It's no secret that "veganism" is on the rise, with more people than ever choosing a more "ethical" lifestyle.

While I do understand their point of view when it comes to Animal Rights, sometimes, I am left utterly creeped out by their methods of "raising awareness" about the issue. Go big or go home, I guess? However, sometimes, they just need to go home.

Like this one particular aggressive vegan, who was exposed on Reddit for calling out another person for "appropriating" vegans... Yeah, if you think you're shocked now, wait until you see the actual texts...

Reddit is generally a nice place to share wholesome stories.

Whatever you're in the mood for, Reddit will have your back. From pet rescue stories to people sharing their deepest and darkest secrets, the platform seems to be filled with stories that will keep you entertained for hours.

But, sometimes, you come might stumble across something else entirely...

If you're weak-hearted, there are depths of Reddit that I wouldn't advise you fall into, because once you're in there, you won't be coming out.

I'm talking about some serious weird-ass sh*t.

Some threads involve creepy ghost stories or crimes that you should really be reporting... but you won't. And, sometimes, you just get strange stuff that really makes you question your sanity. 9 times out of 10, it will most likely involve a vegan. Yeah, I said it.

Exhibit A:

One person told the story of how they asked a group of vegans in his class why they were eating gummy worms if they contained gelatine. They proceeded to yell at him because he was "lying."

But the ingredient label on the packet said otherwise...

And when they had been proved wrong, they chased him down out of the classroom threatening to, and I quote, "kick his ass." Yikes.

And just one more:

This guy's vegan friend decided to come over to his house and go straight to the fridge to throw all of the meat products into the trash. Wearing gloves, of course, because he refused to touch dead animals.

He had to go and re-buy all of the products again.

It's safe to assume that his friend is not going to be invited round for dinner any time soon.

This story, however, really pulls out the big guns.

We're pretty used to hearing about vegans getting all political on us, but this aggressive vegan wins it for me.

A user on Reddit decided to expose a vegan who decided to get aggressive over a tofu recipe...

Someone had posted a "tofurkey" (tofu turkey) recipe online, just because they really liked cooking with the meat-substitute. But I bet they weren't expecting this response...

A vegan decided to message them expressing their love for the recipe.

via: Reddit

It all started off so well... and just went downhill from there.

"Vegan or vegetarian?"

via: Reddit

It's a pretty personal question for a first meeting, isn't it?

"Are you pretending to be vegan?"

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How can they be "pretending" if they've already mentioned explicitly that they're not vegan? Does a lack of meat make one lose their brain cells?

And, even after that, the receiver of the attack was only trying to be polite!

via: Reddit

That's more patience than I've got, I'll tell you that for sure.

And, finally, the breaking point...

via: Reddit

This was bound to happen and, even after that final response, the vegan has the nerve to keep typing... yikes. Some vegans are brave, it seems.

Firstly, I didn't know that there was a global "tofu crisis."

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And neither did any other Reddit user.

And this person brought the facts.

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Someone send this to them please, so that they can be informed about their own lifestyle choice.

I also can't get my head around the use of the word "appropriation" in this context.

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I'm sure that you've all heard of "cultural appropriation," right? It's a constant political debate, though I didn't know that it could be used when deciding who gets to eat tofu and who doesn't...

Out of all of the absurd "vegan" complaints I've read on Reddit, this one tops the list.

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While I understand that some don't try to shove their lifestyles down non-vegans' throats, it's people like this that give the chill vegans a bad name.

The comments on the post were hilarious...

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There really is no arguing with "vegan logic," is there?

Honestly, there's nothing wrong with being vegan...

However, there is something wrong with being aggressive. Let people pick their own lifestyles. Let people eat meat if they want to. And if you're going to claim tofu as your own, get your facts checked first. But let's not all start hating on vegans. Meat-eaters can be just as preachy and irritating. Take these guys, for example, who ate a raw squirrel to prove a point.