Pictures That Will Ruin Your Whole Dang Day | 22 Words

I hope you're having a really good day today.

Whether you found a bonus onion ring in your french fries or a $5 bill in your pocket, I hope that some little thing happened today that made you smile.

Because I'm about to make you mad. Not me, personally, but I am responsible for finding the photos you're about to see, and those photos are pretty much guaranteed to make your blood boil.

You see, no matter how good of a day you're having, there are some things that can instantly make everything worse in a matter of seconds. Like accidentally stepping into a puddle of water when you're wearing socks. Or having your headphones yanked out of your ear by a door handle. Or Not being able to plug something into your USB port the first time (or the second time).

It's the little things that can really ruin your whole day.

Here are 29 more things to ruin your day. You know, in case you're feeling too happy right now.

Like these people spreading out on the bus seats.

This wouldn't be so bad if everyone who needed a seat had one. But you can clearly see people in the back of the bus standing because they can't sit down, how rude?

Happy moving day!

I hope for this neighbor's sake they're moving out and not in. Otherwise, they're not making a great first impression!

These ice cubes!

Did you want some drink with your ice?! This should be a criminal offense.

I'm having flashbacks to middle school.

Nothing you can do will ever fix this tricky situation. This is your life now.

I'm literally sweating.

If even one of those candy shells ruptures, that laptop will be ruined. I've never been more anxious about a picture since the time my older brother showed me one of those Where's Waldo pictures on the computer that I was sure was going to turn into a picture of a vampire.

Well, you tried.

We're all trying to maintain distance, so good try. Unfortunately, you've got to think not only front to back, but side to side as well.

This gives me a headache.

It took me roughly 45 seconds to read what should have taken me 0.00001 seconds. (I am a very fast reader.)

And that's it for having a washer/dryer in the house.

The washer has locked itself in with the dryer. It'll be interesting to see, many decades from now, when this house crumbles, what those two will do with the space.

Just-- no.

You can't mind-over-matter something physically wrong with you. That's just-- that's not how it works. Man this one has me flustered.

Where are they?

There's a reason we make floors and stairs out of different materials. If you're just chillin' at your house, carrying a big bowl of soup or oatmeal, suddenly coming across a camouflaged staircase can be dangerous.

Hey, thanks!

Do we think this ups the car's resale value? (I mean, obviously the wonder would have to tell everyone it was Steve Buschemi's signature.)

An unforgivable deception.

There was... there was never any cable here at all! But then... where has all this premium content been coming from?!

It's done disappeared.

I'd want to say this was some sort of scam by Big Bread to get you to buy more bread clips, but a) how would they know what this guy's table looks like, and b) you can't buy individual bread clips. So I don't know what's going on.

But they were really good drawings!

This picture made me go from upset that a snake was going to eat a kitten, to glad that snake was just a drawing, and back to upset when I realized the cat was a drawing too!

This thing belongs now in the trash.

This poor student is going to spend so much time now clicking that ring back and forth. It's going to bother the entire class.

Where is it?!

I'll be honest here. When I first saw this picture, I was like "what's wrong with it?" because I thought there was a window there! It just seems so very much like a window should be there my brain filled in the gaps!


Since we're all stuck inside because of this pandemic, I've been ordering a lot of food in, and even when they offer free delivery? That "Tax and fees" section is where they get you. What fees? Because I think those fees are for delivery!

Something seems off.

Maybe someone's using this little bit of extra space to hide themselves a couple of treats? Everyone needs a good spot to hide themselves some treats! (I use the vegetable drawer, with one big clump of broccoli to block anyone from seeing through the glass window into the Cadbury mini-eggs hidden inside.)

This is unforgivable.

I imagine both the Photoshop designers and Illustrator designers work in the same building — the same floor, even — and just couldn't get together on the corner discussion? I understand both of them probably had strong feelings on the corners, but someone should have given in. For our sake.

Those are... not the same thing.

And this is only going to get worse in the coming days. When we run out of paper towels, they'll just start replacing those with, like, pineapples or magazines.

This broke my brain a little bit.

I was just getting into a groove, reading it from right to left, like a manga, and counting up in my head. Then I got to 7, which should have been 6, and started grinding my teeth involuntarily.

