20 People Who Posted ‘Missed Connections’ and Actually Heard Back | 22 Words

If you’ve browsed the Missed Connections section on Craigslist, you know the entries can range from sweet to cringey to creepy. Ever wondered if the writers actually find the person they’re looking for?

A bunch of Redditors shared what happened when their missed connections became real-life encounters.

For some, their posts led marriage (ahem, and divorce), but others ended on a sour note—keep reading to get the scoop.

An underground encounter.

My friend was carrying her groceries on a busy subway from Manhattan to Queens, and this guy gave up his seat for her. They didn't chat, but locked eyes a few times and as the guy got off, my friend said they smiled and laughed at each other. After she got home, her roommate told her to post on missed connections, but when she went on the guy had already posted about her! They dated for a short while, but he then got back together with an ex he'd met through AA. —euancmurphy Hey, not every meet-cute ends in marriage.

A swing and a miss.

I used to browse Missed Connections. I saw one that said something like, "I see you walking your dog on [street] every day. You're cute, and I'd like to talk to you." That was my street, and I'd seen lots of girls walking dogs there, so I figured I'd help a bro out. I sent back something like, "There are quite a few cute girls who walk dogs on [street], you may want to update your post with a description of the girl and the dog. I'm the average looking blonde with the scruffy white dog." He emailed back saying that I was the one he was referring to! WHAT. So I thanked him and told him (truthfully) that I was a single mom going through a hard time and wasn't ready to even think about dating. I got a friendly email back, wishing me the best, and that was that. —insertcaffeine A little ego boost never hurt anyone!

Where in the world is Waldo?

It wasn't really a missed connection in the sense that one of us saw the other and posted about it. I had just moved to a new area and hadn't met many people yet, so to entertain myself (I had yet to hear about Reddit), I would post clearly joke (I was not subtle) missed connections. The post he responded to was me looking for Waldo. He responded to me jokingly, as Waldo, saying he was in search of his love Carmen SanDiego. We chatted for a while, and we hit it off. Met a few weeks later. Got married a few years later. Getting divorced a few years after that. —TheClicheMovieTrope A roller coaster of a story.

A good friend is hard to find.

I met someone from a missed connection. Once we met, I realized that I didn’t have any romantic interest in this person, and he didn’t have any in me. But, we became pretty good friends! We were even roommates one year when I was in university. Even now when we both have our own SO’s, we still like to get coffee and catch up. He’s a really awesome person! —sillybanana2012 The most wholesome Missed Connection.

Bus stops and wedding bells.

I have a good friend that met this guy at a bus stop, I believe. They chatted casually for a few minutes, and that was the end of it. Later, my friend was kicking himself for not asking the guy out for coffee or something and posted a missed connection about it. About a week later, bus stop guy’s boss was browsing missed connections and recognized the description of the guy’s hat, so he sent him the posting. And now, several years later, my friend and bus stop guy are married. My friend still has a screenshot of the missed connections post saved on his phone. —Quinntissential We’re totally here for this love story (can someone please make it into a movie?). Next, a poster that didn’t quite expect the response they received.

An unexpected response.

I saw this girl at Starbucks that was just gorgeous. Looked like she was distracted going through some s**t on the phone so I didn't say anything (don't wanna be that guy who can't read social cues). Left and kicked myself over it later so next day I posted in missed connections (although I was positive nothing would come of it, just felt good putting it out there). Around 3 days later get a response. Not from her, but from another girl who read it and liked the sincerity in it. We ended up talking and exchanging numbers and have been dating since (about 6 months now). —JustEnough_Might Missed Connections work in mysterious ways.

A bright spot on your morning commute.

I noticed that I'd see the same Ford Focus ST several times a week during my commute. The driver was a total cutie. I caught him staring at me a few times, so one day I waved at him, and he waved back. This went on for a few weeks. I posted an ad to see if he was out there, and I got about a dozen responses from guys claiming to be him. I knew immediately who the real one was because he replied asking if I drove a red WRX. We exchanged phone numbers. We texted a bit back and forth, but when he sent me this long gushy text about how it was fate and love at first sight, I got cold feet and panicked. I had just gone through a particularly nasty breakup and wasn't ready for anyone to talk about love at first sight. —penholdtogatineau Way better than road rage!

Thanks but no thanks.

My stepbrother posted a missed connection for a girl he saw when he was at traffic court. She was there for a speeding ticket just like he was so he thought he had a good meet-cute story. She responded to his ad with a polite "thanks, but no thanks." He did end up meeting his wife on Craigslist a few months later, but just by posting a regular ad though. —10per That last part has us scratching our heads.

Noped out of there.

