Photographer Captures Exact Moment Man Learns He’s Going to Be a Dad

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Sharing exciting news with a loved one is something you never forget, and it’s not often that we’re able to capture that exact moment on film.

But one clever woman from Nebraska was able to do just that, and the photos are nothing short of spectacular. Ready for some happy tears? Keep scrolling to see how this husband reacts to some seriously joyous news.

The photos were taken by Kara Fishbaugh of Kara Quinn Photography.

But the truth was much more exciting. Chelsie was pregnant, and wanted an extra-special way to reveal to Will that he was going to be a dad.

Will was told that the photoshoot would involve the couple standing back to back and writing three words on a chalkboard to describe their spouse.

Chelsie wrote, “You’re going to be a daddy” on hers.

But when it finally hit him…

You can see the sheer joy on his face in these photos.

“He went from pure shock to being completely overjoyed with tears flowing,” Chelsie told HuffPost. “Throughout the whole shoot he just had the biggest grin on his face and kept repeating, ‘I just can’t believe it!’”

“I was able to witness someone’s entire life changing right in front of me,” Kara said to HuffPost.

“If you ask anyone that knows him, he is just amazing with kids,” she said. “If there is a baby around, 100 percent guaranteed it will take him .01 seconds to find it and ask if he can hold it, so I knew he would be more than thrilled once we were starting a family of our own.”  

Her answer was, “Driven, genuine and doting.”