Who is this "Grandna"?

The name "Grandna" makes me think two grandmothers — one on your dad's side who goes by "nana" and one on your mom's side who goes by "grandma" — have fused together, into one all-powerful mega-grandmother. We all must bow to Grandna's strength.

How are you supposed to eat that?

I'm actually spending a lot of time trying to imagine it. Do you eat that one weird bite of crust first? And wouldn't that slice be way way way too long? Eating pizza isn't supposed to be a logistics issue.

At least they're all unopened.

I actually don't know if toilet paper is refundable or not, but certainly this lady — who stockpiled for no reason in the midst of a global crisis — should have her refunding ability revoked.

Truly infuriating.

I just want to take this roll of toilet paper and tap in once on a table to make it all line up correctly. No one should have to deal with off-center toilet paper like this. Its barbaric.

You just can't win.

If glasses are getting fogged up by masks, it's actually a pretty rough damned if you do, damned if you don't situation. You either skip the glasses and lose your sight, or you skip the mask and get infected. Neither option is great!

Oh great.

Now I'm gonna have to spend some 20 odd minutes digging my fingernail between that plastic and what is, for some reason, the most powerful single sheet of paper in history.

The way this package arrived proved that was a lie.

I... don't think you know what it means to care.

It's lost forever.

Who does this help? It's not like the sanitizer factory is winning — they already put that sanitizer in the bottle! Just let them get at it, my god.

You never cross the cereals.

If this were Coco Puffs and, say, Cocoa Krispies? I could see it. Two chocolate cereals. No big issue. But these two cereals are wildly different. Can you imagine eating a bowl of this concoction? You might as well top your cheesecake with steak.

Just... finish... please...

Why even put a progress bar if it's not going to mean anything? It just feels like a waste of everyone's time.

"At least there's still some tea left-- hey... wait a minute..."

I've put empty bottles back in the fridge, to be sure. You don't want to feel bad about finishing the milk, so you just pretend you didn't! In fact, that's a pretty good solution to any shame you feel — just pretend it didn't happen and press on.

I don't think you understand what makes a blueberry muffin a blueberry muffin.

It must have been incredibly difficult to open this muffin and see what was inside. It's like a reverse Christmas present.

The gall on this one.

First of all, who budges in line? Second of all, who brings over a second cart once they're already in line? And third of all, who could possibly do both in one grocery store trip? Man, I truly am infuriated right now.


Are you projecting something on the floor? Do you feel extra strong when you pull the screen down? I need an explanation.

Happy Mother's Day!

You could have picked a more striking bouquet by going outside and grabbing the three plants closest to your feet. I guess you won't be using them again, huh?

You're killin' me here, Disney+.

The Simpsons is known for its clever, hidden visual gags. To cut them off so as to fit its best episodes onto a widescreen TV feels like a personal insult.

Those peas are upside down and I do truly hate it.

Unless this picture is being used on a menu at a restaurant for astronauts, I'm gonna need these peas to be rotated back to normal in all subsequent revisions, thanks.

*screams internally for one hour*

Carpeted bathrooms are about the most disgusting thing I can think of. But now it looks like someone went "but what if we added more carpet to absorb even more bathroom discharge?" and I want to cry.

You served me well, flyswatter.

This poor guy was so angry at a fly that he reared back and hurled his swatter at the wretched beast, causing it to wedge so high up it could never be used again. The fly has won. We must all bend the knee to the fly.

"Well, I was looking forward to that record..."

Hopefully, this sure to be frustrated music-lover took his anger out on the postman the next day. The best revenge I can think of is taking their mailbag and snapping that in half.

Someone screwed up.

The only way to save this is to change the company name to "Updated Logo." (Although, now that I think about it, "Updated Logo" is a pretty good name for a graphic design studio.)

"Mornin' neighbor!"

We don't think this was intentional, do we? For the sake of the poor original poster, I hope so. Otherwise, the next cul-de-sac potluck is gonna be awkward.

Your hula hoopin' days are over.

I imagine the person living in this house was once a professional hula-hooper until a rare hip injury forced them to retire forever. Now, they have a hula hoop forever bonded to their home, mirroring the feeling of being able to touch a hula hoop, but never again experience a hula hoop. It's actually a pretty potent metaphor for loss, if you think about it.

