Pete Davidson’s New Movie ‘The King of Staten Island’ Pulled From Theaters

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Pete Davidson’s new movie, The King of Staten Island, is finally here, but it seems it’s already been mysteriously pulled from theatres.

Keep scrolling for the supposed reason behind the move and the strong reaction from fans who have already managed to watch the movie…

For those who don’t know, Davidson is a twenty-six-year-old American actor, comedian, and internet star.

His father’s death deeply affected Davidson, who had problems in school, and struggled with his mental health. The star credited Kid Cudi’s music for saving his life.

“I would’ve killed myself if I didn’t have Kid Cudi,” he told the morning radio show The Breakfast Club. “I truly believe if Man on the Moon didn’t come out, I wouldn’t be here.”

Davidson is probably best known for his work on Saturday Night Live.

He joined the cast in the premier of the shows 40th season, which began in September 2014. He was the first cast member to have been born in the ’90s, and one of the youngest stars ever.

He had a slightly wacky, offbeat, and out-there sense of humor which was always exciting to watch.

He had a bit-part in 2015’s Trainwreck, and a much bigger role in 2018 Netflix rom-com Set It Up.  He’s also gained a loyal fan base and much media attention.

Davidson and pop-superstar Ariana Grande met in 2018, and became engaged super quickly, in the June of the same year.

They seemed sickeningly cute together, and something about their fun, flirty and surprisingly chill relationship really touched the public.

This may actually be a contender for the “most 2018” picture ever taken. It seemed the world was Davidson and Grande’s oyster.

There adorable PDAs, the fact that they almost immediately became engaged, plus the fact Grande dedicated and entire track to Davidson on her album Sweetener made them basically irresistible.

The fact that Grande and Davidson shared so much of their relationship on social media made us all feel weirdly as if we were a part of it, too.

The pair announced their split in October 2018, much to the heartbreak of the internet.

The star seems to have immersed himself in his work.

Why? Because the star is the center of the hotly anticipated new movie, The King of Staten Island. 

We follow the main protagonist, Scott, who has been a case of arrested development since his firefighter father passed away.

But first, he must face his grief and take the steps forward to move on with his life.

And it was slated for release last week in theatres, or so people thought…

“There was no explanation” from Universal, a drive-in theater owner told the outlet.

But it seems there is an explanation behind the bizarre move.

Apparently, The King of Staten Island was always intended to premiere exclusively on-demand, however, “some executives unintentionally booked the film in about 100 theaters,” an unnamed source explained. Keep scrolling to find out how people have reacted after watching the movie…

“When they realized the mistake, the studio went back to theaters and asked them not to play it.”

Director Judd Apatow took to Twitter last week to inform fans that the film would be heading straight to premiere on-demand, for us to watch at home. The movie is now available to buy or rent on Amazon Prime.

And while many people wanted to dislike the flick because they didn’t like Davidson, they found it impossible to fault. Keep scrolling for the full trailer…

And many praised the way it portrayed mental illness.

Davidson seems to have truly struck gold with this project.

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