It's very rare when Piers Morgan isn't making headlines in the U.K. for his bold and often outrageous comments. Usually, Morgan's tantrums are targeted towards one person, in particular... take his vendetta against Meghan Markle, for instance.

But this week, the TV presenter has landed himself in hot water for a different reason...

Piers Morgan rarely has nothing to say...

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The British TV presenter constantly has to have his opinion heard.

Whether it's about politics, women's issues, or any other thing, he usually has something to say about it.

The journalist has several platforms...

Because just one platform isn't enough for Piers' many opinions.

He certainly isn't absent on Twitter...

As you would expect, Piers' Twitter account is well and truly active; this seems to be the place in which he aims to stir up as much controversy as possible.

He's spent a lot of time in the States.

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As well as hosting his own show, Piers Morgan Live, he also had a stint as one of the judges on America's Got Talent.

And he's a good friend of ex-President, Donald Trump...

Piers hasn't been shy of publicly showing off about this friendship and was often one of the first to spring to his defense.

He remains the only British journalist to have secured a one-to-one interview with Trump.

Piers Morgan was the only journalist who was able to carry out interviews with the former president during his visits to the UK.

Though Piers' rants usually have nothing to do with Trump.

In fact, Piers' outbursts vary in topics.

The Beckhams have ruffled the feathers of Piers Morgan.

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David Beckham, who is a famous soccer star and public figure, became a Piers Morgan victim for kissing his young daughter on the lips. Not a big deal, at all.

And of course, who could forget Meghan Markle...

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Piers has made his opinion of the Duchess very well known, and he isn't a fan... at all.

Piers has blamed Meghan for "destroying" the royal family...

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And he has made his opinion of her very well known to the British public.

Piers hasn't exactly been praised for his opinions...

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And his most recent comments may be his most controversial yet...

Piers first responded to an opinion piece in the New York Post.

About the thorny issue of consent in Snow White.

And, as ever, it seemed he couldn't let it go.

Ranting and raving on Twitter.

He's so invested in this he even dedicated his latest column to it...

Big eye roll.

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