Wow, there a lot of jerks out there — people who barrel through life without a care for those around them. They bring chaos and disorder and rudeness where there should be civility and kindness. These people are not cool, and they are not "rebels." They're just...problems.

Why would we spend our time calling these people out when we could go on our merry way spreading kindness instead? Well, because once in a while it feels good to express your frustration, doesn't it? It's cathartic. We deserve this moment of justice, and then we can move on.

So...below are pictures of things that only total jerks would deem acceptable. Scream about these photos with me for a sec (quietly and to yourself, of course, in case you're in public). Then go do something kind for someone. Let's make the world better for each other...unlike these people.

Ooh, these jerks are going to make you so mad.

You won't be able to believe some of these people. Everyone from seat hogs to parking jerks is covered in this parade of idiots. Get ready to rage.

Three spots

This is egregious. It's not even like they tried to fit in one spot and accidentally crossed over the line. They are blatantly taking up so much room.

Across the hall

Don't worry, if you get clotheslined walking through his charger, he's got his phone so he'll be able to snap an embarrassing picture.


Forget taking up too many spaces, why don't you completely block the entire handicap row?

Nabisco steak

Hey! That's not where meat is supposed to go. And now you've ruined the meat and those cookies for everyone else.

Middle of the road

This person parked in the middle of the road. They put the car in park, turned it off, got out, shut the door, looked at its placement, and said, "Yes, this seems right."


What the heck, Judy?! I love how she didn't throw away her Starbucks cup but instead placed it on top of a garbage can because we can call her out by name.

Hidden blemish

I don't think to check under the fruit stickers for blemishes but now I will! This is so mean.

Too much hair

If you decide to have that much hair, figuring out what to do with it without invading other people's space is on you. This is not cool.

Three-seat Sharon

This is disgusting. What do you call it when a woman participates in manspreading? Ooh, she's the worst!

No right

Three spots! This person has ruined three spots. This is unacceptable in so many ways.

Bicycle parking

I'm sorry but this is the worst. As far as I understand it, bicycles are not entitled to take up parking spots. How disappointed would you be if you turned your car into this spot only to see that?

Empty seater

People who do this should not be allowed to ride the bus. You don't own the bus! You can't keep the seat next to you empty for no good reason.

Trip wire

If you are charging your phone using the subway's outlet, why would you not sit in the seat right above it? You are asking for an accident to happen.

Garbage toilet

Why would anyone do this? They have created such a headache for so many people.

Handicap spots

This is it, folks! This is the reason those barriers are there. This is why you don't park in a handicap spot.

Every day

Imagine having the gall to park like this every single day! In a place where people know you!

Pistachio shells

An airplane isn't a baseball stadium! You can't throw nut shells on the floor! This is horrendous and I have never witnessed anything like it.

Used Q-tips

I love a Q-tip as much as the next person, but that is something you use in the comfort of your own home and nowhere else. You especially don't discard them in a store.


The only upside to this is that mail trucks rarely stay in the same spot for very long, so he probably moved on rather quickly.

In-n-Out too fast

Sometimes it's hard to know if you're supposed to bus your own table in certain establishments, but a good rule is to always bus your own table. That way you don't have to worry about it.

Protected trees

I don't know how much more explicit you could get than a sign that says, "These are protected trees." But no one listens to big red signs, I guess.

Too close for comfort

Oh, this makes me so mad. If you have a big truck and you live in a place where you have to park in parking lots with limited space, why not get rid of it and get something else?

Bike locks

This is infuriating! You can't detach your bike because this other guy chained his bike to yours. You have to wait for this idiot to return.


from funny
Wow, this is harsh! The neighbors couldn't even shovel the whole staircase. Honestly, it probably took more work to stop in the middle.

Inappropriate selfie

Well, this is horrific to the thousandth degree and I don't even know what to say about it except people, do not do this.


I hate to say this, but of course, this person is from Florida. You know why Florida gets a bad rap? Because it's full of jerks!

Wet cement

You'd think at the first sign of wet cement this person would feel bad and give up going this way, but nope! For the record, pretty sure that cop in the bottom photo is Photoshopped in.

Grease cream

This is so mean! Especially because it looks like it could be delicious gelato. But it is not.

Nail polish

Do you know how bad nail polish smells? It's awful! It's not made for confined spaces. Share this with someone to make them as mad as you are!