Piers Morgan Names His Top 20 ‘Cov-Idiots’ and People Actually Agree

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It’s very rare when Piers Morgan isn’t making headlines for his bold and often outrageous comments. Usually, Morgan’s tantrums are targetted towards one person, in particular… take his vendetta against Meghan Markle, for instance.

But this time, he’s decided to direct his anger at twenty other people too in a list titled “cov-idiots” and you know what? We actually agree with him for once! Wow, this is quite revolutionary in itself.

Stick with me as we count down his top 20 picks…

Piers Morgan does not hold back.

You know that filter that most of us try and implement while we’re talking? Well, it seems as though the former TV judge just doesn’t have that and because he is lacking, he always seems to find himself offending the masses.

It seems as though Morgan always finds one thing or another to latch on to so that he can spread some “well-informed” trash to audiences around the world.

Yes, you read that right. The day time TV host has given up his crown of terror and swapped it out for a cape instead.

Besides this “all-star” list, which we will get into in a minute, he has decided to do a public service by asking his followers if they have unfairly been let go by their employers so that he can help them…

I say it’s God’s work being done on the ground.

Recently, he published a list in which he named the top twenty nominees for the unofficial title of the “Cov-Idiot.” And it’s actually hilarious to see how many famous faces it includes, but all of them are on there for very specific reasons as you’ll see.

This is not a statement I would willingly admit, but hey, when you’re right, you’re right. Let’s start the count down.

Surprisingly, Megan Markle and Prince Harry sit comfortably on the twenty spot? With the way Morgan rants about this pair, I thought they would easily claim the throne on the list, but it seems as if other people have annoyed the TV host more.

From their terrible protection advice to their “inconsiderate” way of sending support to the United Kingdom, if it’s not one thing, it’s another.

He wrote: “As British royals like the Queen and Prince William have risen to the crisis and been comforting faces and voices for people less fortunate, Meghan and Harry flew in a private jet to Hollywood to look round potential $20 million Malibu homes, whilst posting their best wishes to UK health workers ‘from across the pond.’ I don’t want to hear another word from this staggeringly entitled duo for the duration of this crisis.”

Paltrow recently received a flurry of hate for her careless selfie. The actress posted a picture of herself wearing a mask and captioned it, “I’ve already been in this movie.” Yikes…

“This is not a bloody movie, Ms. Paltrow, this is very damn real.”

Remember just a few weeks ago when someone (probably Kris Jenner) leaked the actual phonecall that “ended” Swift’s career back in 2016? We were all transported back 4 years for a few minutes to correct the narrative.

He wrote that “[no one] gives a rat’s a*se about their historically petty feud right now. We [really] don’t so shut up the pair of you.”

It gave us all a well-deserved break from the real world for a hot second.

Musk already put himself in a sticky situation when he tweeted that the “panic was dumb” and that “fear is the mind-killer.”

Piers had some savage words for the billionaire, writing, “…What’s ‘dumb’ is an arrogant, ill-informed billionaire complacently dismissing very real and fully justified concerns over a deadly virus destroying lives and economies all over the world.”

Where do I even start with this delusional woman?

After hashtagging “business as usual” on a very controversial tweet explaining how she was still “[dropping her] kids off at gymnastics camp,” she quickly found herself receiving immense backlash.

After she continued, writing, “Some people value their lives over freedom, some people value freedom over lives. We all make our choices”, Morgan snapped back saying: “Yes, and some people clearly value shamefully selfish stupidity over common sense, don’t they Evangeline?”

The number fifteen spot was claimed by Jaime King who “…Thanked coronavirus. No, seriously, that is exactly what she did – posting a photo of the virus with the caption ‘Thank you for shaking us and showing us.’ What the flying f***????? It’s shaking us into ICU beds and showing us how to die, you imbecile.” I’m glad someone else said it.

Rapper and producer Drake finds himself at number fourteen for his “relatable” post.

Spoiler Alert: It was not relatable at all.

“Drake was keen to show us the harsh limitations of his own self-isolation, posting a video to Instagram of his private full-size basketball court inside his mansion with the words: ‘My life for the next however long. Very relatable, I’m sure, to a family of ten living in a tiny home in the projects.” Re-think your idea of relatable, please.

Another entitled billionaire? Of course. Geffen thought it would be touching to tell us how he plans on self-isolating… And no, it didn’t involve staying in a house, that’s for sure.

“Billionaire David Geffen wanted the world to know of his own coronavirus struggle, posting a photo of his gigantic gin palace yacht with the caption: ‘Sunset last night… Isolated in the Grenadines avoiding the virus. I hope everybody is staying safe.’

“…But unfortunately, most people don’t have a $590 million bloody yacht to hide on. If you really want us to ‘stay safe’, maybe sell your yacht and give the proceeds to those who can’t afford to protect or feed themselves?”

I used to think Leto was so cool until he proved himself to be an actual idiot.

“Jared Leto appeared from a 12-day meditation desert retreat and hit Instagram to exclaim: ‘Wow, we were totally isolated, we had no idea what was happening outside. Mind-blowing.’”

“Leto posted this on March 17th, meaning he entered the retreat on March 5, by which time numerous US states had declared public health emergencies, the Government had issued its highest ‘do not travel’ warning, and countries like China and Italy were in lockdown. His ignorance of any of his was… ‘mind-blowing.'”

