We all know how hard parenting is, in theory. If you are not a parent at the moment, it can be impossible to grasp just how much of a daily struggle it is to have kids. Problems that you did not even know could be problems will become regular occurrences. Good luck with keeping any object you own unruined by a rowdy toddler's touch. Parents, remember when you used to sleep? Yeah, those were good times.

Sometimes, you need a visual aid to understand the point. In this case, I have gathered the pictures in this gallery for one purpose– to illustrate what it is like to have a child. Obviously, the experience is more nuanced than these photos depict. But if you are thinking about having children, you need to be prepared for things like throw-up, and cheese on your walls. That is the price parents pay for the incredible family experience.

These pictures will have you saying:

Parenting is a magical experience. But It's also full of a whole lot of tears and frustration, and that's before your kids even start crying. Take a look at what it's like to be a parent.

Colored laptop

At least it has character now? Honestly, Apple should provide insurance for if you have kids.

Toddler at a wedding

Um, excuse me, but I believe Voldemort is trying to escape from under your dress. I know, I just wanted to let you know before everyone else sees it.


Too hot to trot

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I really hope this family lives on a property that has horses and not, like, in an inner-city apartment building because that would be insane.

Diaper cream head

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This is legitimately terrifying. I'm sure there is a cute kid somewhere under all that diaper cream, but right now she looks like an evil ghost.

Hey dad!

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In case you can't see it, this little kid climbed to the very top of the shelves. His dad is looking at him like, "Welp, guess you live there now."

Bathroom break

If you have a small child, get ready for this view each and every time you have to go to the bathroom. It's a fact of life.

Wall snack

I don't really see what's wrong with this picture. I think this genius child found a perfect way to store her cheese when she's not eating it.

$300 of toys

This is hilarious– and terrible. Mostly, I love this little girl's face. She knows exactly what she did.

Quarter vent

When you have kids, you're going to have to do things like, explain to guests that your kid did that and that's the way it is now and there's nothing you can do about it.

Laundry help

OK, so the toddler's aim was off, but the instinct was good. All you have to do is direct them to the washing machine instead.


Oh, yes. One of the very consistent things about parenting is dealing with your kid crying about something so irrational that even a logical explanation won't make them feel better.


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It doesn't get much more on-the-nose than this, folks. There is simply no way to babyproof your life.

A big bite

When you have small kids, you will find things all around your house with mysterious bite marks. Just accept it and move on.


Look, sometimes you will give your child a name that implies a certain way of being, and they will simply not be able to live up to that name. And that's OK.


This is one of those times when you just want to laugh and laugh and laugh but you know that if you do, you might traumatize your child forever. Oh well!

Corn oil

Honestly, maybe I'm evil, but I'd let her open the bottle and take a sip. That would stop the whining pretty quickly.

One shower

This is one shower length's worth of mess. Imagine this place after a full day.

Remotes in control

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Now, instead of one of the remotes going missing, they can all go missing at the exact same time! This family is going to get a lot of reading done.

Pizza fail

Honestly, this kid is having the correct reaction about what he's done. He should cry. He ruined a pizza, and pizza is the best thing on the planet.

Hot dog criminal

It's unfortunately not socially acceptable to shun a child for the way they eat hot dogs, but it should be because this is egregious.

Perfect (almost) perfect cake.

When you're a parent, know that you can do everything absolutely perfectly, and it won't matter because your kid will ruin it.

Pancake soup

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That is so much sugar. At least that kid will run around for an hour and then crash for a whole day.


Kids these days are so entitled. Look around you, kid! You're in a forest! There are sticks everywhere!

Accidental pizza

Sure, that is a lot of money to accidentally spend on pizza, but that's not the worst surprise. Pizza is actually among the best surprises one can get.


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Kids want to know why. Parents want to know how many times their kids ask "Why?"

Strawberry bites

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This is so gross because you know that the toddler slobbered all over them, so you can't even really finish them yourself.

Permanent marker

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Permanent! Marker! Ahh! Share this with someone who's thinking about having kids.