Piers Morgan Branded ‘Sexist’ and ‘Disgusting’ for Comments He Made About Weather Reporter Live on Air

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It’s very rare when Piers Morgan isn’t making headlines in the U.K for his bold and often outrageous comments.

But he is now making headlines globally for his most recent comments about a weather reporter live on air.

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The British TV presenter constantly has to have his opinion heard. Whether it’s about politics, women’s issues, or any other thing that doesn’t concern him, he usually has something to say about it.

Because just one platform isn’t enough for Piers’ many opinions. He regularly hosts the British breakfast show, Good Morning Britain, and writes semi-regular columns for the newspaper giant, Daily Mail.

As you would expect, Piers’ Twitter account is well and truly active; this seems to be the place in which he aims to stir up as much controversy as possible. I have to give it to him, he isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

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As well as hosting his own show, Piers Morgan Live, he also had a stint as one of the judges on America’s Got Talent.

Piers hasn’t been shy of publicly showing-off about his friendship with the President and is often one of the first to spring to his defense when things are going pear-shaped for him.

Piers Morgan was the only journalist who was able to carry out interviews with the President during his visits to the UK. Say what you will about him, but he has achieved some admirable things. Though being buddies with Trump may give you an advantage in this situation…

Despite everything that’s been going on with Trump’s UK State visits (the protests and the utter outrage), Piers’ outbursts vary in topics.

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David Beckham, who is a famous soccer star and public figure, became a Piers Morgan victim for kissing his young daughter on the lips. Not a big deal, at all.

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Piers has made his opinion of the Duchess very well known, and he isn’t a fan… at all.

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And he has made his opinion of her very well known to the British public.

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And his most recent comments have caused public outrage.

On Tuesday morning, Piers was hosting his usual segment on Good Morning Britain

After discussing climate change, Piers decided to draw attention to weather girl Laura Tobin’s trousers, that were made of a leather-looking material.

And we must say, she looks pretty great considering its 6 am!

“Can we talk about your hot pants for a moment because you can’t wear something like that and not expect the public…,” Piers began before adding, “They’re not just a pair of trousers, they’re skin-tight leather hot pants I’ve seen in many a year and you’ve paraded them for your 7 day…”    

“She was doing her job as presenting the weather,” she said, to which Piers replied with, “If you wear skin-tight leather trousers, you’re going to get people going… wow.”  

Piers defended himself by saying, “All of you wear clothes, you post them on your Instagram… They are fabulous trousers, I’ve noticed them, I don’t see why I shouldn’t be able to do that?”    

“Saying they’re hot and sexualizing them is just one of those examples of when you’ve just gone a little bit too far,” Susanna said to Piers in Laura’s defense. “They’re hot trousers,” Piers continued, “They’re not regular trousers. Most weather girls don’t wear hot leather trousers to do the weather, they don’t.”

And people began branding the outspoken journalist as “sexist” and “disgusting.”

And we must say, what on earth do her trousers have to do with presenting the news? They aren’t relevant at all, and how she chooses to dress does not define her career.

Responding to a tweet that has now been deleted, he wrote, “If you wear tight leather trousers to do the weather, you’re probably hoping people will notice… FYI,” suggesting that Laura picked her trousers for a deliberate reason.