20 People Who Think They Were Actually Abducted by Aliens Tell Their Stories

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Alien abductions are a serious business for the people who think they were abducted.

The experiences range from deeply unsettling to outright terrifying. Here are some of the strangest, most horrifying ones.

Barrenfieldofcares has a very freaky story to tell:
[…] I was home alone on our farm as my mom and sisters were at some sort of high school sports thing. I had just finished chores for the night and was heading back to our house. I had to take off my mud encrusted lace up boots, which takes forever, and started listening to what I thought was my mom and sister talking. I remember thinking it was weird as it really didn’t sound like them, it really didn’t sound like “talking” actually. My brain knew somebody was talking, in a very loud and annoyed way, but I don’t remember actually physically hearing it or able to decipher the language. I was also starting to get a bad feeling over the fact that I did not see anybody come home while I was outside. Obviously, somebody could have pulled in just as I went into our back mudroom, but I never heard either a car door close, the front door open, or the most damming, our psycho rat terrier start to bark. I finally pried my boots off my feet and headed inside, I called out hello while I passed through the kitchen heading toward the front door. Holy shit. The feeling that I just absolutely fucked up filled my chest and dumped ice straight into my heart. It felt like the time when I was facing an aggressive bull and the fence line was 100 feet away. My logical brain didn’t know why I was fucked but my instincts did. Because I’m lacking in the survival instincts however, I kept walking through the kitchen in order to see who was there. The “voices” were now arguing with each other and I somehow knew they were talking about me, the idiot that was walking toward them. I eventually got to the breakfast bar that divided the kitchen from the front door area. There, I could finally make my body stop walking and froze up. Hanging in front of the door were two gray glowing orbs. The voices were very loud and very angry now, but in a weird muffled screaming way, I knew it was loud but my ears weren’t picking it up. Within a second, both of them had stopped talking, twirled around each other several times and then shot through the ceiling. I ended up sitting at the kitchen computer, staring at the blank monitor, until I heard my mom and sister come through the front door about 15 minutes later.

Redditor ModernMountains says,

I was home alone in this little house I lived in in the middle of nowhere. It was probably around 2 AM and I was just listening to music enjoying having the place to myself for a change, when all of a sudden my dogs started going CRAZY.

Normally, when someone pulls in the driveway or comes up to the backdoor, they go to the door they heard the noise beyond and peek through the blinds to see who it is, but this night they are running all around the house from door to door barking louder than they ever do.

When I stood up to go see what the hell they were on about, I noticed that the whole house seemed to be lit up with a deep blue light. Turning into the living room, it became obvious that it was emanating in from each window. I put on my shoes to go outside and see who was out there, but by the time I got out there the light had faded away. There was no sound of a car engine or really anything, and where I lived you could hear a car coming from a mile away.

I felt a chill run down my spine but I had the weirdest sense of fight or flight where neither option seemed viable, like I was frozen to the spot. I wanted to turn around and get back inside, and then…I just was. Right back in the chair I was listening to music in. As if I just blinked and there I was.

Don’t really like telling people about it because it skeeves me out so bad.

Redditor Bathoriel says,
About 20 years ago I was walking home from the shops with my dad and we stopped to watch some really odd lights in the sky. There were 2 lights, slightly bigger than the stars zooming around and orbiting each other, making figure-8s etc. And then they stopped moving, got bigger and bigger until bright light filled the sky and then they were gone, we carried on our journey home. We hadn’t stopped for more than 5 mins. The whole journey should have been 20 mins. When we got home, my mum was freaking out, we had been gone for 65 mins, our watches were both still working but were 45 mins behind every clock in the house. She had neighbors/friends bout looking for us. I don’t know what happened to us or what we saw, maybe nothing. EDIT: There was no search party organised, I worded myself badly. My mother simply had nearby neighbors and friends who would lived on/near our route home checking to see if they had seen or could see us because it was winter with freezing temperatures outside, it was a dark country road we were walking home along and I was only 8 years old. We also didn’t have mobile phones yet and weren’t prone to detouring.

