Pigeon Arrested in India on Suspicion of Being a Spy for Pakistan | 22 Words

2020 has thrown some pretty horrific things at us this year, and we're not even halfway through. Now, this might just be the cherry on top...

A pigeon has been arrested after officials in India suspected the beady-eyed traitor to be a spy for Pakistan...

And no, you're not going mad.

Keep scrolling to find out if the pigeon in question has been brought to justice...


Birds can be far sneakier than you would expect.

But I doubt anyone would accuse a bird of being an international spy?

Although it is 2020, and clearly anything can happen.

Including exactly that...

Is it so inconceivable?

I mean some birds are quite frankly terrifying, they could easily take a meaty chunk out of your hand quicker than you could say, pigeon spy.

Don't even get me started on Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.

It just proves that our feathered friends shouldn't be trusted...

Although would you go so far as officials have in India?

And arrest a bird?

A pigeon has been arrested in India on suspicion of being a spy for Pakistan.

It was caught after being spotted flying into a house close to the India-Pakistan border with coded tag around its leg.

This was according to the Times of India.

Who reported that residents of Manyari village in the Hiranagar sector captured the suspicious bird and quickly alerted officials.

The suspect was discovered by local Geeta Devi.

When the bird landed in her home on May 24.

It happened to be wearing some sort of unusual ring around its leg.

Which immediately caused suspicion.

The tag had also been painted pink.

Which lead officials to suspect the worst.


Yep, the pigeon is question has been labeled a spy.

They came to the conclusion that the bird couldn't be trusted.

But not all is as it seemed...

Kathua Police’s senior superintendent Shailendra Mishra said...

"We don’t know from where it came. Locals captured it near our fences. We have found a ring in its foot on which some numbers are written. Further investigation is underway."

However, a Pakistani villager has since come forward to defend the bird.

Claiming to be the bird's owner.

The man, whose name is Habibullah, lives in the village of Bagga-Shakargarh.

He claimed the code written on the ring is actually just his mobile number.

He reportedly owns around a dozen other pigeons.

During Eid, he decided to fly several pigeons in his village, to mark the celebrations, around 4km from the Indian border.

Just like any responsible pet owner, Habibullah had put rings around his pigeons’ feet before letting them fly off.

Which had his number on, in case the birds got lost.

Habibullah has now urged Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to return his pigeon to its home in Pakistan.

Asking authorities to abide by "full protocol and due respect."

He has described his bird as "innocent."

As well as being "a symbol of peace, love, and tolerance."

Check out the video below...

The pigeon has yet to give a comment on its innocence. Keep scrolling to find out why PETA is protesting Animal Crossing... Again.