Life is not like it's always been. We're all learning things about ourselves. We're learning things about how many people love toilet paper. And surprisingly, we're learning some unexpected things about our spouses.

As many people transition to working at home, we're suddenly privy to what our partners sound like when they're working. And let me tell you: it is not what we expected. You thought you knew your partner. You've been married for years. And then they get on their first conference call and drop the word "synergy" and you're filing for divorce.

Who knew it would come down to this?

If you want to hear the best stories of spouses discovering the dark Work Spouse, just keep reading. We've uncovered some truly horrific examples of people being insufferable prats while working from home. The good part? It's all entirely hilarious.

It all started with one simple Tweet.

Laura Norkin pointed out that this is the first time many of us are seeing their partners in "full work mode." And she shared her horrifying discovery: her husband says "let's circle back." What does that even mean?

Other people chimed in with their experiences.

No, not one more question, the meeting is done. Sometimes it's tough to see the darkest parts of your spouse.

It's even tougher when they follow you on Twitter.

Oooh, busted. She probably has one more question for him, and it's "are you sleeping on the couch or the floor tonight?"

It's not always that the partner has a bad work persona.

Sometimes it's just so wildly different from who they are at home. Do they keep a secret doppelganger in the closet?

And it's not just the words people use that change.

Some people speak with an entirely different voice! It's like customer service voice for the office.

Now we're all wondering about the people we love to hate in the office.

How are their spouses handling these revelations? Will they survive being alone together?

Not all work personas are bad.

As one commenter pointed out "just to clarify" is a great way to point out how absolutely idiotic someone is being.

But there are some lines that can't be crossed.

I swear to god if anyone says "out of pocket" I'm leaving this house and taking my chances out there in the wasteland.

But at least there are people like this guy who give us hope.

The true Male Ally who stands up for his female colleagues when they get interrupted. What a dream.

It just hurts to find out that he's not the person you thought he was.

Let's table it? How could you do this to me? I never would have married a "let's table it!"

It's not even just corporate jargon.

Some work spouses are just...weird? Apparently this one turns into an old-timey upperclass guy.

Some people have been hiding skills from their spouses.

Like this husband who has secretly been small-talking all along. What a betrayal!

A few people were self-aware enough to out themselves.

Have you ever said something and as it comes out of your mouth you just cringe? This is that.

Which is probably how we end up with this guy...

If I heard someone say "I'm giving you a few minutes back in your day" I'd probably assume they were an idiot too.

A good work persona can add some spice back into the marriage.

The key to managing your frustration in the workplace is knowing how to translate what you want to say into business speak.

Professionalism can be unsettling though.

It's like a spooky mask that your partner wears until they can't be fired for saying "f***."

Some spouses aren't afraid to call out their significant other.

It's entirely possible your SO doesn't have a bad work persona: they may just have entirely boring work. And that's ok.

Can you imagine being married to this guy?

I'd probably just die of shame if this were me. Or maybe do an honor killing to save my hubby from his shame.

Ok this one is even creepier than every other possibility.

No work persona? You're just...comfortable and yourself at work? What even?

Oooh now this one is juicy.

I love just listening to my partner be a jerk. Mmm.

Isn't it wild how people have completely different skills at work?

I wonder if my husband can put his dishes in the dishwasher at work?

There are some other horrifying realizations in this thread.

Does my spouse use their people management skills on me? Imagine having this realization if you were married to a therapist.

Some folks have flaws that are unique to their work life.

It turns out it's much easier to be on time to things you actually want to do. Who knew?

Some people just go too far.

If my husband ever tries to have synergy with someone I'm assuming he's been taken over by some kind of pod person.

Are there people who truly don't know that all phones display your name now?

I know who you are. If I didn't, I would not have answered the phone.

I will not be reaching out to anyone.

I'll talk to them. Like a normal human being who uses their words.

Since we're all stuck inside for who knows how long...

You're going to have to make this entertaining if you want your relationship to survive.

Here's an update for this guy:

It's 2020 and calling everyone "chief" does have a gentle scent of racism to it.

You can hear the light indignation in this one.

It IS important for things to be brand-aligned! I swear it is!

If you want to play the full game...

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