Piers Morgan Mom-Shames Emily Ratajkowski Over ‘Awkward’ Snap With Baby Son

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Piers Morgan has ripped into model Emily Ratajkowski over her “awkward” Instagram photo with her baby…

And he even reached out to the model, offering to give some much-needed “parenting tips.”

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Seriously, Piers?!

We all know that the British journalist is notoriously opinionated and outspoken…

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And his relentless attacks on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle over the last couple of years are solid examples enough!

The TV personality really isn’t afraid of offending and upsetting people…

Especially when it comes to the rich and famous.
But it seems he’s taken things a step too far this time…

As his most recent target is none other than Emily Ratajkowski.

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Now, Piers is certainly no stranger to the New York-based model and he’s made his opinions on her strong feminist ideologies very known in the past.

The journalist has publically slammed Emily numerous times on social media over the last few years…

And he often calls her out for expressing her strong views on feminism and women’s equality while using her sexuality and appearance to earn a living… which there is absolutely nothing wrong with, by the way.

The model has never been afraid to fight back, however.

Who could forget this tweet from 2016 when Emily gave Piers the best comeback when he offered to “buy her some clothes” following a naked photoshoot.

So, as you can see, Piers Morgan and Emily Ratajkowski certainly aren’t fans of one another!

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And now, the journalist has decided to reignite the feud by calling out Emily’s parenting techniques.

Now, that really isn’t cool.

We all know that Emily and her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, welcomed their first child back in March.
“Sylvester Apollo Bear has joined us earthside. Sly arrived 3/8/21 on the most surreal, beautiful, and love-filled morning of my life,” the model wrote on Instagram to announce the happy news.

While Emily had previously stated that she and her husband were planning on raising their baby as gender-neutral until they turned eighteen…

She shared an intimate photo of her breastfeeding her child shortly after the birth along with the caption, “Beautiful boy.”

Emily seems to have thrown herself into motherhood in the last few months…

And while updates on her baby have been limited and his privacy has been maintained, it’s clear that she and her husband are simply glowing with happiness over their new addition.

But of course, parent-shamers are never far around the corner…

And this is what brings us back to today’s story.

Yesterday, Emily posted a couple of bikini-clad photos on Instagram showing her holding Sylvester…

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Along with the caption, “Bday eve with the dream vacation partner.”

But it didn’t take long for the criticisms to come flying in…

Sharing the photo of Emily and her baby in matching swimwear, Piers viciously typed:

“That’s not how you hold a baby @emrata – and your millions of followers shouldn’t be encouraged to do the same. Happy to give you some tips if you need them.”

Here’s Emily’s original post:

Do you think there’s anything wrong with the way the model is holding her baby? Does Piers make a good point? Or should he be keeping his nose out of other parents business?