They always say “music has the power to heal”… But I’ve never heard anyone say “music has the power to eradicate a disease that is killing thousands of people around the world”, have you?

“Bono always means well, but he came out of the traps with what many saw as indecent speed to release a ballad for the people of Italy entitled ‘Let Your Love Be Known’ and urged Italians to ‘sing it from the rooftops.’ As one critic responded acidly: ‘Haven’t they suffered enough?’”

The number 10 spot was claimed by none other than the woman who destroyed her illustrious career with one Livestream… Oh, this one was bad.

“High School Musical buffoon Vanessa Hudgens, who dismissed concerns over the virus as ‘a bunch of bull****’ and scoffed: ‘I’m sorry, but like, it’s a virus? I get it, I respect it, but at the same time I’m like, even if everybody gets it, like yeah, people are going to die, which is terrible but like, inevitable?’ Ms. Hudgens is like, in urgent need of shutting the f*** up.” She deserved to be in the top 5 for this blunder.

This is the only one that I think placed too high for the situations. There have been bigger idiots during this pandemic than Sam Smith, but hey, it ain’t my list.

It seems as though Morgan has more of a personal problem with Smith…

“Sam Smith took time out from his constant gender status updates to post a video of ‘themselves’ inside ‘their’ luxury home complaining that ‘they’ had ‘a bit of a headache’, saying how ‘challenging’ the crisis would be for people like ‘them’ and crying about the horrors of ‘their’ quarantine meltdown’. I’d like ‘them’ to pipe down. Immediately.”

In some instances, Cardi B is actually very relatable, but not according to Piers Morgan.

“It’s not entirely surprising that someone who was a very high-profile dimwit before the pandemic should continue to be one now. But even by her standards, shrieking on social media that she was ‘losing my f****** mind’ because ‘I want to put on my f****** expensive outfits and go out’ was particularly gruesome.”

Again, the top 10 is a little questionable but see if you agree with Morgan’s reason as to why Elba ranked so highly.

“Idris Elba, who thought he was doing the right thing when he released a video revealing he had tested positive for the virus – and urged others to stay safe. The problem was that in doing so, he exposed how wrong it is that celebrities like him are getting expensive private tests when most health care workers can’t.”

“The furor this sparked was exacerbated when his wife Sabrina posted about having her own test several days later.” Sadly, this seems to be a problem with many celebrities like Elba.

Yes, in general. Anyone that went out to ‘party”, even while they were advised not to, I’m talking to you.

“Spring-Breakers who flocked to the beaches in Florida, ignoring all advice not to, infecting each other and then returning home to infect and possibly kill their elderly relatives. I don’t know what the collective word is for a very large group of selfish, reckless morons, but shall we go with Covidiots?”

Now here’s one I can definitely get behind. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has been nothing short of stupid during this pandemic and here’s the proof…

“British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who boasted just three weeks ago that he had visited a hospital full of coronavirus patients and shaken as many people’s hands as possible. ‘I shook hands with everybody!’ he exclaimed delightedly at his daily Government presser. Johnson now has the virus, along with Britain’s Health Secretary and Chief Medical Officer, and is being forced to run the country from self-isolation in his flat at No10 Downing Street.”

In a shocking turn of events, we see that one of his former “inspirations” has landed himself in the top 5 “Covid-idiots.”

“President Trump, who decided yesterday was a good day to boast about his Bachelor-finale-level TV ratings, and then hand out pens to his top aides as they stood two inches from each other in the Oval Office. Trump needs to socially distance himself from such diabolically delusional and dangerous behavior – fast.”

As Morgan refers to them, the “douchbags” that hoarded thousands of sanitizers in their garage.

“Those douchebag Colvin brothers in Tennessee who drove around the state stockpiling 17,000 bottles of hand sanitizer, then were banned from selling them online. The selfish, greedy berks need their brains sanitizing if it can be established that they have any.”

I never thought I’d see the day Madonna emerging from milky water with a face full of make-up and referring to a global virus as “the great equalizer.” God, these celebs are so out of touch with reality, it’s unreal.

“Yeah, right. I would imagine those candles alone could feed a health worker for six months. As for the rose petals, we can only hope and pray they don’t clog up her pipes and require a plumber to break off from vital emergency virus-related work to fix it.”

Celebrities and their methods to “raise awareness’, “fix problems” and “spread joy” is what is wrong with the world. “Wonder woman star Gal Gadot and her toe-curling celebrity accomplices on that diabolical “Imagine” video. It was supposed to be the self-isolating version of We Are The World but rapidly became a We Are Being Mocked By The World abomination.”

It’s hard when they don’t have ill-intentions but imagine how much money these guys earn and their only solution at the time was to sing one line of a song? How about helping provide testing kits or ventilators or asking your fans to respect the lockdown? That’s help.

“Aside from the horrible singing, and unctuous self-promoting style of delivery, the message of John Lennon’s original classic is imagining a world without borders, possessions. So, to see a bunch of multi-millionaire stars singing from within their heavily guarded mansions was particularly hypocritical.” Do you agree with the list? If you have any other suggestions about who else should have made the cut, we’d love to hear them! Stay safe guys and stay home!