Photographer Documents Wild Foxes Enjoying Themselves | 22 Words

Roeselien Raimond is a Dutch photographer with an unusual muse: "Zen foxes."

Yes, she photographs foxes in their natural habitat while they're in their most relaxed state. She claims that humans should take a leaf out of the wild animals' books, as foxes are experts when it comes to enjoying the little things in life.

Raimond shared some of her thoughts in an interview with Bored Panda saying: "There’s a contradiction going on when it comes to capturing Zen Foxes: the harder you try, the more you’ll move away from your goal. If you are too eager, an animal will sense that eagerness and will remain alert."

Here we have some of her best shots for your scrolling pleasure.

"The most beautiful animals are happy animals."

Roeselien is absolutely fascinated by these wild animals.

She believes foxes "live in the moment."

"It's almost as if they invested mindfulness themselves."

They do look pretty peaceful, don't they?

These majestic creatures know how to take some time out to center themselves.

"I love them best when they’re totally at ease: free from pain, fear, cold, hunger or any other discomfort."

She claims it's the state humans would describe as "happiness."

"Foxes master this comfortable state of being like no other."

I mean, it seems as if we should all take a leaf out of their books.

No more stressing!

We should all take mindfulness into consideration more.

"Of course, they have their duties calling as well."

"But once that rabbit is consumed, the territory defined and taken care of important things like procreation and upbringing, it’s time to relax."

"...And relax some more."

This fox looks like it's really mastered the art of meditation.

Roeselien likes to describe them as "foxy teachers."

What an interesting name...

"Foxes are always 'in the moment'."

Look at that smile!

" No need for yoga classes..."

This fox has got it all down.

"No need for mediation courses..."

Look at that adorable smile!

They can even choose to zone out while they're on their feet.

There is no better time to relax then after a day spent hunting.

"They don’t spend hours thinking about how to live a fulfilling life..."

I mean, that's what humans' lives are centered around. And it is very stressful keeping it all on track.

But this is where the life lesson comes in...

Foxes spend their time actually living it as opposed to just preparing.

"They smell the fresh air..."

How many times do you just take some time out to relax away from the bustle of daily life?

"They feel the warmth of the sun on their fur..."

I see this fox is really enjoying its time.

"They close their eyes and then it’s a matter of just being there."

I mean, Roeselein feels pretty passionately about the issue.

"The trouble is; there’s a contradiction going on when it comes to capturing Zen Foxes."

She uses a pretty strange method of capturing her pictures...

"The harder you try, the more you’ll move away from your goal."

So there's no point preparing for a good snapshot...

Instead, one must just let it happen...

Unfortunately, the Dutch photographer didn't leave any tips on how to do that but we'll take her word for it.

"If you are too eager, an animal will sense that eagerness and will stay alert..."

No one likes an eager beaver, do they?

"They know you want something from them, which makes you a potential danger."

And trust me, you probably don't want to get into an altercation with a fox.

They might be relaxed...

But if they need to protect themselves, you can bet your bottom dollar that they'll get the claws out.

Here are a few wise words for you:

"But if you manage to take things as they come, by just enjoying the beautiful nature around you, who knows what might happen."

This is such an amazing shot...

Imagine being able to capture a photo like this!

"And if nothing happens?"

Even if you're calm and collected, you still might not be lucky enough to get what you want.

Roeselien thinks it's a good day out regardless!

That's the mindset you need to enter a process like this with.

She quotes Mick Jagger saying:

"You can’t always get what you want, but you might find you get what you need." Wise words that apply even to this situation.

A little background information on the photographer...

Roeselien has "always been a bit of a thrill-seeker and used to get easily bored."

That's the reason why she invested in a camera...

It added "some adventure" to her walks.

"Through the years, I learned that an overly fanatical attitude can kill your pleasure."

I mean, it's better not to expect a lot or you'll be left disappointed, right? This is a rule she lives by.

"So, I guess I learned to do as foxes do..."

Her muse became this wild animal... And for good reason too. They know exactly how to chill out!

This shot is one of my favorites!

What a fascinating creature!

She continued:

"And in the meantime, I just enjoy smelling some fresh air and feeling the sun on my skin."

Ask yourself when was the last time you allowed yourself some time-out?

There's nothing wrong with wanting to live a fulfilling life. The problem is when you forget to appreciate the journey...

And that's really the message behind all of this...

Let's take after foxes and start appreciating all the little things in life as opposed to complaining or wanting more.

Look at this cutie!

Foxes and snow is a combination I never knew I needed, but I did.

These pictures are also available to order as prints.

They would look amazing hanging over a fireplace, right?

And there we have it!

We have reached the final image! I know, I know, I wish there were more too, but we'll just have to wait until Roeselien takes some more! Or better yet, grab a camera and go out to take some for yourself!