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It's very rare when Piers Morgan isn't making headlines for his bold and often outrageous comments, and his latest rant is once again aimed at Meghan and Harry.

Although this time, some fans totally agree...

Piers Morgan has made the headlines, yet again.

You know that filter that most of us try and implement while we're talking? Well, it seems as though the former TV judge just doesn't have that and because he is lacking, he always seems to find himself offending the masses.

Whether it be ranting about the royals, or mocking an entire nation...

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It seems as though Morgan always finds one thing or another to latch on to so that he can spread some "well-informed" trash to audiences around the world.

However, recently, he's become somewhat of a hero.

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Yes, you read that right. The day time TV host has given up his crown of terror and swapped it out for a cape instead.

While the virus continues to infect our world, Morgan has taken it upon himself to call out injustice when he sees it.

Besides this "all-star" list, which we will get into in a minute, he has decided to do a public service by asking his followers if they have unfairly been let go by their employers so that he can help them...

...Even if that does mean just calling them out for his millions of followers to see.

I say it's God's work being done on the ground.

And we can't forget about his coveted list, can we?

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Recently, he published a list in which he named the top twenty nominees for the unofficial title of the "Cov-Idiot." And it's actually hilarious to see how many famous faces it includes, but all of them are on there for very specific reasons.

And weirdly enough... we all found ourselves agreeing with Morgan.

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Even when he started ranting about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, we kind of agreed with him? Self-isolation must be getting to us... However, he might have taken it too far during a recent segment on Good Morning Britain..

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex found themselves at one end of the list...

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Surprisingly, Megan Markle and Prince Harry sat comfortably on the twenty spot. With the way Morgan rants about this pair, I thought they would easily claim the throne on the list, but I'm sure Morgan will be re-arranging the positions after Prince Harry's latest stunt.

Meghan and Harry have been involved in many scandals recently.

From their terrible protection advice to their "inconsiderate" way of sending support to the United Kingdom...

All the way to the way they sent their "love" to front line workers...

They just seemed to be rubbing people up the wrong way. while most of the anger seemed misplaced, Morgan addressed it all...

He had no shame in calling them out.

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He wrote: "As British royals like the Queen and Prince William have risen to the crisis and been comforting faces and voices for people less fortunate, Meghan and Harry flew in a private jet to Hollywood to look round potential $20 million Malibu homes, whilst posting their best wishes to UK health workers ‘from across the pond.’"

"I don’t want to hear another word from this staggeringly entitled duo for the duration of this crisis."

But unfortunately for him, this was not the last scandal that the Sussex's would find themselves in. Read on to see Morgan's full rant..

This all started after the pair paid tribute to fallen veterans...

Harry was reportedly "denied" after asking for a wreath to be laid down on his behalf.

Piers has come out to say the whole thing was "outrageous" and a "publicity stunt."

Piers ranted: “Just outrageous – treating Remembrance Sunday like a PR opportunity, & trying to steal headlines from the real royals doing their duty back home."

But why is he so angry?

The photos show Harry and Meghan paying their respects whilst visiting veteran's graves.

Although the photos were reportedly taken by their own private photographer...

Some Twitter users agreed with Piers, while others told him to leave them alone, and allow them to pay their respects.

One user agreed with the host...

Tweeting: “I think it’s hilarious that they brought their own photographer. This is so tacky and desperate, which seems to be their brand."

While another user wrote...

“I can understand him paying his respects he did serve, what I find utterly disgusting is they want privacy but took a photographer with them! #RemembranceSunday is not a photo opportunity for personal PR #ShameOnYou."

But lots more disagreed, saying that he should be given the chance to show his respects.

For example, one wrote: “Harry severed his country. Have any of you? You find time to whinge about them when all current and past government officials break law and travel unnecessarily, insult the memory of those who have seen the ravages of war by making us stand alone on our doorsteps. Equality right there." While another said: “Harry is a veteran, unlike his father and brother who both laid wreathes at the Cenotaph. Can’t actually believe I’m defending any member/former member of the royal family but your obsession with these two is borderline nuts."

Harry and Meghan laid hand-picked flowers from their home.

At the grave of a Royal Australian Airforce member and one fallen soldier from the Royals Canadian Artillery. A spokesperson for the couple said: “It was important to the duke and duchess to be able to personally recognize Remembrance in their own way, to pay tribute to those who have served and to those who gave their lives." Keep scrolling for more...