Redditor Trewdub says,
I live in a pretty secluded part of Washington state. I was in my late teens and my parents had gone to Seattle for something, so I was put in charge of the property. I was closing everything up (i.e. the barn we own and some other small utility buildings) when I look up and see three reddish-orange lights in a triangular formation. They were just floating there, as if they were magnified stars. So magnified, in fact, that everything was slightly illuminated by their warm hue. I’m mesmerized, standing there, and suddenly lose my sense of balance, as if the ground in front of me has begun rising, and I pass out. Next thing I know I’m on the ground in the barn I had locked up (according to my watch) half an hour before. Needless to say, I was petrified. I scurried to the house with my tail between my legs scared and confused. I slept not at all that night and any sense of security I had was gone. Even though I was locked safely in my house, I felt hopelessly exposed. In hindsight, I think it’s possible I was light-headed, opened the barn door and fell down, but it still shakes me up thinking about it.

Redditor Danielpottypants relates this tale of woe:
Not entirely sure if we were abducted, but my wife (who was a non believer) and I both have missing time. We were having sex on our bed when we suddenly both came to, and were in totally different places in the room. Not sure how much time had past, but she looked at me and said “what the fuck just happened?” I said I wasn’t sure. Neither of us were scared, and we were both incredibly tired. We decided we would just go to bed and talk about it in the morning. I looked up instances of missing time and a lot of them said the same thing. When they came to they were just very tired, knew something was totally weird, but just wanted to go to sleep. Edit: We had a carbon monoxide detector. Fully functional. It was an apt. not a house so it was routinely checked and up to code at all times.

Redditor Shivoe writes,
  Between the ages of 5 and 10, I lost time a lot. One of the more notable times that I clearly remember being confused, was when I was laying on the floor watching tv. It was about 6pm, and I looked out the window. It was still bright outside, and then I blinked. When I opened my eyes again it was 3am, the tv was off and I was sitting on the sofa. That sort of thing happened a lot for a few years. Then there were the things I would see. I never had curtains or blinds on my bedroom windows. I was also, absolutely terrified of Windows and I still am. Most nights, before falling asleep, I would see head shapes outside. Not peaking up from the bottom of the window, but either from the side, or looking in from the top of the window, like it was upside down with a cocked head looking in. I had a second floor bedroom, so I thought it was impossible for something to be looking in, so I would just cover my head and try to sleep. Most of the time I ended up sneaking into my parents or my brothers bedroom at night because of it, but, I would see the shapes in their windows as well. But at least I felt safer because I wasn’t alone. Then, when I was closer to 10, I basically slept in my brothers room every night. We had moved into a new house, and his room was in the basement. It wasn’t really a room, but it had one wall, then a big, open side that was separated from the rest of the basement with a long curtain. I had pretty bad insomnia by that point, and I didn’t typically fall asleep until 3-4 in the morning. I was laying on the floor in my sleeping bag, watching Harvy birdman, and the curtain started to move. I looked over to see a hand, reaching through the bottom of the curtain. It was somewhat skeletal looking, with long fingers, and very pronounced bone structure. The wrist it was attached to was also very thin, and had no hair. I sat up and screamed, and when I did the hand froze, and then quickly went back under the curtain. I then heard something running up the stairs, but I didn’t hear a door open or close. I curled up on the foot of my brothers bed, and stayed awake until morning. That was the last thing I remember happening. I still lost time off and on until I was about 16

