Photos That Will Surprise and Delight Your Brain | 22 Words

Every once in a while, you need a palate cleanser. Something cool and mindless that will refresh your brain and make you feel good inside. Luckily, this is that list. You have come to the right place. Below are a bunch of random photos that are simply awesome to look at for one reason or another. They are all different and one may not interest you as much as the next, but that is OK because there are 29 of them to scroll through.

The function of these photos is simply to surprise and delight your brain, to put a smile on your face and make you forget about your troubles, at least for a little while. And forgetting your troubles is honestly a revolutionary act these days. From perfectly frozen waterfalls to interesting cracks in the coffee pot, these photos are guaranteed to make you go, "Woah." So go forth, be amused, and smile. We need it.

Get ready for your mind to be mildly blown.

I saw mildly because your mind will be blown in the most non-violent of ways when you peep these cool photos. They'll make you say, "Cool!" and that's pretty cool.

Perfect break

Woah. See? I told you these pictures would make you say, "Woah."

Animal rock

In a game of Giant Animal Rock, Paper, Scissors, guess who wins? Yeah, it's the Giant Animal Rock.

Ice leaf

This piece of ice perfectly formed on a leaf before the leaf blew away. It's otherworldly-looking.

Pi mileage

I would say that you should drive to get yourself a piece of pie to celebrate, but that would ruin the mileage.


Um, how does this happen? I think this is proof that we are living in The Matrix.

Ground lights

This is genius and also a little bit scary but mostly genius I guess. But please don't be on your phone in the middle of crosswalks.

Harry Pitbull

Yes, this dog has a Harry Potter scar, but mostly he's so freaking cute and I just wanted you to see him.

Sideways Kit Kat

Woah. See? There I go again. I've never seen a sideways Kit Kat. Is this like a golden ticket in Willy Wonka? Can you go meet the eccentric Kit Kat maker at his weird factory when you find one of these?

Faucet bubble

It does look like a wine glass – like the world's tiniest and most useless wine glass.


Is this the sunrise, or is this the sun being beamed up into an alien spacecraft? We may never know.

Escaping water

This doesn't look like water escaping down a drain. This looks like an all-seeing eye that's about to suck my soul out of my body. Why can't I stop looking at it?

Bubble faces

There are faces in these bubbles! And they look so surprised! Like little, surprised aliens.

Student driver

You never think about student drivers on massive trucks or military vehicles, but I guess everyone has to learn somehow.

Ombre eggs

It's so interesting because the eggs get smaller as they get lighter in color! Wonder what that's all about?

Pepper heart

This pepper had a legit heart inside! I mean, it's also made of pepper, but it's still crazy!

Fluffy clouds

Oh man, I can't tell if I want to lie down in this cloud or eat it... ...or both?

Red and yellow

This apple was like, "Oh, what's happening? I'm turning red! I do NOT want to turn red. I'm gonna stop turning red now."

Bird snow angel

I have so many questions, and chief among them are "What?" and "How?" and "Is this something birds do?"

Matching cars

Um, are we living in The Stepford Wives? Why are all these nearly identical cars lined up so perfectly?


You never think about the years of use wearing down the road in that specific a way. But it happens!

Weird breaks

This coffee pot was left on a burner for too long, and this is how it broke! So weird, but also way more convenient than if it had shattered into a million pieces!

Long plunger

This is the longes plunger I've ever seen! Is this secretly a pole vaulting stick but with a plunger on the end?

Zapped bugs

So weird that these ladybugs were bleached by light when they got stuck in the light bulb! I wonder how that happens.

Koala switch

This is the cutest inanimate object I have ever seen. I mean it. I want to give this light switch a hug.

Frozen waterfall

How does a bunch of moving water just freeze like that? This is a mostly rhetorical question; scientists please do not genuinely answer it.

Fat banana

Look at this fat banana! I hope there were two bananas in that one peel because that would be crazy, but it would also be fun if it was one big fat banana!

Holes DVD

OK, this blew my mind. I don't remember any DVDs doing this back in the day. Was this really a thing?

Free pads and tampons

I have one word to say about this: Hallelujah. Women's sanitary products should always be free and always be accessible.

Toothpaste monkey

It's toothpaste, but it looks like a little monkey! Cute! Share this with someone to brighten their day!