part of working in food service. I think this solution is absolutely brilliant.

Whoever designed this pizza menu:

Not only is it informative; it’s also super fun to flip through! It’s also great for people who don’t speak the language it’s written in!

This restaurant that keeps its ketchup ready to go:

via Imgur

No more shaking and tapping the bottle, only to get a tiny bit of ketchup for your fries. (And inevitably ending up with a giant puddle all over your plate.)

The inventor of this chip extractor:

Pringles! Are you paying attention? You need to do this ASAP.

Whoever wrote these fish translations:

Did they need to do that? Of course not. But I’m so, so glad that they did.

The inventor of this beer pitcher:

The ice caddy on the side ensures that your beer stays cold the entire time. This is what a billion-dollar idea looks like, folks.

This restaurant that lets you see your food as it’s cooking:

You know, in case you’re curious about the whole process.

Whoever invented this ice cream machine:

It also dispenses frozen foods, so now you can get dinner and dessert from the same place!

Whoever thought to wrap this lemon in mesh:

Honestly, lemons should just grow with mesh around them. Think we can get some scientists to start working on that?

The inventor of this fork-chopsticks hybrid:

Now you don’t have to be embarrassed if you’re someone who has not mastered the art of eating with chopsticks. They’ve thought of everything.

This restaurant with a menu that has your back:

Feeling a little overwhelmed? Sit back and relax. They’ve got you covered.

This restaurant with a bell for common requests:

If every restaurant had a bell like this, I think would eat at a restaurant for every meal of the day.

The person who designed this snack bag:

No more reaching into a salty, greasy bag to get to your chips! This is amazing!

This ice cream shop that uses marshmallows to prevent leaks:

They simultaneously solved the problem of leaky cones and put a tasty snack at the bottom of each one. They’re geniuses, I tell you! Geniuses!

This restaurant with pre-portioned noodles:

No more standing at the pasta section of the buffet for a half hour while you try to get the right amount of noodles onto your plate. Whoever did this: Thank you. Thank you so much.

This restaurant with an amazing kids’ menu:

I’m pretty sure every single parent would feel such a sense of relief upon seeing this at their local eatery. More restaurants should adopt this menu!

This grocery store that sells overripe bananas:

They even come with a recipe for banana bread right on the bag! This is such a smart idea.

Whoever thought to combine these two items:

Beef jerky and a little flosser! Since you know you’re gonna need it!

This grocery store that offers free fruit for kiddos:

Here’s another thing that parents will love! It keeps kids busy and it’s healthy.

Whoever designed this label:

In order to read the note about mixing the bottle, you need to turn the it upside-down! There’s no way to mess that one up.

This grocery store that puts aisle maps right on the carts:

No more wandering aimlessly through the aisles, collecting unnecessary junk food.

The inventor of this fry cone:

Want some ketchup? Put it right there and enjoy holding your entire snack with only one hand. Share this with someone who appreciates good design!