19 Pictures That You'll Only Understand if You're in High School Right Now | 22 Words

Gen Zers — they're just like us (save for the fact that literally nothing they say, wear, or do makes any sense).

High schoolers now would never be able to identify a 1st Generation iPod or the sound of a dial-up modem but to be fair, there are plenty of things in the Gen Z world that are far beyond our understanding.

Millennials may have been the ones to embrace technology, but Generation Z literally doesn't know a world without it.

These kids came out of the womb dabbing, after all

You may think the youth ignorant, but just wait until the day your grandkids are explaining these 19 things to you.

If you're in high school, then you know Fortnite is life

What is Fortnite, you ask? Only the coolest of co-op sandbox survival games! (Yeah, we don't understand either.)

There's a reason why these Tide Pods are locked up

For Gen Zers, Tide Pods are apparently a typical after school snack. We used to eat Hostess cupcakes, but to each his or her own.

You can't be cool in school without a JUUL

The great irony of this campaign is that a Gen Zer couldn't even tell you what a flash drive is. Please don't mistake a youth's JUUL for a flash drive, fellow elderly folk.

There ain't no selfie like a passenger seat selfie

Any self respecting high schooler can tell you that the best selfie light is always in the passenger seat. You're not fooling anyone, teen. We know that it's your mom in the driver seat. Speaking of selfies...

It may not even be legal to post a selfie without a filter

If you don't have your followers convinced that you may actually be a human/dog hybrid, then you're not doing Snapchat right.

There's only one way to pose with your BFF, and this is it

Why are they holding each other like the class couple at prom? Is it comfortable to hold hands that way? Do they even like each other? Don't ask questions, grandma — just accept it.

Don't show up to high school unless your backpack cost more than your mom's favorite pocketbook

Fjällräven bags (we promise we didn't make that name up) were designed with hikers in mind, but they should have anticipated that Gen Zers would need a heavy-duty rucksacks to carry all of their iPads and fidget spinners and whatnot.

This just in — fidget cubes are actually the new fidget spinners

We guess today's high schoolers didn't have the attention span to be entertained by fidget spinners for long. Not going to lie, though — we wouldn't hate playing with one of these.

High schoolers are only as cool as the number of Lokai on their wrists

The name "Lokai" was apparently inspired by the Hawaiian word "Lōkahi," meaning unity and harmony. Lokai's creators have managed to convince all Gen Zers to buy the same bracelets, so we'd say unity has been successfully achieved. Now before you go thinking all Gen Z accessories are about achieving a greater good...

A proper mirror selfie can only be executed with the perfect PopSocket

The PopSocket can help any high schooler who finds that holding a phone unassisted is just too taxing. (We're pretty sure we're closer to investing in our hip sockets than a PopSocket.)

No keychain is complete without a dangling pompom ball

Fuzzy keychains are the most versatile accessory — you can clip them to your purse, or your belt loop, or your Fjällräven! We all know your parents aren't going to buy you a car for your sixteenth birthday, but really, the fuzzy keychain shouldn't be limited to keys anyway.

Walking like a normal person is for plebans and old people

You don't have to wait for the future for people to travel by hover board — every high schooler in America is already doing it. (Don't quote us on that. It just seems like something that could be true.)

The best headphones give you the power of four ears

We can't help but feel like Ariana Grande had something to do with this cat ear headphone trend. We also feel obligated to mention that the cat ears don't actually serve a utilitarian purpose.

PicsArt must be used to edit all pictures beyond recognition

To put it in terms we can understand, PicsArt in the Mac Photo Booth of today's high schoolers. Remember, it is not our place to stop these misguided teens, only to let them learn from their own mistakes. While we're on the topic of deeply regrettable internet fodder...

If you're not posting lip syncing videos on Musical.ly, you're missing out

Gen Zers are so innovative — finally, a high school talent show starring you that literally anyone in the world can tune in to watch! Wait, we actually had a nightmare like that once. Musical.ly, can you explain yourself?

Craft stores are to be used for the purpose of photoshoots and absolutely zero crafting

Though it's far less likely to kill you than the Tide Pod Challenge, the Hobby Lobby Challenge is far more likely to piss off your local craft store employees.

When Tide Pods get old, there's always condoms to snort

This is a real thing, folks — high schoolers must actually be warned that condoms are not to be used for the purposes of the Condom Snorting Challenge. Hey, teens — why not save a condom and use it on prom night instead?

If your phone case isn't extra, then don't bother having one

Give teens an impractical phone case shaped like a cute animal and three times the size of their actual phone or give them death! No wonder they need those PopSockets.

Lip Kits > Everything

Seriously, high schoolers, can you explain lip kits to us? What are these color names? Who is this Kylie Jenner? How does one participate in the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge? We are so old and confused! Did you enjoy this article? If so, share this with your fellow youths!