20 Times People Did Totally Heartwarming Things

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The smallest of good deeds can go a long way. And that’s what the following people do: true, unselfish good deeds.

Reddit set out to find instances of ‘humans being bros,’ and these people fit the bill!

From little but lovely things that were caught on camera to newsworthy tales of heroism, check out 20 stories of people who will warm your heart—even on the rainiest of days!

You can tell a lot about a person by how they treat their pets.

And this person has nothing but love for his dog!

Everything about Bob Ross was heartwarming.

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Bob was the best bro. –u/KingFluffy52

This is true friendship.

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My mate wasn’t going to his graduation due to his parent being away. So we took a budget graduation photo and stepped in as “mum” and “dad.”u/Zoomer1997

The best people bring happiness to others simply because they can.

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My girlfriend suffers from PTSD and was running late to work due to night terrors. She texted me this while she was on the train. Even through her darkness, she brights light to everyone else.u/tonnertron

This bus driver did his good deed for the day!

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The bus driver’s name is Thaddaus Turner. Let’s give the man proper credit. TurningSideways On the next page, one woman’s quiet kindness saved multiple lives!

Even a small act of kindness can save a life.

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A teenager wrote over 40 heartfelt notes and attached them to the railings of England’s Wearmouth Bridge to offer solace to people facing a mental health crisis. Police have credited her with saving 6 lives so far.u/gangbangkang

Some quick thinking turned around what could have been a bad situation.

That’s some fast driving!

Kudos for taking a chance on people who need it.

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This company is hiring homeless people to help them get on their feet.u/Tingyoma

A young woman in Pittsburgh made a courageous offer.

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After seeing a Facebook plea from a man’s family on his behalf, Amy Pauvlinch offered to donate one of her kidneys. The two were a match, and the operation to transfer her kidney was performed at the beginning of July.

It’s the thought that counts, not the business permit.

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A 13-year-old boy in Minneapolis was selling food to raise money for his school clothes. Police were called after someone complained about him running a business without a license, so the cops stopped by to support his business and help him get a permit. –u/Pirate_Redbeard Sometimes, whole countries band together in support of a neighbor in need. See the results of that kindness on the next page!

When whole countries have each others’ backs.

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Poland is sending 139 firefighters and 44 fire trucks to help deal with the forest fires in Sweden. u/FlashyWoodenTurd

Boston has an active group of good samaritans.

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This group who is actively searching all throughout Cambridge to deliver food to people who are homeless.u/Slickj80

These construction workers weren’t about to abandon a dog in need.

Luckily, they dug the little guy out in no time!

Unlikely friends: totally adorable.

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A young man comes in alone, sees the older lady eating by herself, asks to join her. Instant friends. This is what is right in the world!u/SteveAlejandro7

Always look out for humankind’s best friends.

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This boardwalk restaurant in Delaware puts out water and treats for passing dogs that are tired from the heat. u/Th3AlmightySp00k Next up, several truly heroic photos, from an amazing feat of teamwork to extreme cave-diving.

When you see this on a flight, empathy works better than annoyance!

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This wonderful Norwegian Airlines flight attended helped me with my 2-year-old who was having a complete meltdown on a 7-hour flight.u/ILikeALTFacts

Some kind stranger helped preserve another person’s memories.

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And they did a lovely job of it, too!

People working together can do amazing things.

This is a human chain rescue operation in the midst of flooding in Maryland several months ago. Incredible teamwork!

Some heroes are cave-divers.

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These two unassuming heroes are John Volanthen and Richard Stanton. They were the first to locate the missing soccer team in Thailand, and are two of the best cave divers in the world.u/timdual

And speaking of the Thailand soccer team, these four people didn’t leave their sides throughout the ordeal.

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The four Thai Navy Seals (one medic) that stayed IN the cave with the boys since they were discovered. They monitored their health and prepped them for their dangerous escape were the last to emerge after the 13 originals.u/RedKnight47 Be sure to share this story and spread the heartwarming vibes!