Redditor Tain01 has this horrifying tale:
I was about 4 or 5 years old and my father was working nightshift. My mother was watching football in our living room and I went to sleep on some chairs near the entertainment center; I don’t recall how or why, just that I conked out in that spot. I “woke up” (quotes because I don’t actually know if I was awake or dreaming) some undetermined time later. The lights were still on, but the TV was off and the house was unnaturally quiet, like the sound was getting sucked up. I looked at the TV first, then turned my head left and saw my mother floating about a foot off the ground with her eyes glowing orange and her mouth hanging open. Naturally, I panicked. I didn’t know where I was going or what I planned to do, just that I had to get out of that room. So I bolted for the hallway that lead to the bedrooms and found myself unable to move. Something walked out of my bedroom in the back. It couldn’t have been much bigger than me as a child, but I remember it was brown and leathery-looking with arms that were too long for a human. The eyes were red and flashed like bike reflectors. I didn’t even know what E.T. was much less seen the movie at this point in my life, for the record (needless to say, after this being burned into my memory, I did not find the movie endearing). I couldn’t move. I couldn’t even scream even though I was trying. All I could do was stand there while the thing hesitated at the end of the hallway. Then it screamed like a bird with something stuck in its throat and waddle-ran straight for me. I woke up on the chairs again screaming and crying until I couldn’t anymore from exhaustion. My mother didn’t/doesn’t remember any of it. After that I was pretty well spooked by any feasible account of alien abduction or UFOs in general. Several episodes of feeling like I was getting jerked leg-first out of my bed all the way into my teenage years. Thankfully, nothing like what I remembered from before though.

Redditor iamtheblaizingturtle says,
This happened when I was 10. I looked out my window, as I always did before bed to make sure nothing is outside since my window faced the street, and suddenly, I started hearing a massive mechanical hum and the light outside became bright like a spotlight was on the home. I then locked eyes with a grey head, freaked the fuck out, jumped in my bed and pulled the covers up close and stared at the window waiting to die and wondering what is going on. I saw the grey figure pacing in front of my window, stopping to stare through the bent corner in my blinds with its black eyes. I remember it very vividly from the sound to the sensations. It was like a vibrating at a high frequency. I couldnt muster the courage to call for my parents, or even yell. Not like i would hear my own voice anyway. Another one showed up on the other side of the window just staring while the first continued pacing. Just as i was gathering the courage to run, everything stopped. Next thing i knew, it was a few hours later, everything was dark ane night again.

Redditor UnauthorizedGoat can relate:
Since you had this experience as a kid I will tell you my son’s experience. He was 5 years old and we had just redecorated his bedroom. He was sleeping in a new bed. And had a nightlight so the room wasn’t dark. He had chosen a geen apple colored paint so with the night light everything had a green sorta glow. I was one room away sleeping when my son let out a blood curdling howl of. “Mooooomy!” I was out of bed like a shot and flew into his room. The minute I appeared at the end of his bed he launched himself into my arms and buried his face in my neck as he trembled. I brought him to my room where my husband was much much slower to wake sat up and we put our arms arounf my son to calm him. He told us there were three, green, bald men with big black eyes in his room. It took most of the night to get him back to sleep and he would not set foot in his room for a long time. The next morning I googled a picture of a gray alien with black eyes and he freaked out and said thats what they looked like. It took three years to get him to sleep alone in his room again.

Nonpalo says,
I’m not sure if I’d say I was “abducted” but what happened was really weird. Was laying on my couch with a blanket over me and I look at the clock and it says like 11:23 AM or something. Suddenly a white flash happens and it’s 12:40 PM. It happens again three more times and by the time I could comprehend what was going on it was like 5:30 PM. Every time it would happen there would be like 15 minutes of confusion and trying to move. I was stuck in a dreamlike state until it stopped happening.

Doofwars says,
I wouldn’t say I was abducted by aliens specifically, but I was definitely taken somewhere. It was more of an abduction of consciousness if that makes sense? I don’t know, it might have been my body too, it was a weird feeling I can’t really explain. I was sitting at the park one day in broad daylight with 4 or 5 friends. I lived in a small community in the Midwest so the park was empty except for us. We were talking and smoking (just cigarettes for me, nothing that would alter my consciousness) when suddenly everyone just kind of slowed down and eventually froze completely, myself included. I couldn’t move or talk, I couldn’t blink, I had to focus really hard on just breathing, and then I blacked out. I woke up alone in a dark, nearly pitch black room with 3 large illuminated screens around me. On the screens I saw the park from above, the exact spot where my friends and I were sitting. It felt like I was in that room for hours until I blacked out again. I finally came to and realized I’d been crying hysterically on the ground. The rest of my friends seemed pretty wrecked too, like they all just experienced something equally terrifying. I was the first one of us to speak, I said “I think I met god,” and they all responded with similar brief statements. I remember one girl saying “We’re on TV somewhere,” which expressed the feeling of being watched, unsafe, and violated really well. I can’t remember what anyone else said, just the general idea of “we just got taken somewhere.” We didn’t talk about it besides one weird, short sentence each. That was the strangest part for me, that we didn’t talk about it but we all understood that we’d seen the same thing. It felt like we couldn’t talk about it where “it/they” could see us. We left immediately and haven’t spoken about it since. I don’t keep in touch with those friends anymore but it would be interesting to know if they felt like it was an abduction of some kind too.