"One twist is all I ask."

Honestly, not screwing the caps back onto the milk is, I would argue, more than reason enough to not only get divorced, but to get the marriage annulled.

A great work environment.

I bet the guy who is so cheap he won't even pay the roughly 0.35 cents a month it would cost to let his employees charge their Nintendo Switches at work is really good at providing his employees with benefits and regularly-scheduled raises.

Got to keep your new machine lookin' pretty.

It looks like this computer is wearing a shirt it doesn't fit into anymore. And as someone who seemingly only owns shirts he no longer fits into, I'm feeling a lot of second-hand embarrassment.

Someone hit you in the nose there, John?

Before we blame the lighting guy here, has anyone considered that John Travolta might've gotten stung by a bee and this scene was filmed on the last day before they sent him home to recover?

Seems efficient.

Man, did Amazon just have a bunch of extra boxes they had to get rid of? Was Amazon's roommate just pissed that they had all these extra boxes sitting around in the living room and said Amazon had until Thursday to get them out of there?

My diagnosis? Some doctors are rude.

Man, these doctors! They can just screw with your schedule all they want! If only they would get better at scheduling, the American healthcare system would finally be perfect.

A bald-faced lie.

If I was working at this lemonade stand, I would at least get some electrical tape and cover up the words "fresh-squeezed." Either that or start squeezing the bottle when I'm pouring it in and making a big show of it.

Your stars do not match your review.

This boggles my mind. The only reason I can imagine this score going along with this text is that the rest of the the comment that was accidentally cut off read "Of course, that would be out of 11 stars. No matter what, he must lose a star."

Did they design this city free-hand?

I want to just grab this square and rotate it like you can do in Sim City 2000. But hey, it's expensive to build a city. I imagine their city planners had to cut rulers out of their budgets.

Plugging in a lightning port does feel nice though.

To be fair, Apple was not counting on anyone using 800 different ports and adapters simultaneously. And yet, this laptop owner clearly has to power the rest of the town during a blackout, so you buy whatever adapters you need.

Do not accidentally send your wallet through the wash.

Now that I think about it, it's pretty crazy I haven't lost my Social Security card yet. I lose everything. My mom just found my inhaler behind the couch of my childhood home, and I needed that to breathe.

Completely unnecessary.

Whose bright idea was it to stick a dull metal blade on the end of beds? Were too many people able to walk? I cannot fathom a single reason for this thing.

Time for a nice, quiet drive through the country.

A big trend on the internet over the last few years are dashcam recordings of jerks driving up onto the shoulders of busy roads to pass other cars and then getting into ridiculous car accidents. But every time I watch those, I double-check to see if there were two cars going at the exact same very slow speed in front of them. Because then, I'd get it.

Simply hateful.

The dinosaur game is vital, a way for us to cope with the pain of not having internet. To take it away is-- well-- it's simply inhuman.

Do your job, eraser!

As someone who draws a lot in pencil, I can attest that these pencils are the Benedict Arnold of pencils — they make you think they got you; that they'll be there for you. But they'll betray you as fast as they can, leaving weird marks on your paper that will never, ever go away.

Know your worth.

The best way to deal with a job posting like this is to apply, get an interview, go in, and just scream at the hiring manager. It doesn't even have to be intelligible — just let all that anger and pain out of your belly.

How about a little consistency?

Oh, so Youtube gets to demonetize my videos where I'm naked on demand, but promotes their own? Either everyone should be naked on demand, or no one should be. I've been saying this for years.

But how many centimeters is it?

Sometimes I lay awake at night, thinking about this image, wondering how many centimeters long that section of the kite is. It is a curiosity that will never leave me.

Not the worst possible solution.

I... don't mind this solution? It's certainly no worse than what I do with a box of cereal, which is to open the bag inside, pull it up, twist it off, and tie it up with an old piece of electrical wire.

Now it's just a bad glass.

How awful! Now all you can use this for is to pour gravy! And you'd have to make a lot of gravy to justify using such a big glass... You know what? I retract my "awful" comment.

Typographers HATE him.

The casual "p" at the front is driving me mad. This is the first time a word has ever been spelled simultaneously correctly and not correctly at the same time.

