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Hiking has really taken off in the past few years - and when you can see mystical sights like these, it's no surprise! Scroll on for Eric Gross's incredible nature photography - including one spectacle that looks truly out of this world.

The recent years, hiking has really taken off.

Spending your day climbing up a big hill can be surprisingly relaxing - and fun!

Getting out in nature is good for the soul.

Especially in a world where we're so consistently wrapped up in the online.

And one of the nicest things about hiking?

Well, it has to be the incredible views you can take in.

Honestly, mother nature is magical.

Sometimes the natural phenomena you encounter have to be seen to be believed.

They're so beautiful, in fact ...

That you sometimes really need to capture them on camera to prove they're real!

And one photographer has recently taken the internet by storm.

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Colorado native Eric Gross really does take some of the most beautiful pics out there ...

"When I started traveling, it quickly became apparent that I wanted to use the camera a lot, and started learning by doing."

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" Once I began hitting some truly wondrous natural landscapes across the country, including my first national parks, my entire mindset shifted from traveling for adventure to traveling for natural landscapes and photography," Gross explained.

"As some hype built around these images and the lake itself, it became apparent that an interesting foreground, combined with a beautiful landscape background, is my ultimate prize."

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"As Covid-19 has shuttered some areas and effectively locked me out of some opportunities before winter ends, my plan now is to put my boots to the ground a lot more often, looking for the most interesting foregrounds, instead of focusing more on dramatic mountain peaks."

"While I don’t yet have a timeline, I’ve begun creating a list of prior images from across North America that I want to retake with a more artistic eye in an attempt to take world-famous landscapes and create something truly original from them."

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It's truly magical being able to experience sights while we're all unable to travel to them.

Gross is a true talent.

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His Instagram is full of truly incredible landscape photography - perfect for when you're trapped indoors!

But there's one photo series that has truly captured the internet's heart.

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Gross has captured some shots that truly look as though they're from a fantasy movie.

Take a look.

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Last February, Gross was hiking near Dream Lake in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park when he spotted this mystical-looking frozen waves.

"While much of the lake was simply bumpy, one small section near the shore actually had what looked like frozen waves with sharp edges, hard curves, and steep sides."

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"I couldn’t explain what I was seeing, so while trying to imagine how ‘frozen waves’ could occur, I started shooting. And shooting, and shooting."

"After that first bluebird February day gave me an image I loved, I knew I had to go back and try again with more planning."

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"I tried to go for a sunset shoot the following week, but this location, being at 9,905 feet in elevation, battered me with over 40mph snow coming directly at me down the valley, even though it was not snowing at the trailhead at 9,400 feet."

"I hiked the next morning, where again, it was sunny at the trailhead, but after the 1 mile trip to the lake, it was far too windy with nearly whiteout conditions to take any photographs."

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"On my fourth and fifth trips, I was able to actually use my camera."

"What I learned from this experience is that for most locations, there is simply no way to plan a foreground for an image."

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"It requires going to the site and walking around, possibly for hours, to find something interesting enough to take up half the image."

"Even on the carved ice, I have dozens of images from different pockets that aren’t nearly as compelling as the best ones, which showed that moving just a few inches can have an enormous impact on the image’s foreground."

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Well, we're sure glad Gross took the time to get these shots.

He's a true talent.

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We can't wait to see what he comes up with in our post-quarantine future!

It's amazing that we can still be introduced to new natural phenomena without ever leaving our house.

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And it's all thanks to photographers like Gross. Thanks, guys!

BRB, just staring at these pictures for the next hour.

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