This is a huge development in one of the biggest pandemics in decades...

The news that we've been waiting months for is finally here...

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A vaccine for the deadly coronavirus could nearly be ready.

American pharmaceutical company Pfizer has been tirelessly working on a vaccine...

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And now, the much-needed vaccine could nearly be ready according to interim data.

This is unbelievably exciting news...

But what's even more exciting is the promised effectiveness of the new vaccine. Keep on reading to see what researchers amazingly predicted...

Now, 2020 has been nothing short of terrible.

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The coronavirus pandemic took the entire planet hostage back in March and things have been diabolical.

Originating in Wuhan, China, the virus spread across the world at an alarming rate...

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And right now, there are currently 50,882,608 cases of the virus.

Over 1 million people have tragically died as a result...

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And even more alarmingly so, the United States of America is the worst affected country in the world - with more than 243,000 deaths alone.

This terribly high number of deaths have been prevented...

If certain individuals listened to the experts and practiced social distancing and mask-wearing!

There's no denying how unprepared the entire world was for this pandemic...

And Donald Trump's eagerness to tone down the virus didn't at all go to plan.

And even when the president was tested positive for COVID himself last month...

He continued to play it down and insist that we can simply "live with the virus."

This was extremely alarming for many to hear from one of the most powerful leaders in the world...

And it got us all wondering... what's the progress with the much-needed vaccine?

Pharmaceutical organizations from all around the world have been working tirelessly to discover a vaccine...

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But so far, there has been little luck.

However, today seems to finally be the day that brings us some good news.

American multinational pharmaceutical corporation Pfizer and German biotechnology company BioNTech have been working on a coronavirus vaccine for the last few months, and now, it seems it's close to being ready.

The vaccine has just undergone its phase 3 study...

Which has enrolled nearly 44,000 people in the U.S and in 5 other countries.

And as for the results so far?

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Well, all we can say is that things are looking good!

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Well, Pfizer and BioNTech have claimed that their vaccine may be ninety percent effective in preventing disease.

Going by ninety-four infections recorded so far, the findings are the most promising indication to date that a vaccine will be effective in preventing disease among infected individuals, handing humanity a crucial tool in tackling the pandemic.

This is unbelievably promising news...

So make sure to stay posted for updates.