A petition has been started for hot dogs and buns to be sold in packs with equal numbers and it's beginning to gain momentum.

It's a problem we have all experienced at some point - the leftover buns that go to waste because you ran out of hot dogs. Not only is it very annoying, but it also contributes to food waste which is becoming a big problem in our society.

Well, Heinz Ketchup Canada has had enough of the unequal distribution of hot dogs and buns, so they have decided to do something about it.

The company has created a video questioning why hot dogs are often sold in packs of 10, while hot dog buns are regularly sold in packs of 8. The video also encourages companies to start selling the two equally to save the issue of the left-over buns.

Alongside the video, Heinz Ketchup Canada has created a petition which appears to be gaining momentum.

The Change.org petition, titled "Heinz Hot Dog Pact", reads: "Hot dog wieners come in packs of ten. Hot dog buns come in packs of 8. WHY?! As the condiment that has been bringing foods together for over 150 years, we've decided enough is enough. That's why we started the Heinz Hot Dog Pact. We're calling on Big Bun and Big Wiener companies to find the answer to this hot dog packaging mismatch, once and for all. We need your signatures more than ever. Let's change hot dog history together."

At the time of writing, the petition has 3,193 signatures and is nearing its target of 5,000. Many of those signing the petition also left comments sharing their reason for signing.

"We all have a responsibility to right the wrongs in the world," one person wrote.

"All my life I've been leaving the store with either too many wieners or not enough buns; none of this makes sense that's a waste of hotdogs. Thank you Heinz for taking it upon ourselves to end this disparity, once and for all!" another said.

"It's been a tragic issue my entire life; leaving countless buns to waste away in that extra bag purchased 'just in case'. It's high time buns were equal to dogs!" a signer added.

So, what do you think? Do you agree that hot dogs and buns sold be sold equally? And will you be signing the petition?