Pictures That Will Make You Ask ‘What Is Wrong With These People?’

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There are a lot of awkward moments that happened in 2018. It seemed to be a year filled to the brim with cringe-worthy stories that were so horrifying that you could not look away from them. So, in order to send out the year properly, I have gathered some of these moments right here. These tweets and snaps and Facebook posts highlight the worst, most embarrassing things human beings are capable of doing.

I am talking sucking on your dentist’s finger, using the handicap stall in the bathroom when there is an actual person using a wheelchair waiting for it, giving your phone number to a cashier who was just asking for it in case you wanted to partake in the store’s rewards program, and oh so much worse. These are the most cringe-worthy things that have ever happened to anybody. Just be glad that none of these things happened to you.

These stories will make you say:

You might have to read and look at them through your fingers. They are that scary. Get ready for 29 mini horror movies.

Handicap stall

This is why you don’t use that stall unless you need to! There are people who really need to use it!

Uber porn

This is so incredibly awkward. What are you supposed to do, sit there and listen to it?

Locked in

Kind of can’t believe this person got locked in a store, but also this was the plot of the book I wrote in fourth grade called, Locked in the Mall. It was a fantasy of mine.


This is amazing. The other person was like, “How the heck did this person ace this test when they can’t even read their own score?”

Black baby

This person really thought they were selling a human baby on Facebook? This is how you know this person isn’t even capable of caring for a cat.


This video is so tragic and terrible, and yet, for some reason, I cannot stop watching. It’s just on loop, crushing my dreams every four seconds.

Your number

This is humiliating. Mostly because she was shopping at PacSun in 2018.

Life insurance

Oh my goodness. This is horrifying. This is why if you work in a bank, you do not comment on the checks people bring in. Ever.


Yes, I love this so much. This is why you never ghost someone that you see regularly in class. If you do that, you deserve this.

Thanks a lot, Todd

What did Todd do that lightsaber night couldn’t even continue on as scheduled? It must have been really bad.

Search history

Oh man, this is brutal. Or the greatest sympathy con ever.

Swapped bra

No! How did this person not notice that this bra was different from all the other bras? That there weren’t any others like it around? This is horrifying.

Hair clip

Are we sure this is actually a hair clip? Because it straight-up looks like a giant, man-eating spider, and I don’t think you can convince me otherwise.


Yeah, but why would you make your pin “CUTE” if not to mess with the person helping you? This is suspect.

Adorable dachshund

This is incredible. I can sort of see where she thought it was a dog, but also she should probably get her eyes checked.

Tinder woes

Nope nope nope! Shut it down when you start matching with your own relatives on Tinder.

First and last

Oh my goodness, this is brilliant. This video made me kiss my fingers like an Italian chef. Ugh! Just perfect.


Look, dentist appointments are reliably awkward. They are just terrible. You spend the whole time just trying to not make it more awkward than it already is. And then sometimes, you do this.

I am worried

It was all good though since the professor responded, “Aren’t we all, my man? Aren’t we all…”

Salad water

There is nothing quite as devastating as thinking you’re killing it and then getting completely owned by a small child who knows what to say to absolutely ruin you.


For real though, I’m just concerned about what happens to seagulls that eat chocolate. Is it bad for them?

Butter spray

Yes, it would have been bad if you sprayed the bug spray on everyone’s food, but spraying butter on your body probably moisturizes your skin like nothing else in the world.

A bag?

It was all fun and games until she said, “Yes,” and they had to figure out how to bag two kayaks.

Check his location

Well, he’s in jail. That would explain that. Probably dodged a bullet with that one, then.


Um, how is his face so calm? If this were my head, I’d be crying and screaming and going to the hospital, probably.

Innocent mother

Moms and their misuses of phrases are so cute I can’t even take it. I wonder if she ever explained to her mom what it actually means.

The croissant

I think he means corsage, but honestly, I would be down for the tradition to switch to the customary prom croissant.


I really want to know what they told him to make him take this position. Were they like, “A very small animal below you is in pain…”


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