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The entire world is currently obsessed with the drama from Netflix's Tiger King and Jeff Lowe is currently facing the most heat.

A series of mugshots have emerged of the entire cast and fans can't get over what Jeff looks like without his signature hat...

The world is currently obsessed with Netflix's Tiger King...

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And it is perhaps the most binge-able TV series yet.

It gives us a tantalizing insight into the captivity of big cats here in America.

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The 7-part series retells the story of a war between a very flamboyant tiger owner named Joe Exotic and his enemy, a Florida-based animal activist named Carole Baskin.

But it isn't just about the tigers and lions...

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It is mostly about the scandalous lives of these people in America's big cat community... and we cannot get enough.

There has been a lot of drama over the years...

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And Joe Exotic seemed to really have it in for Carole Baskin, with footage showing him repeatedly wishing death upon her and describing how he would like to kill her.

The show takes things to a whole new level...

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And it has already been branded as "bonkers" by viewers but that certainly doesn't mean it isn't binge-worthy.

Who knew there was such a large cult of exotic animal hoarders in the US?

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And who knew there was so much rivalry and hate?

But people seem to be forgetting that this is based on real-life...

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And when Joe's life gradually began to spiral out of control, he landed himself into some deep trouble.

Joe is an openly gay man...

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And after he married both John Finlay and Travis Maldonado in a 3-way ceremony, both of his husbands gradually deteriorated with drug use and mental health problems. Travis tragically took his own life after he made claims that he wasn't at all gay, and Joe had simply hoodwinked him by fueling his addictions.

And after this marriage fell apart...

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Joe himself fell into a downward spiral and his obsession with Carole and her husband grew even bigger.

And last year, things took a turn for the worst.

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Joe was sentenced to twenty-two years in prison for attempting to have Carole murdered. He hired a hitman to take Carole out whilst she was biking down a deserted bike path, but the FBI became involved and they thankfully managed to put a stop to this dangerous plan.

Many viewers believe that Joe belongs in prison after his alarming behavior...

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And of course, the internet is now a Tiger King minefield.

The memes have been flooding in...

And even though this is poking fun at real-life events, we cannot get enough during our lockdown. You can read the full list of all the best Tiger King memes at the end...

And we must say...

Tiger King couldn't have possibly come at a better time.

But the scandals are far from over.

A new theory has been circulating about Carole Baskin's first husband, who mysteriously vanished (or was murdered and fed to the tigers...) over twenty-years-ago.

They think her husband is...

High-key conman and Las Vegas lothario Jeff Lowe, who is one of the men who helped the authorities put Joe Exotic behind bars.

The theory was shared to Facebook.

One fan of the show wrote: "Jeff is Carole’s abusive first husband who she paid off to go take Joe down. She rented a mansion and that caw to draw him in." "Jeff and (James Garretson) even admit they directed Joe to kill Carole. When Joe didn’t do it, they needed him to pay, he didn’t. So Jeff sent his friend and he ‘chickened out’ on purpose."

They continued:

"Carole then paid them all off. All the convicts around him, except (Kelci Saffery) and (John Reinke). Too bad I wasn’t the police investigator, I would of definitely caught this bull****." "Jeff even told the cops about the Tiger skulls, because they didn’t have enough to keep him otherwise on the bogs ‘killing plot’."

Do you believe it?

There are certainly a few big flaws in the conspiracy theory, such as the fact that their ages don't add up - but many people are still liking the idea of it.

People have been going crazy on social media...

They truly do believe that Jeff is Carole's missing husband.

But Jeff himself decided to speak out about the conspiracy...

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And, as you can imagine, it was the most bizarre response.

Jeff took to Reddit to address the allegations that he was Carole's husband...

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A fan questioned Lowe on his thoughts on the theory, asking: "There's a conspiracy all over the internet this week that you were Carole Baskins' first husband. Have you seen the picture comparison and what's your take on this? She doesn't seem like your type!"

He gave the most grotesque response.

He replied: "You're a brilliant man and she is not my type. If I was stuck on a deserted island with her, I would f*** a coconut. I've seen the side by side pictures. It looks more like John and Joe's love child." Ouch.

"If I was stuck on a deserted island with her, I would f*** a coconut."

Stay classy, Jeff.

We aren't exactly shocked by this response...

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Because, let's face it, classy isn't at all Tiger King's middle name.

We've never experienced a group as dysfunctional as the one involved in the series...

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And it seems that they all have very similar backgrounds going from recent reports.

A series of mugshots have emerged...

And just wait until you see Jeff Lowe's!

It looks like Joe Exotic wasn't the only one who was arrested...

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Joe's ex-husband, John Finlay, was open in the series about his past with drug use and crime so it doesn't come as a shock to see his mugshot emerge from the woodworks.

John has been in and out of prison over the years...

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And his most recent visit was in 2018 when the mother of this young biological daughter filed a petition for a protective order against him.

Here's one that shocked us slightly...

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Joshua Dial is Joe Exotic's former campaign manager and even though he appeared to be clean on the series, he has been arrested 5 times for drug use, DUI, and felony assault.

Yet another one to shock us...

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Kelci "Saff" Saffery was best known for being the loyal zookeeper who had her arm bitten off by a tiger. Unbelievably, he's been arrested for a DUI, carrying weapons, obtaining goods by bogus check/false pretense and failure to appear warrants. Yikes.

This one doesn't come as a shock... at all.

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Frank Allen Glover, the man who Joe hired to kill Carole, has a rich criminal history dating back to the mid-1990s and spread out over 4 states. He's been arrested at least twenty times, including for an open container  DUI, domestic violence, and possession of drugs.

And finally, the one we've all been waiting for...

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The one and only Jeff Lowe's mugshot.

Here it is...

via: Garvin County Sheriff's Office

Jeff has had his fair share of legal drama and he has been arrested countless times for fraud and the unlawful possession of wild animals - including his notorious "tiger cub parties" in Las Vegas.

Seeing this mugshot has answered many questions of curious fans...

And the biggest one has now been answered... we now know why he insists on wearing that god-awful bandana and hat combination.

He doesn't have the biggest fan base in the world...

And he has now become yet another victim of online trolling.

Good luck with the jokes, Jeff!

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