Student Graduates From High School Without Missing a School Day Since Kindergarten

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The internet has been left stunned after it was revealed that a student has made it all the way from kindergarten to high school without missing a day of school…

Sometimes, missing a day of school or work is necessary.

And no, we’re not talking about you calling in sick because you want extra hour in bed.

Things like illnesses or appointments mean that sometimes, you have to take the day off…

As they’re unavoidable.

Unless you’re Blake Wolfe, that is.

Blake is a student who has made it all the way from kindergarten to graduation without missing a single day of school.

And people are amazed…

Blake Wolfe completed his last day at high school last week meaning he has finished his school years with perfect attendance.

It is estimated that Blake spent 2,184 days at school since he began kindergarten back in 2009.

If Blake missed any days of school, it’s because they were called off due to heavy snow in his hometown of Ohio.

But aside from that, Blake never missed a day as a result of illness or injury.

Although, if it was completely down to Blake, he might of…

Speaking with WJW, he said: “There were so many days that I just wanted to make up an excuse and stay home but my mom and my dad just gave me that extra push and coming to school and seeing my friends again it just made it all better.”

Last year saw many schools across the country close for several weeks…

Something that wasn’t easy for any student.

“Not seeing my friends was the hard part but I just got through it. There was one year left and no need to stop now,” Blake said about the situation.

“It just shows how committed I am to school and how important it is to me.”

Since he has now graduated, Blake plans to attend Bluffton University on a scholarship.

Speaking of Blakes achievement, his mom, Dana Wolfe, said: “Blake is a really good kid.”

“He knew that school was very important and that we believed that he should be there every day.”

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