Just a jerk move.

When you see that a car is missing all four of its tires, it takes just the most basic level of human empathy to ignore the parking violation. Missing only three tires? I get it. Write that ticket.

7 Days a Week

Either this place has somehow discovered an extra day in the week, or they don't understand the meaning of the word "open."

This is giving me actual anxiety.

I'm not saying my own desktop is perfectly neat and tidy. But it's nowhere near as bad as this person's laptop. And look at that taskbar!

One necklace. Five bags.

Thank goodness the unbreakable necklace had all that packaging.

Quality, indeed.

I'm guessing the back of the mug says "very poor." That's the only way this makes sense.

One star.

People who can't figure out an online rating system really drive me nuts.

Oh, were you trying to walk here?

Too bad. This is where these people are sitting.

This is so sad.

I don't know what those snacks are, but I do know that I feel cheated out of enjoying them. This is a real travesty.

That's gross.

Why would someone do this? Who hurt you?

Okay, cool.

It's just a diploma. It's not something that you'll frame and keep for the rest of your life.

So close!

Why even make a pattern like this on the ceiling if you're not going to install the light in the center of it? Who did this? Why is this happening?

Great tip.

Here's a tip for this tip-leaver: If you can't tip with money, don't go out to eat.


I guess you'll just have to live the rest of your life with this package opener locked in its package, mocking you.


If this ever happens to you, I recommend throwing away your pencil and starting over with a new one. Or better yet, switch to a pen.

This has to be illegal, right?

I mean, it's not like they're charging you tens of thousands of dollars to attend classes there, on top of charging hundreds of dollars for textbooks. What else are they supposed to do?

I would riot.

This one is the most frustrating, in my opinion. How could you possibly be this inconsiderate?

Wait a second.

This box doesn't even have 150 markers. Not only is there an empty spot in the middle; they also counted the marker lid and the markers themselves as separate pieces.


Sorry, guys. I should have given you some kind of warning before showing you this picture. You'll never be the same.

Just going for a run!

On the bright side, now you never have to go running again! That's something, right?

Every. Time.

They must be doing this on purpose, right? Are we sure we're not locked into some kind of evil experiment?

Too bad!

Sorry, your dad is going to have to change his middle name. How about "Paulb?"

Just when you were getting comfy.

You can try to flatten it. It will not stay down.

Someone will clean it up, right?

It's simple. You take the box off the shelf. You try on the shoe, then — and this is important — you put the box back on the shelf where you got it.

So close.

Someone please grab me a chisel. It's time to right this wrong.

At least you scratched that itch!

These pants will forever be a reminder of the time you couldn't be bothered to check whether the pen was clicked. It's an important lesson to learn.

Oh, you ordered a special light bulb?

We sent it in a bubble wrap envelope! Wasn't that so thoughtful of us?

A note from a monster:

Just reading this is getting me so fired up. Let's get a handwriting analyst on the scene!

I didn't even know this was possible...

...But now I'm going to worry about it every time I put something in the cupboard.

It's a cursed sandwich.

Stop this. Stop this right now and don't you ever do it again.

Why, though?

I assume there's probably a reason that one sconce is so much lower than the rest. But I know it's not a good enough reason.

How rude!

Well, looks like it's time to fill your lotion bottle with superglue! But you didn't hear it from me.


Kids may be little bundles of joy and delight, but they're also kiiiiinda gross. This is exhibit A.

Fruit salad!

Knowledge is knowing that tomatoes are fruits. Wisdom is not putting them in a fruit salad. And this? This is just a straight-up travesty.

Guess you're not letting him borrow anything ever again.

Some people just want to watch the world burn. He is clearly one of those people.

Red means stop. Green means go.

In this case, though, red apparently means "STOP having the projector be off and use this button to turn it on," and green means "GO ahead and turn the projector off now."

Foiled again.

There's only one way to solve this issue. You're gonna have to put the entire roll in the garbage can.

Yum! Sharpie!

Consider yourself lucky. At my local Chipotle, they charge extra for Sharpie seasoning.

Great design!

I can understand if it was, like, Kansas or something. But Louisiana is an L. 100 percent. Share this with someone who is having a good day. They won't be for long!