Piers Morgan Horrifies Viewers as He Mocks the Chinese Language on Live TV

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It’s very rare when Piers Morgan isn’t making headlines in the U.K. for his bold and often outrageous comments. Usually, Morgan’s tantrums are targetted towards one person, in particular… take his vendetta against Meghan Markle, for instance.

But this week, the TV presenter has landed himself in hot water for offending an entire nation.

This may be his worst controversy yet, and now he’s responded to the backlash. Keep scrolling to watch the clip and see what he had to say for himself.

The British TV presenter constantly has to have his opinion heard. Whether it’s about politics, women’s issues, or any other thing that doesn’t concern him, he usually has something to say about it.

Because just one platform isn’t enough for Piers’ many opinions. He regularly hosts the British breakfast show, Good Morning Britain, and writes semi-regular columns for the newspaper giant, Daily Mail.

As you would expect, Piers’ Twitter account is well and truly active; this seems to be the place in which he aims to stir up as much controversy as possible. I have to give it to him, he isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

As well as hosting his own show, Piers Morgan Live, he also had a stint as one of the judges on America’s Got Talent.

Piers hasn’t been shy of publicly showing-off about his friendship with the President and is often one of the first to spring to his defense when things are going pear-shaped for him.

Piers Morgan was the only journalist who was able to carry out interviews with the President during his visits to the UK. Say what you will about him, but he has achieved some admirable things. Though being buddies with Trump may give you an advantage in this situation…

Despite everything that’s been going on with Trump’s UK State visits (the protests and the utter outrage), Piers’ outbursts vary in topics.

David Beckham, who is a famous soccer star and public figure, became a Piers Morgan victim for kissing his young daughter on the lips. Not a big deal, at all.

Piers has made his opinion of the Duchess very well known, and he isn’t a fan… at all.

And he has made his opinion of her very well known to the British public. He even leaked a private message that Meghan sent to him. Find out more at the end…

And his most recent comments may be his most controversial yet…

But this week, the journalist seems to have managed to offend an entire nation. Yep, really. Keep scrolling to see the clip.

In fact, his comments were so bad that viewers are calling for him to be sacked from Good Morning Britain.

Viewers were left infuriated after watching the presenter “mock Chinese people” on live TV.

And while discussing the advert with co-host, Susanna Reid, the presenter made some very offensive remarks.

“At the next royal event, can you imagine Christmas at Sandringham is like – ‘I’m sorry your majesty, but I only drink yang yank yong ying ming milk,” he quipped. But it didn’t end there…

“Ok then – ching chang chong, ok I got it,” he said. Susanna then awkwardly remarked: “For god’s sake… taking the mick out of languages is rather 1970s.”

People can’t believe he still has a platform to voice his outrageous comments. Although, he does bring the show a heck of a lot of viewers and attention… so it’s not too hard to see why.

Another viewer labelled him a “dinosaur” who “needs to learn some new rules.”

Safe to say, people were outraged by his comments.

And now he’s attempted to justify himself…  

And in usual Pier’s style, he sees no wrong in what he did.

Surprisingly, he didn’t use the word “snowflake” this time. It’s painful to see this man continuously justify his behavior. Piers recently leaked a private message from Meghan Markle, keep scrolling to take a look…