20 Pets at the Exact Moment of Betrayal | 22 Words

Ah, pets, we love them so. And they love us back.

Which is why it's so awkward when we sometimes have to do things they don't like. Because then they feel betrayed. Hilariously betrayed.

Here are 20 pets at the exact moment their owners switched up on them.

1. Where are we?

Poor kitty. All she wanted was some Fancy Feast and a trip to grandmother's house, but she ended up here. Where is here? Here is horror.

2. Noooooooooo

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Look carefully at this picture. Carefully, now. Do you see that lone face pressed against the glass? That is the face of ultimate betrayal. That is the face of a pet who knows he has been wronged.

3. It's gonna be okay

These two pets know all the signs. The humans are cagey, they even laid a blanket on the seat. They're definitely going to the vet, but it's gonna be okay. They're strong. They have each other.

4. This is not funny like you think it is

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There the human is, playin with that fake dog like the real one is going to stand for it. No siree, he's not going to stand for it at all. It's not funny, and he's prepared to show you so.

5. There, there

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It's happened. The humans have put us in the crate, and they've taken us to that house of horrors also known as the vet's office. All we have is each other. We MUST be brave.

6. Pippa got a bath

Pippa hates baths. Hates them. Does Pippa feel betrayed? Yes, she certainly does.

7. Albert is not having a good day

Albert is a proud cat. A dignified cat. His dignity is sacrosanct. You don't mess with it. So why, in the name of all that's holy, would you visit such an indignity on Albert's person? Shame on you, human. Shame on you...

8. He did it to himself

from aww
He was cocky. He thought he had this whole water thing figured out. What he didn't realize was that there was more water than he was expecting.

9. That's not where it's supposed to go

from funny
Going to the vet can be an undignified – nay – ungodly venture. This cat knows it. Why? Because he just experienced the most brutal of indignities.

10. Wait, no!

This poor dog thought he was going somewhere fun. He got all excited, and then this happened. The humans put him here. Now he understands what's happened, and he's not pleased. No, not at all.

12. Really?

We get it, you want to add to the family, companionship - yadda, yadda, yadda. But another dog? Who looks exactly like your old one? C'mon, human.

13. I'm invisible!

"You'll never find me here! Never!" said Fluffy the cat, even though her entire butt was very clearly hanging out the edge of the drawer. Poor Fluffy.

14. Do you really think this is appropriate?

That's the question Marvin asked his owner when he realized he was on his way to the vet. Marvin was not easily impressed, and he was even less so when his owner replied "yes."

15. They'll never find me

Never, never, never. Wait, my eyes are visible? Shoot!

16. Aren't I enough?

That's the exact question this cat is asking. If looks could kill, those eyes would be daggers, piercing through his human's soul.

17. But, but, but

This dog did everything right. He even allowed his owner to put on a shower cap. So why did she then proceed to give him a bath? Not fair!

18. Violin strings

They accompany the sad symphony that is this dog's bath time. Why did his owner want to give him a bath? Why did she have to soap him so hard? It's just another sad song, really.

19. Nope, nope, nope!

Nope to this crate. Nope to the hands trying to grab me. Nope to this entire godawful endeavor. N.O.P.E.

20. What is happening?!!!

You can see the question on this cat's face the moment you flip to the second picture in the slide. "What in God's name is happening, how did I get here, and how can I escape before things escalate?"