Terribly Tragic Photos of Quarantined Celebrities Just Trying to Pass the Time

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We have reached the point where no one truly knows how long we’ve been in quarantine. And with everything being shut down due to the outbreak of COVID-19 (including Hollywood), celebrities are also housebound and tragically suffering intense boredom.

How are these poor celebrities managing during such an unimaginable time for humanity? You will be shocked to know that celebrities are quarantined in their mega-mansions with indoor and outdoor space that rival theme parks.

While we sit around deciding if we should watch all every Netflix show again, and again from our couch, celebrities are lounging in yards that resemble the gardens of Versailles, swimming in Olympic-sized pools with ocean views, isolated on mega yachts, or deciding which of the bedrooms in their mansion they should take a nap in. My heart goes out to celebrities suffering through this time.

Luckily, these celebs have been on social media sharing what they’ve been up to while in quarantine. Let’s take a look at the photos of quarantined celebrities because they are tragic – I truly hope they make it through.

Days of the week are now called “day,” that’s how bored we are.

It’s a task that we all need to take part in.

We can’t forget about the well-being of our rich and famous citizens.

My heart goes out to them. Cue the tiny violin.

Grab some tissues and keep scrolling, it’s truly sad.

Looks like it’s a solo party, which is very sad.

Yes, this is what us regular folks needed to see in order to stay home.

Kudos to the once and future Veep for showing what life in quarantine is really like — difficult to manage on your own.

Julianne Moore has to do something for christ’s sakes.

I guess it’s better to fruitlessly vacuum your yard than to do what I’m doing, which is not vacuuming ever because what’s the point? No one’s coming over ever again.

What an insane video to produce. I think Jessica Chastain might be losing it a little.

You know in The Wonder Years how Kevin Arnold fakes a sore throat to stay home from school since the human throat is always a little red, and his mom realizes that maybe one day she should look at it when he’s healthy for comparison? I’m starting to wonder if I should look at celebrities’ Instagrams when we’re not under quarantine. For comparison.

Not sure if fried fish is a quarantine meme, but wouldn’t toilet paper have worked better as a subject for a Weird Al-like parody version of your own song?

Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa, is cuttin’ real loose.

There will never be anything funnier than someone giving recipe instructions for a cocktail like “two cups of vodka” and pouring in, like, four gallons.

Wells from Bachelor in Paradise is not feeling like he’s knocking on Heaven’s door.

Poor little guy doesn’t feel good about himself unless he’s helping hot, insane people get over being dumped/cheated on by other hot, insane people.

I’ll be shocked if we don’t all have pink (or other similarly x-treme)-colored hair by the end of all this.

Man, I can’t wait for sports to come back so I can go chant “BIG KNIFE SMALL WIFE” with a crowd. One side of crowd: “WE GOT BIG KNIFE YES WE DO, WE GOT BIG KNIFE HOW BOUT YOU.” The other side: “WE GOT SMALL WIFE YES WE DO, WE GOT SMALL WIFE HOW BOUT YOU”

Hey, we can all sympathize with Glenn Close here. How man times during quarantine have you started to… you know… Uh… *makes farting sound with armpit and runs away*

The only thing that would make this better is if Chrissy said, “I’m just going to add 1/3 a cup of wine” before she started pouring.

Dude was weird before quarantine, he’s weird during quarantine. At least he’s staying on-brand.

If only she’d marketed some sort of anti-COVID jade egg we could all put inside our various orifices.

Oh, we’ve all got to stick together, you say? While you use your infinite millions to fly to the most beautiful place in the world? Right now, the only thing keeping Justin Timberlake from getting his ass kicked is social distancing. (Is that a little mean? Maybe, but do I not get to have some irrational feelings under this quarantined-induced stress too? We are all having a difficult time.)

Along with Madonna’s bizarre “fried fish” take, this painful reworking of “Wonderwall” for a world mid-pandemic goes to show just how talented Weird Al is.

Hey thanks for the good wishes bud! Now let me live in your garden.

Yes, it is okay to cry. No one is arguing that. But it feels deeply embarrassing for you to do it on the internet. Keep it to yourself, Olaf.

Hey, along with her general advice vis a vis self-quarantining, Lady Gaga has also provided confirmation that God is, in fact, a “She”! Whoever had “she” in the office pool is gonna make bank.

Wow, turns out Diplo is the real victim here (as he so often is).

Don’t worry Anthony Hopkins! At some point you’ll be aloud to get back outside, hunt down those you deem your lessers, and cook and eat their vital organs.

She posts a makeup-free selfie, you donate to COVID-19 relief funds. Seems like a fair deal to me.

The Queer Eye star let his hair get long, his beard get grungy, and his religious references get overt.

(No one tell him that he can stop having a quarantine beard at literally any moment.)

It’s so great you’re not ignoring your workouts, Mariah. Now let me live in your gym.

The face of celebrities who are too sad for their circumstances, Sam Smith posted and then deleted this little triptych that made the entire internet pull out their tiny violins.

If you asked me what Jared Leto would get up to in quarantine, I don’t know what I would’ve said (maybe he’d send dead rats to himself instead of his coworkers?). But making and selling shirts featuring bad Star Wars references? That wouldn’t have ever popped into my mind.

I wish I found cooking as much fun as Selena. I hate cooking so much I had to borrow thousands of dollars in high-interest loans to keep ordering Postmates.

While Madonna and Liam Gallagher are trying (wildly unsuccessfully) to do the Weird Al thing, Weird Al himself is acting with restraint. He is, truly, a national treasure.

Where is Alicia Keys? Some kind of Christmas garden? I guess that’s what we’ll call it. Anyhow, let me live in your Christmas garden.

Heidi Klum and her husband were both feeling sick, so they’re isolating. Godspeed, Klums — I wish you a fast reconciliation (so I can move into that isolation chamber. I have nowhere to stay and am very cold.)

I’m jealous because I can’t even get my kids to pass the remote when they’re right next to me.

Zoom into the wine shelf behind her. I have to say that look glorious.

How will they get through this? Keep scrolling to find out.

His fridge is so big it looks empty.

Also, the outdoor view is amazing.

Also, I don’t believe for a second that she allows her kids to play on white furniture.

Clyde didn’t have to do that to us.

And many more celebrities are here to show us how we should do it.

At least he’s trying to bring some comedy into all of this.

And I thought I had seen it all.

*Insert the Michael Jordan crying meme.*

Quarantine is bringing out all of the singing celebrities.

I’ve always wondered how people live in homes with 7 bedrooms.

Though, I will say that ginger and lemon tea is great when you’re feeling under the weather.

There is no self-care going on in my house but thanks for the tips.

I just want to look this good and unbothered for at least one hour during this quarantine.

I dream of a day I have a closet like this. Thanks for the inspiration, Gal.

I too wish I could stay out of grocery stores.

His entire game room is amazing and I’m not jealous at all.

Some of us are lucky if we can fit two people in our kitchens.

We are counting on them, I hope this works.

This is a new level of boredom I didn’t think we would see from celebrities. Though I will say Cardi B is different and hilarious.

I know that us regular folks are going to make it as long as we stay safe and stay home.