Guy Who Takes Photoshop Requests Literally Hilariously Strikes Again | 22 Words

James Fridman is a man with a very special talent. He takes requests from people that need their photos editing.

Do you want to be a little bit taller? Done. Bigger chest? He's got you covered. Whatever your request, submitted through his social media, Fridman will do his best to fulfill it.

But as we warned you, his talent is special. Keep scrolling to see why...

Teletubby Apocolypse.

I can assure you that the Teletubbies aren't as intimidating as this...

Cleaning Up.

He's like a modern day Cinderella.

Boiling Over.

Pasta is pretty dangerous if consumed in large quantities, I guess.

Public Business.

She should have just cropped it.


That is not what she meant.

Standing Tall.

She really should have been a bit more specific with this one... Yikes.

Good Times.

Funny how he seems to have lost all interest in his phone all of a sudden...

Social Life.

At least they had a social life back then, in 2020 it's pretty much non-existent.

Little, White Lies.

Now, he can show off his new ride.

Mystery Man.

James did the best he could with the information he was given, to be honest.

Monkeying Around.

Mission accomplished.

Wrong Direction.

Sometimes dreams are best left unfulfilled.

The Perfect Selfie.

How did he eat it so quickly if she's still got hers whole? Wow.

Lady in Red.

Again, you should have just cropped it so James wouldn't need to get his hands on it.

Strange Attachment.

Giraffes are jealous right now.


It looks like he just stumbled across something he shouldn't have...

Eyes Wide Shut.

The perfect solution to the problem.

Hit The Slopes.

Yeah, that worked... Right?

Height Difference.

I mean, Zac Efron is very "handsome" so this is just another successful edit.

Frozen Princess.

Should have just "Let It Go."

Space Bar.

This one needs to be CTRL+C'd immediately.


Glad he got that guy out of there...

Spot The Difference.

I found 5...

Work It Out.

James' caption was pretty savage... Ow.

Breast Friends.

You get what you ask for, ironing board.

Baby Face.

A beard is a blessing. Keep it like that.

The Emo Life.

"It's not a phase, mom!"


The Southern really jumped out.


Wow, she really is at one with nature.

An Iconic Landmark.

Done and dusted.


Has no one else ever heard of the crop button?!

Grandma's Pose.

This just ain't it...

Chess Championships.

Your engagement photo clearly ruined their game... God!


The best edits require the least work and James nailed it with this one.

Height Issues.

That pesky desk...


She should definitely show them off them pearly whites more often.

Bigger is not Better.

Donkey Kong, is that you?

Jurassic Park: The Movie.

Yeah, they look pretty scary.

The Duck Whisperer.

Ducks aren't pets for a reason.

Small Face.

Well, that didn't go too well, did it?

Minty Fresh.

"Suns out, gums out" is a catchier slogan anyway.

Chicken Wings.

What was she thinking? That she was going to get angel wings? Not on James' watch.

Belt Up.

Stay safe, always wear a seatbelt.

2020 Vision.

Keep them on.

He seems...

What kind of boyfriend is this concerned about his girlfriend's arms and double-chin? I'm surprised James didn't go full scorched-earth on this guy and Photoshop him dying alone and unloved.

A perfect stand-in.

It almost looks like she's going to prom with Groot. And, let's be honest, that would be a pretty good prom date.

Great, now I'm depressed.

Oh, this does bring back memories. Who doesn't remember going into their college financial aide offices to pick up their cage of student loan cash?

Now that's a nice shirt.

Fashion is a way for us to express ourselves, for sure. But maybe — just maybe — it can also bring us closer together with the ones we love?

Pizza does sound pretty good right now.

You see, this is why you can never eat pizza with your boyfriend. You do it once, and he'll never be happy with just you again.

And just like that, his phone is gone!

See, this is why you should keep your phone in your back pocket if there's even a slight chance you're going to be in a picture that day. Doesn't it look like a very strong mugger grabbed his phone and ran?

If Mr. Fantastic married Elastigirl.

Aw, what a nice-looking couple. I think these two stretchy kids are gonna make it.

Now he looks like Prince William.

This guy had better have left his barber a huge tip. Clearly, that hairstyle is the best thing he's got going.

Like turtles retreating into their shells.

I've been saying it for years: all friends should be the same height! Differences in height only lead to shame for the shorter friends.

Where were her shoes in the first place?

Everyone else in the original photo was wearing shoes. Why not her? Were her shoes stolen by that same strong mugger?

You talkin' to me?

I don't like the new, confrontational version of this dad. He seems like he'd get into a fight with any man who even glances at the back of his head.

Have a seat.

Some kids want to be astronauts when they grow up. Some kids want to be senators. Some kids want to be chairs. And who are we to judge someone for their dreams?

Skin Deep Beauty.

A helpful reminder: it's truly what's inside that counts.

Freckle Face.

What you might think makes you a freak, actually just makes you unique. There's no way to Photoshop in a great personality.

Spelling Counts.

Making America "grate" again, one photo at a time.

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