20 Photos That Will Make You Seriously Uncomfortable | 22 Words

Have you ever seen a photo that was just wrong? Something that just gave you deep, body-contorting shudders?

The good users of social media have, and they're kindly sharing. Here are 20 photos guaranteed to make you uncomfortable on a visceral level.

1. Is that a dog, or are you just happy to see me?

Why is that dog in that man's crotch? Why is only its snout protruding? Why is the rest of its face covered by the PJs? Why does this picture feel so wrong?

2. If the pants fit...

And they certainly do. They fit so much, they fit all the way up to the man's shoulders. But why? Just why?

3. Menaced by lobsters

It shouldn't be disturbing, but it is. While this picture is obviously staged, we can't help but wonder about the circumstances that led this boy to be tied up in a bathroom with two lobsters standing guard.

4. Who did this?

And why? This is just rude, is what it is.

5. The devil went down to Georgia

And it was in the shape of a very squat, very fat, very belligerent looking opossum. Don't tell us you don't see hellfire in those eyes.

6. Architectural hate crime

Whoever arranged those chairs probably didn't notice what they were doing, but then the swastika effect may be only obvious from the distance.

7. Not to get all excited but...

Isn't there supposed to be such a thing as professional courtesy and bedside manner? These attorneys aren't even bothering to hide their glee at your misfortune.

8. Icing, you say?

It takes a couple of seconds to notice what's wrong in this picture. Once you do, the wrongness of it will sear your mouth with an acrid disgust you'll have to trouble getting rid of.

9. Guy Fawkes, is that you?!

No, it's a cat, by all appearances calmly wearing his mask. An uncomfortable sight indeed.

10. Taunting you

That's literally what these pencils are doing. There's no way you can actually write with them like that and the sliver of lead showing is basically a middle finger to your feelings.

11. Why

That's the only question we have in the face of this unholy abomination. Why? *Shudder*

12. Eat a child

That's what the book says. There's something about this suggestion that is uncomfortable and obscene. Color us grossed out.

13. But where are you going though?

A more appropriate question, perhaps, would be why were you up there in the first place. There's no escaping, you know...

14. This is really the worst

When you think about why, your stomach turns just a little. No one can eat this – no one. It is an abomination.

15. Umbrella in the rain

But the person holding it is on fire. We assume he'll drop the umbrella soon enough...

16. At first we thought it was going into his nose

Turns out it was going into his mouth – which is somehow even worse. This is truly uncomfortable, indeed.

17. The unholiest of holy

There's something so unsavory, so mind-numbingly disgusting about this we don't know where to start. Whoever came up with this is an agent of Beezlebub.

18. Bafflement and confusion

What is happening in this picture? Why aren't they wearing shirts? Why is the boy in the back crying? Why are they playing with knives? We're so confused.

19. Stairs illusion

Someone wanted to play with people's minds by making this image. Congratulations, whoever you are – you have succeeded wildly.

20. Slippers or fish?

Either way, this is horribly nauseating. Who would do this and think it was okay? Want to make your friends uncomfortable? Send them this article and watch them squirm!