20 Pictures That Will Make Every Girl Laugh | 22 Words

Being a woman is a funny thing.

There's the expectation – soft, sweet, and gentle – and then, of course, there's the reality – burps and burgers, anyone?

We're all delightedly, wonderfully complex, and here are 19 memes that we can all relate to.

1. Do you remember the time?

Remember when we were kids and our parents would carry us from the car? Part of being an adult means no more carrying. Unless, of course you're super drunk and you have very strong friends. But pretty much don't count on it.

2. Double standards

The phrase "truer words were never spoken" comes to mind when we read this quote. Both instances are ridiculous standards. Can we just take people as they are?

3. April

This meme forgot April in adulthood, which is basically just living day-to-day trying to keep your head above water without losing track of everything you have to do.

4. Through the eyes of your dog

We should all see ourselves through the eyes of our pets. Matter of fact, we should all just embrace ourselves, warts and all.

5. Is that you, mom?

Aww, so true! Basically any woman that looked like our mom when we were kids was prime for an automatic hug-down, followed by that awkward – wait, you aren't my mom...

6. Why am I so mad?

That's a question we often ask ourselves – more often than not during that special time of the month when the planets align and Mercury is in retrograde.

7. Food baby

Don't you hate it when people ask you if you're pregnant when you're not actually pregnant, you just ate a lot? This is the perfect meme to send them explaining your case

8. So hard to pick

Oh those awful "I look awful" days when you look at pics of yourself and literally can't stand them because you think you look awful... That's why we're thankful for all those "I'm literally the most fabulous person ever" days.

9. What higher education? This is life!

We know that this whole cry closet thing seems like the most millennial idea ever, but honestly, we think every place needs them – and a resident plushy animal too.

10. Monday Lisa

The Mona Lisa is the epitome of mysterious femininity. She's us at the beginning of Friday night when the Spanx are on tight and the makeup is fierce. Fast-forward to Monday after a weekend of partying and there you have it – Monday Lisa.

11. Just fat

Everyone has fat days. Everyone. And they suck.

12. Perfect symmetry

We all have that one friend we can chill perfectly with. No stress, no doing anything, just chilling. Perfection.

13. Finished product

If there's one experience literally everyone's had, it's waiting till the last minute to turn in a project and knowing it's bad but just going through with it anyway.

14. I'm going to be late

Yeah, this is the worst. Here you are, dressed, makeup on – you even wore a bra for this! – and now you have to wait... Not fun.

15. Popculture junkie

We all have a little bit (or a lot) of a pop culture junkie in us. And our reactions when our faves have *gasp* scandal in their lives? This is exactly it.

16. Baby microwave

No lie, this is exactly us. There's obviously a perfectly rational observation for what we're seeing, but we jump to the one supremely ridiculous conclusion.

17. He's hotter in person

How many times in our lives have we said those exact same words? And nine times out of ten, they're true!

18. Two types

And we're the girl on the left because honestly, we've never mastered getting out of the pool gracefully – or the car, for that matter.

19. Time to get the nails done

We all know there's only one tried and tested way to know when it's time to get a touchup manicure...

20. Say what now?

We totally agree with Brooke. We'd rather die too. Either that, or we'd commit some physical injury before we'd let this happen. This here is just rudeness. Agree? Share this on Facebook with your best gal pal!