19 Animal Pics That Will Make You Go “Aww!”

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Not going to lie: I’m writing this right now with a puppy on my lap.

Don’t ask about the logistics. I’m balancing my laptop in a very precarious position, but I’m doing it for you.

And since I’m having a real-life cuddle sesh, I thought I’d give you a virtual one.

The 19 pictures below of animals will make you have the same reaction as the girl in this scene from Love Actually:

These 19 adorable pictures of pets and animals are just for you and will make you go “Aww!” You’re welcome.

Husky puppy

via Reddit

This gorgeous pup seems a little overwhelmed in the snow for the first time. His eyes say, “I love this, but it’s also a lot.”


via Reddit

Look at that face! Ironically, this is the same face that I make when I fart. You heard it here first, folks.

Corgi pup

via Reddit

Corgis are the kings of the Internet. Or should I say, the queens? You know, since the Queen of England owned a bunch of corgis?

Baby porcupine

via Reddit

This baby porcupine looks soft and fuzzy enough to hug, and that’s just what I’d do if I were around it. The next animal is wearing an outfit, and you won’t be able to deal.

Charlie the goat

via Reddit

I love his outfit. I love his face. I love everything about this picture.

The whole crew

via Reddit

Who are you in this group of friends? I am definitely that little hamster sitting on the nose of the golden retriever.


via Reddit

“Please sir, may I have some more garbage? I just love eating trash ever so much!”

Wedding pic

via Reddit

Look at this happy, beautiful couple! They’re going to have the most adorable puppies.

Great Dane

via Reddit

That is quite the seductive pose, my friend. The next one is just so sweet.

Oh, hello there

via Reddit

It’s very nice to tweet you! I mean, meet you. It’s very nice to meet you.

Best friends

via Reddit

This is an adorably mismatched pair and I would 100 percent watch a show about them. I would love to be hired to write the theme song.

Hiking hound

via Reddit

This pup has a pretty worried expression on his face. It’s pretty much what I look like any time anyone tries to make me go out in nature.

Mallow cat

via Reddit

This is the most majestic overweight animal I have ever seen in my life. And I would have paid good money to see him try and get down off of that stool.

Happy turtle

via Reddit

This photo makes me believe that turtles are ticklish. It’s too cute. The next one is a dog in goggles.


via Reddit

OK, this dog has life totally figured out. He’s the coolest cat I’ve ever seen, and he’s not even a cat. He’s a dog!

BFFs forever

via Reddit

The pure joy that I get from seeing a grown dog play with a teeny tiny baby kitten might only be matched on my wedding day. Maybe.

Bunny Jaws

via Reddit

This adorable rabbit feels protected and powerful when it’s hiding in its shark bed. I love this so much.

Sloth hug

via Reddit

OK, this is too much. I know that its head probably naturally fell into that position, but the sloth looks like he’s listening to her heart and it’s perfect.

Proud mama

via Reddit

Look at the smile on that proud mama! She gave birth to ten beautiful St. Bernard/Great Pyrenees puppies. Share this with someone who could use some cute animal pics!