I'm on the subway here in Toronto during morning rush hour going to work. Me and this really cute Asian girl keep exchanging glances, then big smiles, then laughter from across the crowded subway. I was getting off at Yonge Station, which is probably the biggest hub, so I figured she'd get off too. I was going to talk to her, but she didn't get off :( I realized that it was a long shot, but I posted to missed connections. A month passed, and I had long since forgotten about it. Then I get an email asking about the ad, saying that it was her. Now I'm no dummy, so I was very skeptical, but she was able to nail down the time, place, and even describe how I looked. I was so shocked! We exchanged numbers and talked, then we agree to meet for a date, a lunch date which I thought was kinda weird. So we meet, and she tells me that she is married with a kid, and looking for some "discreet fun". Needless to say, I noped the hell outta there. Still though, was good that she was upfront about it, but yeah I wanted no part of that disaster lol. —Jagermeister1977 Honesty is key, in relationships and in Missed Connections.

Craigslist isn’t always so friendly.

I was at work one day when a co-worker, named Erika, told me I'd had a missed connection written about me. I worked at a bookstore, downtown in a big city as a visual merchandiser. I had read the Missed Connections before, dreamed that one would get written about me, but never thought it would happen-cause that's the stuff out of a rom-com. Nevertheless, she sent me a link to the missed connection, and this is it: Working at (Name of my bookstore) on Sunday (20th of December) (the address of my old bookstore)- m4w You were pushing a cart or trolley full of books; I was in a rush as I passed by you. We locked eyes a few times though. You had long dark hair, and I was wearing a toque and black leather Jacket. Now, this may seem pretty vague, but it's me. Nobody else was in that day, and merch people push carts like it's nobody business, and the other merch girls on that day were a red-haired girl and a pale brunette. So I responded. Mostly because I don't like to leave people hanging. People should wonder "whatever happened." HE GOT CREEPY REAL QUICK. I mean 0 to stalker in 60 seconds. I went on vacation with my parents (Christmas time), and he emailed me 3 times in the span of 5 days being like "Where'd you go?", "You still there?", "Drop off on me?" He added me on FB and IG without me telling him what those handles were. He started liking pictures I'd been tagged in on my friends Instagram. Visited my ex's pages. He kept pushing for my phone numbers or saying he "was going to be around my work" on days I wasn't even working. Luckily I had already found a new job. I think he's still on my Facebook contacts. His last message to me reads "One of those non-replying types, eh? :P " YEAH I DON'T THINK SO, BUD. —samwritessometimes Creepy guys lurk in all corners of the internet. On the next page, Dad is lurking Missed Connections.

Thanks, Dad?

My mom and I were driving somewhere once, and this gorgeous guy on a motorcycle pulls up next to us at a light, and we were both discreetly swooning. I figured I'd try and make a post there for the hell of it and I got a reply from the guy's dad? He provided a photo, and it was him. The guy turned out to be the boyfriend of this girl I went to high school with. I never contacted him after creeping on Facebook but I really just wanted to know who he was. I still found it weird that his dad replied with his information, knowing he was in a relationship. —Vittra666 This one’s just super confusing.

They tried...

I was asked to dance at a club one night when I was just about to go out for a smoke. When I came back inside, she was gone. Posted a missed connections and heard back from her the next day. We went on a date a week later, and she turned out to be a fairly poor conversationalist, and we had basically nothing in common. —moonspyke Not quite love at first sight.

A GameStop encounter gone wrong.

I worked at GameStop for about 2 and a half years when I was in community college. One day on my lunch break, I had to go to Verizon to pick up a new screen protector for my iPhone. I ended up being taken care of by a guy in his early 30's, late 20's. We were talking while he was getting me all set up. He struck up a conversation about my lock screen which was a picture of a chameleon, and we got talking about reptiles and eventually about my job at GameStop and video games and our similar interests. It was a pleasant conversation. I left and went back to work not really thinking anything of it. A few days later, I was in class, and my boss sent me a text saying they were talking about me on the radio. I was confused and concerned, so I excused myself from class and called me boss. Turns out, one of our local radio stations has a "missed connections" segment. I didn’t even know what it was at the time. But apparently, they read over the radio a description of a girl with "short brown hair, a septum ring and Pokeball gauges who works at local GameStop" and my boss nearly drove off the road. I ended up finding the ad and contacting the person who posted it and sure enough, it was Verizon guy. I was pretty embarrassed, but I gave him a shot and talked to him for a bit. He kind of made me uncomfortable, especially whenever I would talk about video games he would tell me how "sexy" it was. (Working as a woman at GameStop was a nightmare) I was currently going on dates with different guys as I had recently started dating again. I was getting kind of attached to one of the guys I was seeing and saw a possible relationship with him, so I felt it was only fair to tell Verizon guy this. I told him "I just wanted you to know that I'm kind of seeing someone." To which he replied, "so am I, I'm glad we can be honest with each other!" Needless to say, we stopped talking after that and I avoided that Verizon like the plague. When I finally went back a few years later cause I needed a new phone, I talked to one of the salesmen about it and he replied, "Oh yeah that sounds like him. He got fired a while ago, works at Dunkin Donuts now." Nice. —kgwoohoo The stuff of Missed Connections nightmares.

