Pics of Soldiers Goofing Around Prove Even Heroes Have a Sense of Humor | 22 Words

During your enlistment, being a soldier's a full-time job, but that doesn't mean it has to be all brave faces and toughness. Sometimes a dude, military man or not, just wants to cut loose and blow some bubbles. These soldiers aren't going to let deployment stand in the way of a good time, and these pics prove it.

Quidditch anyone?

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I'm not sure how these guys got so high. Either they're tremendous athletes, or someone's good with Photoshop. Neither one would surprise me.

Hungry? Have a snack.

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This is like the third time that this soldier's been written up for eating the Airborne division. He'll never make sergeant at this pace.

Ho...ho...holy crap.

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You celebrate with whatever you have on hand. If that happens to be a ton of bullets, then so be it. Just keep candles away from it, as you would with a real tree.

Must be Movember.

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Even if you don't think this is funny, you should probably still laugh, because they have big-ass guns. At least a courtesy smile is in order.

I could have sworn he ran this way?

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Oh, well. He's clearly evaded us. Let's pack it in and go home, fellas. He's got a headstart. We'll never catch him now.

This would be terrifying.

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If tanks weren't scary enough then this should adequately frighten you. I would be unsure if this was a dream or not, so I'd just keep hitting myself, trying to wake up.

Easy enough.

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Any more REALLY simple rules you want me to follow? I can promise not to hover three feet off the ground. no big deal. I swear.

Beach day on the tarmac.

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No splashing around the $100 million jets. They corrode and rust, then it becomes a whole...thing. Also, no horseplay on the wet areas.

Makeshift joust.

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This actually looks pretty dangerous. I always think it's funny when soldiers partake in activities that are even more dangerous than war itself is.

Instagrammable pose.

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The Well-Armed Soldiers of Instagram is an account I would DEFINITELY follow. It could be a multinational, nonpartisan affair.

Santa's coming!

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I think you'd wake up if you heard THIS land on your roof. Using reindeer as transport is way outdated anyway.

What would you do for a cold beer in the desert?

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Would you risk your arm? This guy seems to have no problem doing it. I guess that's just a testament to his bravery.

It's fun t-shirt day on the base.

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Unfortunately, the guy who does the laundry put everything on high heat, and now these guys have to look like giants bursting out of their clothes.

Vintage war gear.

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There's something comforting about using olden-time, low-tech gear to win a battle. It's good for the soul, if not for the safety of your men.

Bubbles are the language of peace.

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I don't know what that means, but it sure sounds nice, doesn't it? And I'm pretty sure no one's ever been shot by a man blowing bubbles. I don't have data, but that's my gut feeling.

Extreme ironing.

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Military men take their chores VERY seriously. Fortunately, he's got a guy with an assault rifle covering him, so he can steam the wrinkles right out of those shirts.

Soldiers on horseback.

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Something tells me these guys aren't going to do much to advance the front line. But that's ok. They look adorable doing things this way.