19 People Who Should Probably Just Give up on Today

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While it’s never a good idea to revel in other people’s pain too much, sometimes you just have to. To survive.

Things might be bad for you, but for these people, they’re definitely worse.

These photos will make you cringe.

They’ll make you hurt inside, and they’ll make you feel super bad for the person putting up with these injustices.


via Reddit

That tree could have fallen anywhere. In any direction. But it just had to ruin this person’s day. Probably multiple days, if we’re being honest.

Paddle boat disaster

via Reddit

It takes a special kind of person to sink a paddle boat. And that kind of person is an idiot.


via Reddit

Of course a bug flew right into this woman’s fresh coat of paint. This quickly became a very goth nail job.

True genius

via Reddit

I have one simple question about this whole situation, and it is “How?” The next one will just make you sad…

“Please do not ticket”

via Reddit

First, your car doesn’t start, and then you have to call AAA, and then you get a ticket! This is a snowball of terrible.

Bees, bees everywhere

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There are so many bees on that car. How do you even get those bees off that car? I think you probably just have to abandon it and start over.

The small things

via Reddit

This may seem like a small thing, but this can ruin your whole mood and then your whole day.

I scream, you scream

via Reddit

Chances are if you’re buying a half gallon of chocolate ice cream, you’re having a tough day to begin with. This sucks.


via Reddit

This picture pops up when you look up “wrong place at the wrong time” in the dictionary. The next one is actually incredibly shocking.


via Reddit

Call me crazy, but if my friend fed me his own amputated leg, he would not be my friend for long.

Bird bath

via Reddit

That’s what you get when you park next to the McDonald’s where pigeons steal a bunch of French fries off the ground.

Bug bath

via Reddit

That’s what you get when you ride a motorcycle through a cloud of mosquitos. So gross.


via Reddit

“Oh, you thought you were going to go about your day, run some errands, and not have any problems?! Nice try!” –the Universe

A hard time

via Reddit

If you’re trying to crack open a box of Kraft Mac and Cheese, chances are things aren’t going quite your way. And then this happens. It’s too much. The next one is so tragic.

Toaster tragedy

via Imgur

How angry do you have to get at your toaster for this to happen? That’s some rage against the machine right there.

Obstructed view

via Reddit

I hope these tickets were free because you see literally nothing. Hey, at least the hot dogs are delish.

Nice try

via Reddit

What do you even do in this position? If you’re alone, you’d have to run out of your car, pay again, and then run back in and drive away before the bar comes down. So stressful.

Goose attack

via Reddit

Chances are this guy was bothering this goose. Betcha he’ll never do that again.

Wrong name

via Reddit

Yeah, I don’t think that’s his name. Poor kid’s name didn’t even make it into his senior yearbook. Share this with someone who needs a laugh!