Pictures Show the Huge Difference Between Famous People and Normal People During Coronavirus Outbreak | 22 Words

As the coronavirus continues to decimate on a global scale, we've all been forced to realize just how fragile life can be. No one expected the string of a disease we once knew to become such a deadly force. And after rumors that a vaccine could take up to twelve months, if not longer have surfaced, we must come together to help those most vulnerable in our society.

However, stories like this show that there is a clear discrepancy in the way individuals are treated based on their social status.

Keep scrolling to read some heartbreaking stories about how this pandemic has affected people...

1. Normal Person:

"10th day extremely sick in hospital isolation. No test kits here. We are just treating my symptoms as they show up. CPAP helps me a lot."

2. Famous Person:

Because Charles Barkley wasn't "feeling well", they decided to test him for the coronavirus just because they didn't want him "to take any chances."

3. Normal Person:

Samantha's daughter has had a major temperature since last Friday but the health officials refuse to test her for coronavirus still. Shocking.

4. Famous Person:

Yet Tom Hanks and his wife displayed minor symptoms and were immediately tested for the virus and both tested positive.

5. Normal Person:

Rob emphasized that "it's not the hospitals", it's the people in power that aren't providing tests for "normal" citizens even when the symptoms show they should be tested.

6. Famous Person:

Idris Elba told us himself that he had displayed "no symptoms", yet was tested...

7. Normal Person:

Even though this man was in close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19, they didn't test him? Weird.

8. Famous Person:

Let me get this straight: Even though there is a national shortage, the team managed to obtain 58 masks by paying someone?

9. Normal Person:

This Twitter poll shows the reality of how tests are being distributed and as you can see, over 80% of the people that participated have not been able to get any results.

10. Famous Person:

Heidi Klum posted this on Instagram with a message about her husband and how he became infected. He was immediately tested and quarantined. If only it was that easy for everyone else too.

11. Normal Person:

Angie can't get tested because it's almost impossible to get your hands on a kit, yet she is displayed almost all symptoms.

12. Famous Person:

via: Facebook

Due to the common cold? Thanks, Celine, but we have bigger fish to fry here currently. It should have been important to stress that you didn't want to put your fans in harm's way...

13. Normal Person:

This person has been feeling terribly sick for over a week now, yet has not been tested for the virus.

14. Famous Person:

via: Instagram

"No fever so I feel pretty strongly that I don’t have it but the doctor and urgent care felt the safe thing to do would be to get tested since the X-ray of my lungs showed white spots." This was a quote taken from Ali Fedotowsky from The Bachelorette.

15. Normal person:

A police officer told this reporter that she has a dozen officers out sick but they haven't been tested yet. Police officers. Who do we really value in our society?

16. Famous Person:

"Sorry to say that I, today, have tested positive for COVID19, Coronavirus. My family and I are self-isolating at home for as long as it takes." Tested and sorted, very easily, it seems.

So far, America has been one of the worst countries hit by the coronavirus...

The updated statistics tell us that there are currently 7,387 active cases and 116 total deaths and the numbers just keep rising...

Keep calm and keep safe.

Please don't go out if it's not essential. Self-isolation is the best way to go about things. Due to the virus spreading quickly, the entertainment industry has been badly hit. Keep scrolling to find out what TV shows and films have halted production because of it...

17. Normal Person:

And this story posted to Twitter is very serious indeed and affects a lot of people.

18. Famous Person:

Kris Jenner suspected she might have the virus and she was easily and quickly tested. I wish everyone else could say the same.