I think we can all agree that one of the worst feelings ever is when you drop your phone and you hear that crack as the screen collides with concrete. Your heart races as you see it lying face down and there's that slow-motion moment as you gently pick it up and cringe as you look at the screen, begging for it to not be cracked. You may have tried a Pop Socket and found them too clunky, but we have a new alternative for you.

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Pop Socket has a rival and honestly, we think this new thing will change your life...


The LoveHandle Universal Phone Grip is the new perfect alternative to clunky Pop Sockets that misshape your phone and make it difficult to fit in your pocket. This new grip is made of a soft elastic grip which makes dropping your phone feel like a distant nightmare.

The soft elastic grip enables easier one-handed texting, photos, selfies, and holding your smartphone or tablet.


With a safe no-residue adhesive back, the grip sticks to the back of the phone and hooks over your fingers, meaning you feel attached to the device without trying. The slim design also means it easily slides into your pocket.

The LoveHandle Universal Phone Grip comes in lots of different designs...


For less than $10 you can guarantee that your phone or device will feel safer in your hands and you'll no longer have the anxiety of pulling your phone out of your pocket and watch it smash on the floor.

Get yourself one today!