After experiencing a mortifying photo mistake, a woman has said she can no longer go back to her personal trainer...

And believe us when we say this, the incident will have you all cringing!


Because when it comes to going to the gym and working with a personal trainer, things can often get a little embarrassing, can't they?

Especially for those who aren't exactly in the best shape!


Being in a gym environment can be intimidating for many which is why a lot of people feel a lot more comfortable working alongside a personal trainer who can properly show them the ropes.

Personal trainers are equipped to deal with a whole range of clients...

Ranging from people wanting to learn some new gym techniques to those wanting to completely turn their lives around.

Personal trainers can work utter wonders...

But sometimes, clients can experience some rather embarrassing situations while trying to get fit and better themselves.

It's happened to all of us, right?


Whether we've fallen off a speeding treadmill or dropped an extremely heavy weight on our toes... gym blunders are bound to happen.

But one woman recently had the most mortifying experience with her personal trainer...


And after taking to TikTok to explain the cringe-worthy situation, people have been left hysterical over the painful mistake.

Gemma Hill, who works as a radio presenter in the U.K, is a mom to a 4-month old baby...

And like many new moms, Gemma decided she wanted to try and get back in shape with the help of a personal trainer.

But she recently experienced the most embarrassing blunder with her new personal trainer recently.

Taking to TikTok, she explained how her trainer had suggested she take a "before" photo to use to chart her progress.

However, she didn't realize that he meant the photo would just be for her benefit and that he wouldn't need to see it...

Something that only dawned on her after she'd sent the "unflattering" photo of herself standing in nothing but her underwear directly to him.

In her video, Gemma explained, "I got a PT and he told me to take 'before' photos in my underwear. He said, 'Don't [breathe] in, no good angles, just be honest'."

She then shared a screengrab of their conversation, which showed that she had indeed sent her trainer a photo of herself in just her underwear.

"Hey, sorry Gem I meant take photos for yourself not to send to me. So you can check out your progress," he politely replied to her.

He added a crying-with-laughter emoji to keep the mortifying situation light-hearted.

"OMG I'm so sorry. What a t*** I thought I was meant to send them to you. How embarrassing. I'm so sorry," Gemma replied to him, clearly beside herself with embarrassment.

​Thankfully, her trainer saw the funny side but had just been keen to point out the misunderstanding.

"Lol no I don't ask clients to send me pictures in underwear," he clarified, "I was eating dinner with my girl she's quizzing me who is this chick."

Gemma's hilarious video has since racked up 133,000 views and thousands of likes...

And it's clear that so many people actually relate to this cringe-worthy mistake!

You can watch the original video here:


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