Iddiamond has an eerie story about loss of time:
I was around 10 years old, I was riding around on my bike and it was time to go home for lunch. A direct route through my town would of taken about 10 minutes but at the time I had a couple bullies that prevented me from taking that path. So no biggie there is another scenic route that takes about 40 min to go around. It was early afternoon, summer time. I take the scenic route, I make it home almost 7 hrs later. The funny thing is I never noticed anything weird until I got home and it was started to get a bit darker. I peddled all the way, and never took any other detours.

Redditor forgotmyusernamedamn says,
When I was four Aliens came in through my bedroom window. I was terrified but I couldn’t move. My sister was asleep in the bed next to me. The aliens had big heads and big black eyes. It was as if I was in a dream but I was very much awake. I tried to cry out but I couldn’t make a sound. The aliens left and eventually I was able to crawl into my parent’s room. Completely freaked out I didn’t talk for 24 hours. My mom was very protective and patient for which I’m still extremely grateful. It wasn’t until I was an adult, and heard people’s description of sleep paralysis, that I had an explanation of what happened to me. Such a relief to understand that what I went through was not abnormal. In spite of this knowledge, a part of me still has trouble letting go of the hallucination that happened to me that night. It’s never happened again.

Redditor TheBigDilbowski once saw something very odd:

When I was twelve, I was playing RuneScape on the computer while my mom and stepdad were out for the night. This was special for me, as I always had to get off the computer when they went to bed. I remember seeing a light through out thin, white curtains and thinking that they had come home when they were supposed to be gone all night. I went outside and our driveway was empty. Turned out the light was coming from a huge, black triangle with three points of light that was hanging in the sky right above my house. I went inside to grab my parents’ digital camera, but by the time I got back outside it wasn’t there. I know that night happened, but has felt like a dream since the day after. Made me believe.

Juan6025 saw proof of his abduction:

Ok, so on March 24, 2015 I walked out of my backyard, around 11pm and I live in boring Oregon. So honestly where I lived it was isolated. I felt like many times there is supposed to be something waiting for me in the backwoods everyday. I felt like somebody wanted me to go in the woods and kept sending signals. Wether it was random sounds at night or small glares of light. I kept questioning what the heck could it be that is so obnoxious. I always go there during the day and there is nothing, but branches and trees. So 11:25 I wanted to yell into the woods and asked to stop messing around but it was difficult to. I was honestly frozen and i felt paralyzed, I tried to scream for help but no words. I kept walking towards the woods and I felt something grabbed me by the arm, and shoved me through the woods. Then I woke up and I thought it was a dream, I went outside of course and went where I was shoved and for the first time in my life i see branches broken and all the leafs on the ground were swept away from each other. I left around that month, and the house is still on sale at century 21, and I plan to go see it this summer and set up a paranormal crew and wait out at night. I honestly thing aliens took me and put me back to bed as an experiment.

