Pets Who Think Their Owners Are Actually Furniture | 22 Words

One of the great joys of having pets is getting to cuddle with something furry and warm. It really is the best thing. But one of the not-great things about having pets is that sometimes they decided to cuddle with you when you can't or don't want to. And they don't really understand the concept of "no." Why would you cuddle up one moment and choose to hit buttons while looking at a laptop the next? To a puppy or a kitten, that is unacceptable.

Some pets literally cannot be around you without touching you. For example, right now, my dog Simon is under the blanket right next to me on the couch with his butt against my thigh and his head peeking out. It's the most adorable thing, but I bet you the second I move my computer or try to go anywhere, he climbs on my lap. Many pets do not understand the concept of personal space. To them, you are furniture. You are a place to rest their head or their butt. You are a living, breathing chair.

As humans, most of us understand there's an invisible bubble around each of us.

It is called personal space, and it's a reasonable thing to expect. Pets, though, they don't understand the concept. At all.

The waiter

This dog is very patiently waiting on the face of his owner for him to get up and start playing. That's nice. My dog licks my face and walks all over me until I get out of bed.


What up? What's so funny? We're just hanging out like two pals always do. There's nothing weird about this at all.


As a person who is very allergic to cats, I would not be able to handle this for very long before I started sneezing and wheezing into that fur.

Not funny

This dog is mugging to the camera like, "Really? She thinks she's gonna read this book? Oh boy, she has another thing coming."


You can see it in his eyes. This pup is just about done lounging around. He's ready to run.

Pug hat

Honestly, this looks glorious. He keeps your head warm and snuggled while you sleep. I'm into it.

Guinea pig

I had a guinea pig named Rainbow when I was little and we used to cuddle just like this! She was so sweet. Guinea pigs are real cuddle muffins.

Put it down

Yeah, I don't think that kitten is going to continue to let you use that tablet. Better put it down and start petting her, STAT.

Hi there

This dog is looking at the camera like, "What? Can you stop bothering us, please? We're clearly trying to nap here."

"Pet me!"

How dare these humans sit on the couch and not use every free limb they have to pet their perfect dog?! Honestly, it's a travesty.

Smushy face

Look at all the wrinkles in his perfect face! I would cuddle with this pup in a heartbeat.

Cat pillow

Having a cat around your head while you sleep is like having a little demon wrap you in its paws. In other words, it's perfect.

Parrot head

Parrots are the most cuddly and expressive birds. You may think it's hard for an animal without fur to be cuddly, but you'd be wrong.

Oh, hello

"Oh, hi there. What's going on, you ask? Oh, nothing. Nothing at all. Don't worry about it. We're all good here."

Hold me

This picture is definitely the picture of a puppy who used to sit in his owner's lap and then didn't realize he'd grown to be very big.

Puppy pile

She died doing what she loved: getting suffocated and crushed by an entire pile of adorable puppies.

Pit bull love

Pit bulls are secretly really cuddly mushy dogs who don't bite your head off but will lie on top of it.

Back to back

This is what I look like for a good portion of every night. My dog wedges his way between my fiancé and me and makes a puppy sandwich out of us. It's adorable.


from aww
You thought you were going to work today. Hilarious. Pet this kittens belly instead. It will make you happier than work.

Ready to go

This dog is clearly ready for her walk. Why aren't you getting up to take her? Is there something blocking your way?

Cat scarf

What a lovely scarf you have! So fuzzy. And it purrs too? And poops in the litterbox? Wow, that's a great scarf.

Dog bed

This dog is so snuggled in its "bed" (a.k.a. on top of his person) that if I were this human, I'd be like, "Welp! Guess I have to call out of work."

Horses of course!

Have you ever gotten a hug from a horse? Horse hugs are real, and they are glorious.

Time to dance

"May I have this dance?" "You're kind of sitting on top of me." "Oh, right. Guess we're good here, then."

No privacy

from cats
If you have a pet, you know they interrupt your bathroom time like, always. They need to make sure you're OK!


When you're home sick all day, there's no better remedy than a dog on your face. Seriously, ask doctors. It's true.

Furry friend

Sir, your hair is a little bit out of control. You might want to get it trimmed.


from cats
Stop squirming. He's just trying to hug you tightly and tell you how much you mean to him.

The laptop

This Frenchie is like, "Something about this device has to be interesting for this person to look at it for hours on end." Share this with a pet owner you know!