Weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz became the 1st ever Olympic gold medalist from the Philippines and it turned out she would use water bottles to train for her Olympic competition during the pandemic.

Diaz was forced to build her own DIY gym after being stuck in Malaysia because of a COVID-19 outbreak. She had to hold up in the country in April 2020 when a government travel ban was set in place while she on her way to Peru for an Olympic qualifying event.

But this didn't stop Diaz from training! So she got to work using everyday objects, including 2 huge water bottles hanging from a bamboo pole to keep training for the Games.

"No barbel, No problem. Bamboo stick and 2 big bottles of water," she wrote on an Instagram video of the crafty method.

But the intense training didn't start there. Diaz also uploaded a video of herself sprinting up ramps in a car park to keep up her fitness.

"Not being able to train and stuck at home quarantine has been very difficult for me. But I must stay proactive and find ways to keep me moving," she wrote.

The thirty-year-old won the women's 55 KG category for weightlifting on Monday, prompting the end to the country's ninety-seven-year wait for gold.

She lifted a combined weight of 224 KG - which is an Olympic record.

"I am thirty-years-old and I thought it would be like going down, my performance, but I was shocked I was able to do it," Diaz said in a post-match interview.

Harry Roque, the Philippines's presidential spokesperson, celebrated in a statement: "Congratulations, Hidilyn. The entire Filipino nation is proud of you," he added.

Diaz sang her country's national anthem with pride, shedding some tears as she stood tall during the medal ceremony.

And she's ready to compete again in the Paris Games in 2024!

The origins of modern weightlifting competition were found in the 18th and 19th century strong men, which was a pretty long time ago, and we've definitely seen progress since then with many women beasting the competitions and breaking down barriers long seen in weightlifting.

We just love to see the Olympic success!