Wonderflex had an encounter that made him question everything:
As a kid I lived in a tiny mountain town in Central Oregon. We were very poor and instead of having a bedroom I would sleep on a futon in the living room with my younger sisters in our double wide. One night around the age of 10, I was woken up by the room flooded with a bright white light. At first I thought a semi must have overturn on 97 and was shining on the curtains. I decided to get up and see what it was, but to my surprise I wasn’t able to move at all, much like sleep paralysis. I tried to yell out to my sisters so they could help me, but just as I couldn’t move, I found myself unable to speak. At this point I was in a full on panic attack. Then one of your stereotypical grey aliens passed through the wall and floated me out through the wall to a flight of the navigation shaped craft. The intense light that bathed me made it impossible to see. Suddenly an oxygen mask was put over my face and I blacked out as if on anesthesia. Some undetermined amount of time passed and my vision started to become unblurred. I was back in my futon, light still filling the room as the alien looked down at me. Using some sort of telepathic communication they said to me, “I’m going to inject this into your neck. It won’t hurt, won’t leave a mark, and it will make you think this was all a dream.” They progressed to inject my neck and then float off through the wall. The light faded away in an upword direction leaving me to stare into the darkness. Slowly my eyes adjusted to the dark, restoring my night vision. Without ever opening my eyes (must have been sleeping with my eyes open) I woke up from this dream, looked over at my sleeping sisters, climbed out of the futon, walked into the kitchen and ate a sweet cherry pepper. I followed that with a glass of water and went back to bed. Today I’m still sure it was just a dream, and I have great dream recall. I don’t know if I think this because it keeps me from looking crazy or if it is exactly what the alien in my dream said that the shot would do.

Clonedanmarino writes,
Like everyone else I’m hesitant to say I was abducted… but something happened. I was about 15 at the time. I was at my grandparents house with my parents and sister. We were about to eat dinner that my grandma had made before I left to use the bathroom. My grandma is an immigrant from the Caribbean and she always leaves her bathroom window open. It’s a mix of being really frugal and just the island custom of leaving windows open for breeze. I found it very uncomfortable to pee in there with the window open so I was always on high alert looking through it when I had to. I was peeing when I heard a noise that I honestly could never explain with words. I guess you’d call it like a high pitched grating? Either way, it was a strange sound, and the strangest thing about it is that it sounded like it was coming from my own head. It must have been a second later that I saw a blinding light, then everything went black, like an instant sleep. What felt like a moment later I was back in the dining room with my family. They were sitting around at the table, dirty plates in front of them. There was a dirty plate in front of me. I was sitting with them. I had eaten? They were talking casually, in that transition between dinner and saying goodbye to go. They were talking to me about my soccer team, and the conversation felt like we had been talking about it for a while. I could hardly speak but no one noticed. We drove home and I went directly to sleep. I was so tired. The next morning I thought about it. I tried to figure out what it was but it felt so overwhelming to do so that I just decided it was best not to. Something happened, I just have no idea what it was. I guess I honestly don’t even want to know what it was at this point because it never happened again, and I’m ok with that.

Browasthetics writes,

Well, we weren’t abducted, but my husband and I had a UFO encounter that still boggles my mind to this day. We live in an apartment complex, in a highly populated “nicer” urban area. We arrived back at home late on a Saturday night about 1AM. Walking from the parking garage back to our apartment building, I happen to look up at the sky. I immediately noticed this HUGE triangle like object, slowly gliding above us and we watch as it disappears behind another building. Meanwhile both of us are arguing over what the fuck this thing was. It was silent. I mean zero noise, with 2 rows of lights on either side. We walk around the side of the building looking into the sky, and about 10 minutes later, we see it again. It was closer and clearer this time, I could even see minor details on the body, lights and all. We are both almost screaming at this point, “WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS THAT???” As we watch, this thing pulls straight up into the air, and slowly disappears right in front of our eyes. Not kidding. We watched this thing slowly become transparent until we couldn’t see it anymore. We kept looking for it for about another hour. Cellphone cameras pointed to the sky from the top of the tallest apartment building. We finally gave up, and did enough research to compare what we saw to a stealth bomber plane. The shape is similar, but this thing was completely silent, and could disappear…Where we live is home to tons of tech company headquarters, literally across the street from us. We are next to two major highways and its generally a super busy area. I’m only mentioning this because it seems most ufo encounters happen in rural and not so populated areas. I’m still freaked out, and I’m always checking the skies at night.

