19 People Who Weren't Trying to Be Funny, but, Well, Here We Are | 22 Words

The Internet is filled to the brim with hilarious moments that have been captured in photographs and shared around the world.

This list includes just a few of those moments.

These pictures will make you laugh until you cry.

You might want to keep liquid far away unless you really enjoy performing spit takes. Because these 19 people were hilarious, whether they meant to be or not.

This lounging duo

via: Imgur

This man and his dog have life figured out. And yes, that dog is wearing sunglasses while lounging on the park bench.

These shady crowd members

via: Reddit

No, they're not doing some weird formation. They're just hot and trying to sit in the shade. Do what you gotta do.

This handy solution

I guess this "hand restoring cream" doesn't actually restore hands. Think about your wording, products!

This awful development

via: Reddit

What horrible spoilers end up on the other side of the fold of this newspaper! This was truly an emotional roller coaster. The next one will make you go, "HA!"

This literal education block

via: Reddit

All she's trying to do is take notes! I hope there's no important info in that blank space.

This oddly-named woman

via: Twitter

What kind of name is Cherries Waffles Tennis?! It's like they asked her her name while she was at brunch at a country club, and this is what she came up with.

This careful pet owner

via: Reddit

In case you can't see what's inside the car, it's a human skeleton. Hilarious and totally not at all creepy, right?!

This picture-perfect moment

via: Twitter

How funny is this? Pro tip for parents: Don't make your kids take pictures with their dead pets.

This dumb angel

via: Imgur

This dog is literally trying to taste the rainbow. I don't think it's working out for him. The next one is truly a specimen...

This description of a lamp

via: Reddit

Ah yes, nature's light, the lamp post. Good thing there's this plaque, otherwise, I'd be wondering what all those tall, bright trees were.

This professor who hates paper

via: Reddit

My favorite thing in the world is a passive-aggressive professor. Notes don't get any funnier than this, folks.

This sign for poor Dr. Hedgeh(og)

via: Reddit

Get it? Because Hedgeh becomes hedgehog, the animal, if you add "og" to the end.

This stock photo mom who has seen it all

via: Reddit

Aren't the people in stock photos supposed to look like they're smiling and laughing and having the best time in the world? Well, this woman failed her job description.

This true story

via: Reddit

The bug eyes, the tongue sticking out... It's like this person has watched me eat food. The next one is so tragic...

This local advertisement for graduation photography

via: Imgur

I think they meant it to be hopeful...but walking toward a light? While on train tracks? Yeah, this is super morbid.

This sign is living it's best life on Opposite Day

via: Reddit

Call me crazy, but there's something not quite right about this sign? It seems like it should say something else, but I can't quite put my finger on what that is...

This honest Abe

via: Reddit

Look, at least he's honest about it. Why you'd advertise this... I have no idea.

This gorgeous example of petty revenge

via: Reddit

This guy bought the house next to his ex-wife and erected this giant middle finger sculpture facing her window. Simply incredible.

This bold statement from the police

via: Reddit

I don't know what they were trying to say, what they did say is that 90 percent of people on the planet were not planned. What this has to do with driving and accidents, I do not know. Share this with someone who could use a laugh!