Pharmacist Accused of Tampering With Vaccine Was Conspiracy Theorist, Police Say | 22 Words

The COVID vaccine is currently being administered to thousands across the world, but there's one man who wanted to stand in the way.

And now, police have revealed what they know about the conspiracy theorist...

The distribution of the COVID vaccine is essential when it comes to beating this virus...

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But worryingly, conspiracy theories have been spread about the life-saving vaccine that has been putting off a lot of people.

ANd one terrifying tale of an anti-vaxxer has come to light...

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As police arrest a pharmacist for "vaccine tampering."


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Now, we're all aware that 2020 was nothing short of terrible.

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COVID-19 took the entire planet hostage back in March, and things have been diabolical ever since.

A horrific number of people have tragically died from the virus as a result...

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And even more alarmingly so, the United States of America is the worst affected country in the world.

Of course, there's no denying how unprepared the entire world was for this pandemic...

And Donald Trump's eagerness to tone down the virus didn't at all go to plan. Even when the president tested positive for COVID himself in October, he continued to play it down and insist that we can simply "live with the virus."

This was extremely alarming for many to hear from one of the most powerful leaders in the world...

And it got us all wondering... What's the progress with the much-needed vaccine?

Pharmaceutical organizations from all around the world have been working tirelessly to discover a vaccine for months...

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But, to begin with, they didn't have much luck.

However, some amazing news was brought to us a couple of months ago.

The vaccine that American multinational pharmaceutical corporation, Pfizer and German biotechnology company, BioNTech have been working on for the last few months was finally ready.

The vaccine underwent its phase 3 study...

Which enrolled 44,000 people in the U.S and in 5 other countries.

And as for the results?

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Well, they were looking so good that some countries started distributing the COVID vaccine out to their citizens a few weeks ago.

Things were looking up!

This vaccine is believed the be totally safe and effective as its researchers and developers have insisted.

However, despite the exciting vaccine news...

There are still many people who don't trust the vaccine.

Speculation regarding the vaccine has been rife...

With many people concerned about possible side effects.

But one story shows the true danger of the misinformation spread...

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After one pharmacist deliberately destroyed more than 500 doses of the vital vaccine.

Steven Brandenburg, forty-six, was a pharmacist at the Aurora Medical Center in Grafton, Wisconsin...

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But he found himself in some very hot waters after it was discovered he'd deliberately taken doses of the vaccine out of the fridge overnight, rendering them useless.

He did this on 2 occasions before his sabotage was discovered.

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"Brandenburg admitted to doing this intentionally, knowing that it would diminish the effects of the vaccine," the police said.

And the reason for this vaccine tampering?

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Brandenburg was "an admitted conspiracy theorist" who believed the vaccine could “change [...] DNA."

"My understanding is that the respondent is more aligned with the feeling of conspiracy theories," Brandenburg's lawyer has confirmed.

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"He has theories about COVID-19. He believes the end of the world is coming."

"This is not our home; heaven is our home," Brandenburg has been quoted as saying.

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"All the bad angels and the devil are going to burn in the lake of fire forever."

"He told me that if I didn’t understand by now that he is right and that the world is crashing down around us, I am in serious denial," his estranged wife explained.

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"He continued to say that the government is planning cyberattacks and plans to shut down the power grid."

Brandenburg has been removed from his post and was taken into custody.

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Although as yet, the legal repercussions for his actions are unknown. Want to learn more about the vaccine? Then scroll on ...