Mambo #5: the ultimate love song.

My friends and I were pretty into checking Missed Connections on CL in Boston around '09-'10. We would frequently post fake ones for each other, but I was mindlessly scrolling through and found a real one that was definitely for me. The title was something like "Girl in Volvo, Me on Bike," and listed the intersection where it had occurred, which was right by my house. I remembered that a few nights earlier a guy rode by me on his bike, and I checked him/his bike out, since apparently, I was under the impression that my car windows were tinted and he wouldn't notice (it was also nighttime). The body said, "I looked at you, you looked at me, then Mambo #5 came on my iPod shuffle". I thought it was funny enough and responded, I believe saying something like, "I don't know what's weirder, the fact that you posted this or the fact that I found it." We had a brief interaction on AIM (like I said, '09-'10), and I think even added each other on Facebook. But I was dating someone at the time, and it never went further than that. Ya, I guess this story is pretty boring, but I typed it all out, so there you go, Reddit. —queen_carlotta Needless to say, not every Missed Connection is an epic love story.


I was living in the San Francisco Bay Area, and a girl bumped my car in traffic. We were kinda stuck in traffic, and it was uncertain if this was serious enough to get out. I could see her in my rearview and thought she was quite attractive. I posted a Missed Connection about it and said that it's cool, but if she wants to make it up to me then she can buy me coffee. A girl responded saying that she's pretty sure it was her, and we discussed the details of the bump, and she said she was totally down for that coffee. But she never responded to my follow-up :/ —forgonsj Ah, what could have been… Next, the tear-jerking story of a pilot who saved the day.

An angel of a pilot.

Had an adventure with an airline pilot. I had left my phone in the bathroom, and the plane was about to take off. He heard the attendants being rude and not letting me out to get it, and proceeded to sprint with me down to the bathroom to get it. Told me the plane wouldn’t leave without him. Later, I stayed to thank him and explained that I was flying to see my dad, who was dying. My phone was my only connection, I had no idea what airline I was on next nor did I have money other than enough for a cab once I got there. Without my phone, I was screwed. Found him on Craigslist two days later. He told me I was an attractive young woman and not to worry and that everything was going to be OK. He was right. My dad made it, and I pulled him out of a brutal nursing home months later and became his caregiver. We got a few more years with him. I contacted the airline to get in touch with the pilot, but they would not give me his info. I just want to tell him, thank you. —brainslugleela This one melted our hearts.

Sometimes things do work out.

I have a friend who is currently living with her Craigslist missed connection, and they’re 2 years into a relationship with a cat! They met at a bar and spent the night together. Then her friend got sick, so she went to the washrooms with her, came back a while later and the bar had closed, so everyone had left, and they hadn’t swapped numbers. She posted a missed connection, and he got in touch!! I love that story; I swear I’ve told it more times than she has. —misstreesandteas May they live happily ever after with their cat.


I saw a missed connection with my first name (not that common) in a place I used to frequent the bars. I was curious if it was for me but something about how it was written told me it wasn’t. Then one night I got a text from some dude I met up with one time, 6 years ago, professing his undying love for me. I did a reverse number search and figured out who he was and was shocked, like oh my god that was so long ago what is wrong with this guy? It turns out he thought I was someone else with a different last name. Womp womp.
  • Clean out your damn contact list once every, oh I don’t know, 6 years, so this doesn’t happen to you.
  • If a girl blocks you, she doesn’t want to be found. —goldengirlsmom
Important lessons to learn.

Totally not a drag.

I had moved to a new city and ended up at a drag show at some local bar. A cute girl was on stage because it was her birthday. I bought her a bday drink, but only chatted for a few minutes before her friends took her away. We didn't exchange names or numbers. When I got home, I decided to write a missed connection. One of her friends from the bar saw it and got me in touch. We ended up serving Christmas dinner at a homeless shelter for a first date. Nothing romantic really clicked between us, but we did stay friends for a while. —dougiefresh22 It might not have worked out, but we did get an awesome new first date idea out of it.

A game changer.

Some women at work were talking about Missed Connections because someone posted an MC about one of their brothers. That was the first time I heard about it. I browsed to the site to see what it was and there was a post describing my brother and mentioning a place I know he had been. I think I had to print it out for him back then. He contacted the girl, and they dated for a couple years and are still friends. The cool thing is that she was very adventurous and kind of kick-started an interest in traveling and doing more things that he was not into before that. —arriesgado Craigslist: broadening horizons one Missed Connection at a time. Before you go trawl Craigslist for a Missed Connection of your own, be sure to share this article on Facebook!