Pictures That Prove That Cats Can Sleep Just About Anywhere | 22 Words

These cats won't let a little thing like comfort or safety stop them from catching some zzzs ...

On a face

Poor lower cat ...

In a birdcage

This bird looks annoyed.

On a railing

All we can say is ouch.

In some beer

One too many?

On some pipes

Open-mouthed and all.

In a box

This guy is baked.

In a pillowcase

Can you spot the cat?

In a tree trunk

Nice and soft...

On a gum shelf

Lets hope those packets stay shut!

In a barbecue

Don't turn it on!

On a shower curtain

Showing some serious balance.

In a cat bed

Only one problem - this one is in a store...

In a line

Cats are way longer than you might think.

In a plant

This one looks kinda comfy.

In a cup holder

If it fits, I sits.

On a cage

Those paws are too cute for words.

On a slab of concrete

Literally, why?

In a dome

Cats can be liquid, solid, or gas ...

In a yoga box

Oh, the irony.

In some seeds

Very hygienic.

On a scratch post

While sort of standing up ...?

On a bannister

Anyone else got vertigo?

In a tank top

This does look pretty comfy!

On Buddha

For a truly peaceful sleep.

On a chair

Like a drunk old man.

On a wall

Face first, naturally.

In some chair legs

This must have freaked the owners out!

In the bath

We've all been there ...

On a computer

In an adorable cuddle.

In a cup

Too cute for words!

In a foosball table

Just as long as nobody's playing.

In a shoe

So smol!

Between to chair arms

This is a dangerous nap.

In a pile of books

Notoriously nice and soft.

In a guitar case

At least it's fleece-lined!

In the washing up

A great excuse to procrastinate.

On a bannister

Again, face pressed down!

Down a crack

Looks kinda cozy!

In saran wrap

Mmmm ... clammy!

On a door

Living life on the edge!

On books

Think of the papercuts!

In the sink

Let's hope that tap doesn't drip.

In a drawer

Snuggled up with your favorite flannels.

On a photocopier

Nice and warm!

Standing up

We're impressed!

In a bookshelf

Getting comfy

On a drying rack

His poor face!

Amongst several boxes

That little leg! Fancy more great cats? Scroll on for the pictures that prove they actually do stretch to infinity - and beyond.