Photographer Takes Hilarious Newborn Photos of Baby French Bulldog | 22 Words

The older I get the more I understand that I am weak when it comes to puppies. I literally have zero chill. And my chill was tested when I saw the “newborn” photos of a French Bulldog puppy named Olive. I failed, I once again have no chill and I am googly eyes for Olive and her newborn photo shoot. It does not get any cuter than this, folks.

Brenden Boggs of So Cute Photos snapped the adorable pics of Olive and I think your eyes are going to turn into literal hearts once you see them. Brenden’s friend Rachel, also a photographer, received Olive as a gift from her fiancé (he’s a keeper), and Brenden reached out to Rachel about doing a newborn photoshoot of her cute-squishy pup.

We are so happy they made this happen because the photos are just the sweetest thing you’ll see. If you’ve ever seen a newborn baby’s photos, especially since these days they are a very popular style of photography, then you can imagine how precious the photos of Olive are. The photo that made me cry-laugh is the close-up detail shot of Olive’s cute little puppy paws. It’s a close-up shot of her paws, just like a photo of a newborn baby’s feet. This entire shoot was adorable and genius and now I need to see more “newborn” puppy photo shoots.

Unless you just joined social media or none of your friends have had a baby recently, then you may not know what newborn photoshoots are.

My photos as a baby do not look as fancy as they do today.

Remember the Anne Geddes newborn baby photos of the 90s? Well, that’s what newborn photoshoots are like, except now everyone is doing them.

I mean, those babies inside of pumpkins were really cute too.

We are now in a new era of newborn photos.

It’s no longer something done for just baby models or catalogs.

Many parents are hiring photographers to take beautiful pictures of their new babes.

This is something that's quite common nowadays.

The newborn photoshoot is definitely a millennial phenomenon.

The generation that documents everything in photos, so it makes sense.

The newborn photoshoot aesthetic is very ethereal and dreamy.

It's a great look for Pinterest and Instagram.

Newborn baby photographers recommend that the photoshoot take place within two weeks from birth.

Many parents have to book a photographer months in advance.

A two-week-old baby is very sleepy and “mold-able". This is how the photographer and parent can get the baby into the perfect little poses.

This is just so sweet.

These photo shoots are meant to make the baby look perfect. With posing, blankets, pillows, Moses baskets, wraps, hats, and headbands.

Some of these photo sessions can take up to 4 hours between diaper changes, feedings, and breaks.

Brenden Boggs of Oh So Cute Photography, specializes in newborn photo shoots and her work is really, well, cute.

Her work on her Instagram page, So Cute Photo, speaks for itself.

Brenden's photography studio is located in the beautiful Monterey, California.

I wish I lived near her because I would totally hire her for a family photoshoot.

This photo of a newborn baby will give you an idea of her talent.

And what she did with Olive the French Bulldog.

This is so precious.

So perfect I feel like my ovaries are about to burst.

And here’s that popular newborn baby froggy pose.

I wish I can lay that comfortably.

Brenden being an already very talented newborn photographer and puppy lover, could not miss out on an opportunity to photograph a friends adorable new French Bulldog named Olive.

The fact that she photographed Olive with the aesthetic of a newborn photoshoot is both hilarious and adorable.

Olive belongs to Brenden's friend, Rachel, whose also a photographer.

Brenden mentions on her blog, that Rachel received Olive as a gift and agreed to a photoshoot for Olive. We are so glad she did.

"I mean does it get any better? I get to photograph this adorable little French Bulldog puppy and get puppy snuggles. My heart was full all day," Brenden wrote on her blog.

And my eyes are hearts right now because I can’t even handle how precious Olive is.

Brenden photographed Olive in blankets, baskets, boxes, and used adorable poses, just like she does with human babies.

Because of course she did. She’s a newborn photographer after all.

Here's Olive photographed in the most beautiful props I have seen.

Did you notice the crown on her head? Olive is fancy. `

Look at this sweet little baby.

This is next level adorbs here.

Of course Olive got her picture taken inside of a basket.

Olive is so cute it's no wonder Brenden had such a great time with this photo shoot. And if you think it can't get any cuter than this, then wait until you see the next few pictures.

Here she is in her cuddly newborn pose.

I'm just going to let you know right now, the next pictures are my favorite. You'll see why.

I just want to give Olive's snoot a little boop.

Also, let's admire the beautiful detail captured in this photo. Great work, Brenden.

These newborn puppy photos are giving me life.

Seriously, is all of this cuteness even allowed? It seems so, and I am here for it.

This is my absolute favorite photo. I love puppy paws!

This photo is such a moment. I mean, don't you just want to touch these sweet little paws. I can almost feel how soft they are through the picture. Amazing.

Here's another photo of her paws for the full effect.

I am still not over how cute this is.

Wrapped up and cuddly.

Olive gets the award for most lovable pup.

Olive also has her own Instagram page.

Thank goodness because I truly want to follow. I need this in my life. You can follow all of Olive's adorable Instagram page here.

Her page has grown since her newborn photoshoot was posted to social media.

The photoshoot was adorable, Olive is the cutest, and everyone needs a puppy on their timeline.

Olive is taking in all of this internet fame. Here’s a video of her admiring her photoshoot.

More pictures of Olive's newborn photoshoot are up on Brenden's blog.