Motherhood: It is where you learn to expect the unexpected. It is chaotic, dirty, and you are forever tired. On the flipside, it is also amazing, joyous, and indescribable. Mothers do it all — without a "thank you" because no baby can possibly say those words. And as your little munchkin grows, "thank you, Mom" is not something you hear all that often.

But, it doesn't matter. We trudge on in unchartered waters with no life vest for ourselves, because we love so deeply. We try our best, even when our best stinks... or we stink because we have stained clothes and haven't showered in days.

And we often look to other mamas — online included — for advice in mothering. Because none of us have all the answers.

A mom community on Reddit is a resource for moms seeking answers to remedy their tiny tot/big kid issues. Let's take a gander at some of the things we moms stress ourselves out about.

You never know how much a baby will spit up. Be prepared!

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After a while, you just get used to it and then you start to laugh about it.

Who knew little ones required SO much food?

Little bodies, big appetites. And when you find something they actually like — you buy it in bulk.

Children have a habit of doing the exact opposite of what we ask of them.

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Why is it that my child has no problem playing quietly in his room for 30 minutes when he is supposed to be getting dressed and eating breakfast, yet asking him to play quietly in his room at any other time is tantamount to torture? -truthuniversallyallyackn

Happiest baby on the planet? I bet mom is freaking out though!

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When dad does this, every mom cringes inside just a little bit.

Those dang binkies always get us in trouble.

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How did you break the forbidden binky habit for your LO? My son will be 2 in March and I’m SO done with these goddamn binkies. He only needs them to sleep but jfc I hate it if he loses one at night he gets up and is pissed. I want to break his habit as soon as I can. Did you just throw them all away in one day and decide it was over? How did you deal with the overnight wake ups? I’m already getting up 2-3 times a night to help him find his binkies so I can’t imagine more wake ups right now  -hotfudginmess36

Um, say what now?

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I'm just wondering, does he really think he needs to wipe his weenie?

When they hurt, we hurt. It comes with the job.

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I have a 3 year old who has a runny nose. It’s running clear, but his poor little nose is getting red from constantly wiping it. What medicine do y’all use? I’m desperate to help him! -Hedge-A-Sketch

We gotta hide the goods from our li'l monsters!

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Every mom has her hiding spot. And this is genius because kids never look for or eat their veggies.

They all suffer from this.

All kids get distracted. It's annoying and tiring but it comes with their age.

It's common for kids to have some sort of nervous tick. And yes, we often have to police it for their well-being.

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My daughter is nearly 8 and a half and still sucks her thumb frequently. I have tried different methods (she can only do it in bed) but I am at a loss.

It’s normally something she does when lounging, or in bed but recently I’ve heard from her teacher that she is sucking her thumb in class.

There are issues with older kids and thumb sucking, can lead to dental problems and teasing in school, but I want to handle it gently. When she’s tired, I’ll lay with her and try to distract her hands.

Any ideas? Or just plain old support!


Sleep issues are the norm. And it sucks, really, really bad.

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Ok, so I have a son who never slept when he was a baby and me and my husband's hearts were broke. We put a lovely cot in our daughter's room, dark curtains, lovely pictures, and teddy and nope. She will go down inside the cot but come 1 maybe 2 you hear screams saying, momma. And no way will she go back into the goddamn cot. I still have my other 4 year who still wakes also. My 6-year-old is a saint for sleeping and he has very bad eczema. I wish they all slept like my 6yo. It's so god damn tiring. -mummyapril

Potty training sounds like a good idea until you actually start doing it. Don't be surprised by how long this "training" can last.

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He’s been taking his own diaper off and expressed awareness he’s peeing. Is too soon detrimental? Any helpful hints? First-time mom of an 18m boy. -queenjenay

A shower is equivalent to a day at the spa when you're a mom with young ones.

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I have never been so absurdly gleeful to take uninterrupted showers in my whole life as I have been since becoming a mom. -nipre23

They learn from watching us.

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They learn from watching, listening, and doing. So, we might as well take advantage of it.

We go to great lengths to appease these little munchkins of ours.

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C'mon, admit it. You've done something similar to get your kids to eat their food.

Just hold still for one damn minute!

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No 3-year-old I know has the ability to sit still for a minute so we can snap a picture. And it's maddening!

Kids are always shocking us and making us laugh in the process.

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Oh, what wild imaginations they have!

I swear kids would snack 24/7 if given the opportunity to do so.

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Don't be surprised if your child's first word is, "snack."

Two-year-olds are masterminds in disguise.

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Some kids are born causing trouble, I tell ya.

When nothing else works, bathe that baby!

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Just like adults, baby's love getting clean. And they don't have to do any of the work.

Most babies never let us sit. But if you have a lazy baby, count your blessings!

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When I think "lazy baby," I think "good sleeper." See where I'm going with this?

Laundry: The one thing you can be certain of as a mom.

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It's a never-ending battle. You will ALWAYS have a pile of laundry to wash, dry, and fold. But, not on the same day. Who's that efficient with kids?!

Family photo taking is right up there with getting a tooth pulled.

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Looks like this dad knew what was in store for him, so he smoked a little something beforehand to relax.

You will often take advantage of the fact that your young one cannot read.

It's a good thing kids take five to six years to learn how to read. What they don't know cannot hurt them.

When the baby gets to taste cake for the first time...

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They will tear it up! Make sure you have an extra pair of clean clothes ready.

The look on your child's face the first time she goes on a ride at a theme park is priceless.

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I hope this little girl enjoyed the ride!

Let's give props to the SAHD's.

Child rearing is not easy. But this dad seems to have it down.

They always want to play with your phone.

And those little squirts figure out how to use it at an early age! Don't be surprised by how many selfies they take.

Even moms get lazy (once a year).

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But only when on vacay.

We all know the "baby shark" song.

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Moms LOVE personalized mugs due to all the coffee we consume.