Iamiq has a very strange story to tell:

In the 90s, my family lived in a coastal city in Saudi Arabia. My parents were doing up the flat we lived in so my brother and I had to sleep on the same king-sized bed for a week or so. I was probably around 10 years old and my brother was 13 years old. One night my brother started shaking my shoulder trying to wake me up, saying ‘iamiq, iamiq, do you see this too?’. I don’t know what the time was but it was dark. I was under my duvet and had no idea what he was talking about, i opened my eyes and saw this featureless, lanky, tall person made of dim light. It was standing by my brothers side of the bed. Before I could process what was happening, it extended its neck over to the middle of the bed between my brother and I and disintegrated into tiny lights across the room with a massive static sound. My brother and I screamed and hid under our duvets. Next thing I know, I wake up in the morning at the exact same time as my brother, and we just look at each other and run out of the room. We have talked about this incident a few times over the years and we still don’t understand what happened. A mutual shared episode sleep paralysis? monoxide? We had our windows open, the flat was ventilated properly. My parents don’t remember hearing any unusual sounds, they slept soundly in their room. I asked my brother when he noticed this ‘thing’ as he woke me up. He remembers waking up to a glow in the room, opened his eyes and saw this ‘thing’ of light walk up to his side of the bed and just stand there with a soft humming sound coming out of it. He thought he was dreaming so he tried to ignore it and turned to his other side, he looked back after a while and it was still there so he decided to wake me up. No idea what to make of this incident. I’m over 35 years old now, I’ve had a few incidents over the years that I can’t explain but I’m healthy so all good.

Redditor Gishgress has an eerie tale to tell:
The abductions started when I was really young. They were not scary experiences but more like odd dreams. Every night I would sneak down to our living room which had a large window. I would face the window and say “How-Woo” after that a large wolf head would materialize and say “How-Woo” back to me and my next memory would be waking up. I was never caught getting out of bed or going down the stairs but I do remember that occasionally there would be leaves or dirt on the living room floor that my parents had no clue where it came from. We moved into a suburbs and that changed the nature of the experiences. I don’t remember being afraid when I lived in the country but once I lived in the suburbs I was terrified of going to sleep. My first memory of an abduction experience was caused by a doctors visit. Someone I went to school with got sick with something and everyone who had contact had to get a shot. I had never had a shot before but when the nurse approached me with the needle I lost my shit. I was probably nine or ten but it took three nurses and poor old Dr. Li, my pediatrician, to hold me down. I remember telling them to get that thing away from me and getting images of shadowy figures and flashes of pain in my eyes. After that I was always awake when they came. I’d wake up and they’d be next to my bed or looking in the window but they never tried to hide their intentions after that. The abductions peaked around 13 or 14 with about one every two months. By that time I had adjusted my life to try to deal with it, going to sleep as soon as I got home from school and waking up at around midnight and staying awake until I went to school hoping it didn’t happen. It might have worked but it didn’t help with school and family life. Slowly the incidents became less frequent to maybe once a year. My last abduction was on my 27th birthday. I was fully conscience and had just got done calling into work saying I would not be coming in that night. I walked outside to my car and looked up and saw something moving through the sky. It was black and amorphous and kept changing shape, at one point I thought it looked like the space shuttle but then it started heading towards me. I got in my car and tried starting it but it didn’t even turn over. Right after that I got this buzzing ringing in my head that was jarring and painful. By then the craft was right over top of me and ahead of my car one of them just materialized and moved towards me. My car door just kind of opened on it’s own and it touched me with this rod thing it was carrying and I blacked out. I came to an hour later and immediately went to work even though I called off. I haven’t had any experiences since but I still live the way I did when it was happening. I can’t sleep at night so I work at night and sleep during the day. Relationships were difficult to maintain but I’m doing much better now. I have some feelings that my parents were slightly aware that something was going on when I was younger. I’ve had several experiences of waking up some distance away from where I was previously or sleeping at. Twice I was wearing clothes that were not mine. If anyone has any questions I’ll answer as best I can. Thanks for asking this seriously.