Addicts Share Their Pics Before and After Getting Sober

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Addiction is a disease that does not discriminate. It affects people from all walks of life. It strips people of their happiness, their health, and their potential. When someone successfully beats addiction, it is an amazing sight to see.

People quit drinking and drugs for a variety of reasons. It might be that they were becoming dependent on these substances to an unhealthy degree. Maybe they didn’t like who they became when they partook. Whatever the reason, it takes a huge amount of discipline and work and faith in oneself to be able to take the leap and live a sober lifestyle. The pictures in the gallery below show people when their lives centered around a substance that controlled their every move and their every thought.

But they also show what these same people looked like after they decided to take back their lives, to regain control of their stories. And it is an amazing thing to see. The way a person physically changes when they stop drinking is shocking to witness, but you can also see in these people’s eyes that they are finally free to be themselves– and that’s the best part of this whole thing.

The transformations you are about to see are truly inspirational.

Whether or not you have faced addiction like this in your own lives, it is amazing to see the power that people have to change their lives and lift themselves out of the trenches.

ICU to 6 months sober

Well, the transformation doesn’t get any more dramatic than this. She went from fighting for her life to fighting for herself.

One year sober

He looks like a completely different person! His skin and his face look so much healthier and happier.

826 days sober

This is such an inspiration to others out there who are trying to get sober. She’s been at it for years now! Recovery is possible.

Total lifestyle change

Often, alcohol or drugs isn’t the only thing holding someone back from being their true selves. This transformation is beyond incredible.

One day at a time

Not only is this guy completely physically transformed after one year of sobriety, but you can see that’s he’s different on the inside too. Full of both happiness and confidence now that he’s in control of his own life.

10 years sober

“Be the superhero your dog thinks you are” is a fantastic way to live your life, and I think we should all heed these words.

A transformative year

There are so many things about this transformation that I love. She is so clearly hurting in the picture on the left and so clearly herself in the picture on the right.

11 months sober

Well, I am almost positive that I am looking at two completely different people here. This change is incomprehensible.

July 2017 vs. January 2018

It’s not only a dramatic weight loss that can indicate good health; sometimes weight gain is super important. This guy looks much healthier in the photo on the right.

Over two years sober

There is so much world out there for you to experience, so much for you to explore. But you can only do it if you are in control of your life.

Five years sober

What an amazing and inspirational dad! He looks incredible and he’s no doubt a better father than he was when he wasn’t sober.

Health resurrected

“Don’t wait for your second chance to fit conveniently into your perception of how life should be,” this Instagram user wrote. “Embrace the discomfort and take your first steps to change. “

Three months and 22 days clean

This transformation is so impressive, and she is only at the beginning of her journey. She seems as if she’s full of light and love.

80 days difference

In the first selfie, this woman couldn’t even look herself in the eye. But now, she’s holding her head high. As she should be!

Four years sober

Four years sober is a huge accomplishment! That takes a lot of commitment– it is a milestone that should be celebrated.

17 months sober

Todd shared his sobering story on Instagram. The picture on the left was taken outside an emergency room. He knew he didn’t want to forget that moment. And now, look at him 17 months later, he’s a completely different person.

Nine months sober

In the picture on the left, Allyson was someone who drank 1-4 bottles of wine a week. On the right, she’s someone who drinks a lot of infused water.

100 days sober

100 days sober doesn’t seem like a little thing! It’s massively impressive and admirable! Congratulations.

Almost one year sober

I would say that this is one of the most dramatic transformations on the list. Jenifer looks amazing!

Over four years of sobriety

Oh my goodness, she looks like such a healthier, happier person in the second photo. I wouldn’t have even known that this was the same person.

Four years of progress

This mugshot was the low point for Rachel. Seeing this is a painful reminder for her, but she also knows that her past made her who she is today.

One year off drugs

This woman explains that she was addicted to meth and heroin, but she’s been off drugs for a whole year. “It hasn’t been easy but it’s been worth it,” she wrote.

30 months sober

He got sober and then ran 2000 miles in 2 1/2 years! That’s quite an amazing story.

Same pose, different man

In one year, this guy changed his path in life. If that’s not impressive I don’t know what is.

Nearly a year sober

I think the pictures pretty much speak for themselves with this one. Even though the photo on the right was taken a year later, he looks so much younger there.

307 days sober

In the photo on the left, he looks totally out of sorts and confused about why he has a bunny on his lap. In the photo on the right, he’s looking so much happier.


This amazing woman went from a destructive addiction to alcohol and pills to a certified fitness personal trainer who owns her own workout, nutrition, and coaching business.

Day 105

“I was so deep in my addiction at this time I didn’t want to remember anything,” Kelsy wrote. “I am blessed now to have a life that is simple and worth living.”

Five months of sobriety

The difference is staggering. These people are amazing. Share with someone who needs a little inspiration!