Pictures That Will Offend You Unless You’re a Teacher

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Hello, teachers!

Spring break is over and summer break is juuuuuuuust around the corner. I know you’re already counting down the days. Actually, I know you’ve been counting down the days since September, but now you’re really counting down the days.

You probably have papers to grade, lessons to plan, supplies to buy, and bulletin boards to assemble, but you deserve a break! Take a quick scroll through these pictures that only you will truly be able to feel on a deep, emotional level.

And the next time that class of 30+ hooligans is giving you a hard time (AKA the next time you have been in your classroom for at least 12 seconds), remember that you’re not alone! Also remember that summer break, as distant as it may seem right now, really will be here. Eventually. I promise. Hang in there!

Too real.

Obviously, you’re not in it for the money… Which is good. ‘Cause there’s not much of it.

Don’t say it.

Hey, if it works, it works! Just don’t try the “clap three times if you can hear my voice” trick at home. Your family probably won’t love that.


Trick question. All teachers have to be slightly insane to be in the profession.

Extreme sports!

Other teacher-specific sports include lightning-speed grading, counting groups of children, spotting shoes on the wrong feet, and keeping a straight face as you repeat the exact same sentence five times in a row.

True or false?

This is evil. Pure evil. I love it.


Nothing like having 30+ versions of your bad idea posted on the classroom walls for open house! Parents are going to love this.

So many questions.

If Shawn likes apples, why is he giving them to Jane? What’s for lunch? When’s recess?


I think this person should be awarded full points. They clearly know what it’s like to be a teacher.


Why waste time staring down your students when you can have technology do it for you? Thank goodness for technology, right? (Except for literally any time that you actually need to use it and it refuses to work.)


Time to stock up! I’ll take one of each. Nah, make it two.

You need it for school!

“Where are all of our pens?!” my husband cries out in desperation as I sheepishly sneak another ballpoint into my bag.

Just saying.

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, find a teacher and do everything they say. And for goodness’ sake, do not make them repeat directions.

Easiest job ever.

I hope you are able to laugh at this one. Otherwise, you will probably cry.

Foiled again!

Anyone who says they hit all the correct settings on the copier every time is absolutely lying to you. They’ve definitely forgotten the “staple” button at least once.


No matter how many pencils you purchase, you will go through them. You could buy one million pencils and they would still be gone by Thanksgiving break.


This may appear difficult at first, but it’s really quite easy. Here are some example sentences: “Your homework is due in exactly one fortnight.” “The soldiers made camp at their fort. Night fell shortly thereafter.” “FORTNITE! FORTNITE! For the love of god, please just listen to me for 30 seconds!”

Do the math.

You must always take into account a) How many sub plans you have already prepared, b) How much “catching up” you want to do when you get back, and c) the likelihood that That Kid ™ will drive you completely insane if you do not take a day off RIGHT NOW.


It is a truth universally acknowledged, that the loudest sound in the room will be a student telling others to be quiet. Either that, or that same student will be announcing to you that they are being quiet.


You forgot to add that you are constantly being pummeled by blue shells, slipping on banana peels, and being struck by lightning. And you have to do it for 8+ hours per day.

Get your steps in!

Every time someone tells you they reached 10,000 steps, try your very hardest not to laugh directly in their face. Just smile and nod.


Never underestimate the things students will lick. Honestly, they should cover that on the first day of teacher training.

Happens every time.

Then they’ll come up to you, frustrated that things didn’t work out correctly. Which is your fault, naturally.

You can do it!

30 seconds? That’s child’s play. Once you are able to eat your entire meal in negative 30 seconds (while also die cutting letters), then you’ll know you’ve truly made it.

The forbidden list.

You know that as soon as you have a child, you’re going to get a student with their name. And that student is going to be awful.

Let me see…

This is when you tell your student to get started on a time machine.  

It’s a delicate situation.

Sometimes, creating a seating chart can feel like doing one of those logic puzzles. Jayden can sit next to Gwen, but can’t be anywhere near Bryan or Rachel…but Rachel should be next to Gwen, and Sofia needs to be at the front…

Big plans.

Plenty of people are tired on the weekends, but few people are as tired as teachers.

You’re beautiful!

I once had a preschooler say she liked my nails. They weren’t even painted. Just my plain ol’ fingernails.

It’s an epidemic.

Then you have to decide whether you’re going to stick with disciplining just one student or let them rope the other one into being punished, too.

The deadline.

“Figure it out,” you say, then walk out the classroom, never to return. Nah, just kidding. Teaching is your life! (For better or for worse.) Share this with a fellow teacher!