Pictures That Prove That Cats Can Sleep Just About Anywhere

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These cats won’t let a little thing like comfort or safety stop them from catching some zzzs …

Poor lower cat …

This bird looks annoyed.

All we can say is ouch.

One too many?

Open-mouthed and all.

This guy is baked.

Can you spot the cat?

Nice and soft…

Lets hope those packets stay shut!

Don’t turn it on!

Showing some serious balance.

Only one problem – this one is in a store…

Cats are way longer than you might think.

This one looks kinda comfy.

If it fits, I sits.

Those paws are too cute for words.

Literally, why?

Cats can be liquid, solid, or gas …

Oh, the irony.

Very hygienic.  

While sort of standing up …?

Anyone else got vertigo?

This does look pretty comfy!

For a truly peaceful sleep.

Like a drunk old man.

Face first, naturally.

This must have freaked the owners out!

We’ve all been there …

In an adorable cuddle.

Too cute for words!

Just as long as nobody’s playing.

So smol!

This is a dangerous nap.

Notoriously nice and soft.

At least it’s fleece-lined!

A great excuse to procrastinate.

Again, face pressed down!

Looks kinda cozy!

Mmmm … clammy!

Living life on the edge!

Think of the papercuts!

Let’s hope that tap doesn’t drip.

Snuggled up with your favorite flannels.

Nice and warm!

We’re impressed!

Getting comfy

His poor face!

That little leg! Fancy more great cats? Scroll on for the pictures that prove they actually do stretch to infinity – and beyond.