Petition to Have Controversial Movie Removed From Netflix Racks up Over 70,000 Signatures

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There’s no denying that when it comes to TV, Netflix truly reigns supreme. In the last few years, the streaming giant has dropped some of the most loved and addictive shows and movies in the game – securing its position as a firm frontrunner in the streaming wars. Plus, let’s be honest, we’ve been relying on it more than ever right now…

But one of its movies has actually had the opposite reaction to what the creators thought it would. Keep scrolling to find out which one might be getting removed from the platform soon…

It seems as though one particular movie has been gaining the platform some negative traction and things just keep getting worse day-by-day…

Over the last few years, the streaming giant has produced some of the best content for us TV-hungry folk to sink our teeth into.

Kicking back, relaxing and switching on your favorite show. What could be better?

From true crime to romance, there’s really something for everyone.

Netflix is home to a wealth of movies for those fancying their box office fix.

Netflix really does have it all.

And those who have watched have warned viewers not to watch alone.

Because this movie isn’t what you think it is… But, once you learn a bit more about it… it all starts to make sense.

Not everyone was happy after watching it. It was actually so bad that a petition to have it removed has now started circulating.

It seems as though a lot of people aren’t on board with it at all.

I mean, blocking it might be the answer…

This user commented that the movie is only for certain people… In a very crude remark.

This is true, but some people feel very passionately about the issue.

Is ruining it for other people that want to watch it the right way of going about this?

Well, this movie has been called out for its very graphic scenes, the constant nudity as well as its links to rape, s*x trafficking, and lots of other alleged claims.

“For those who have watched it, we know he talks about child trafficking, sedates her, imprisons her, sexually assaults her, and has sexual relations with her without consent.”

“The main character also uses abuse tactics such as gaslighting, coercion, reproductive coercion, and Stockholm Syndrome to financially, physically, sexually, emotionally, and digitally abuse the woman he had taken.”

“By taking down this movie on Netflix, we can protect sexual violence in adolescent women and adult women.”

She claims that it “glamourizing sex trafficking,” and as a victim of her horrific rape ordeal, she has sent a powerful statement to the streaming platform.

It tells the story of a young and handsome boss of a Sicilian Mafia family, Massimo Torricelli, who basically kidnaps Laura Biel and holds her hostage.

Massimo gives Laura 365 days to fall in love with him.

There’s a ton of intimate scenes that give the likes of Fifty Shades a run for its money.

Some are speculating whether the actors were actually having intercourse due to how realistic the scenes were.

Many viewers have been urging people against watching alone.

And the general consensus is very.

The internet well and truly exploded with reactions – many of which consisted of viewers begging for Massimo to kidnap them.

The movie’s rapid spread in popularity has seemed to have caused some viewers to express their outrage at the flick.

You can’t please everyone, right? We don’t know what Netflix is going to do yet, but 70,000 signatures is a lot…

And if you’re looking for what else you can binge, scroll on for everything coming to Netflix this month…