Pineapple Christmas Trees Are the Newest Festive Decoration | 22 Words

It's a little crazy knowing that Christmas is around the corner, right? Aren't we all still coming down from the highs of summer?

Whether we want to slow time down or not, the holiday season has officially arrived. Even Starbucks has started serving their holiday cups, so you know it's here. With every holiday season that comes and goes, it brings along some truly interesting trends. But the latest holiday trend that is practical and cute? I introduce to you, Pineapple Christmas Trees.

If at first, you're not on board with the trend, know that you aren't alone. It doesn't seem like something so tropical could go hand-in-hand with the holidays, but it works. It doesn't matter if you live in the coldest place in the world, with a Pineapple Christmas Tree you can bring a little sunshine to any place. And I'm not going to lie this trend is adorable.

One quick glance through the hashtag #christmaspineapple or #pineapplechristmastree, and you'll see how many people are into this idea.

Even cats like the pineapple trees. Why wouldn't you get something your cat would like?

Some people go all-out.

Why stop at just one pineapple? Christmas is the perfect time to embrace how extra you really are.

Dogs like it too!

Sure, this one looks a little anxious, but how cute is he posing next to the pineapple? It's the perfect tree size for your pet.

But if you're thinking, "Hmmm, I don't want a pineapple tree," you don't have to stress.

Because pineapples look really cute in snow globes, too! Is this the fruit of the season?

You can glam up your holiday pineapple decor.

Sparkles are in-trend all-year-round, but they're extra special during Christmas.

They look great with Christmas lights on them, too.

They can double as a night light for when you're dreaming of sugar plum fairies.

Pineapples look cool with sunglasses.

Haven't you ever looked at your Christmas tree and thought, "Dang, I wish it looked more like a person." If you've had that very specific thought, then pineapples are for you. You can stick a pair of sunglasses on them, easily!

This one looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss book.

I'm here for it. Who wants to clean up all those pine needles when the tree starts to die?

Sunglasses are totally a thing.

Also, you can't eat a regular, old Christmas tree. Pineapple Christmas decor is both cute and delicious.

Simplicity is key.

If you're not into the extra look, you can always downplay the pineapple. This one is so chic.

Pineapples can wear Santa hats.

Give your holiday party the extra push it needs. Add a truly fabulous pineapple with a Santa hat on top.

Pineapple on pineapple?

Sure, why not? Anything goes during the holidays.

These babies are perfect if you want a no-fuss hack to decking the halls.

It's also great for those of us who feel like we don't have time to decorate. You can do this in roughly thirty seconds.

Doesn't it look romantic?

I bet you never thought a pineapple could really create some elegant ambiance in your home.

They hold ornaments as well as any old Douglas fir.

Plus, if you have cats that can't go more than five minutes without jumping onto your Christmas tree, this is a great solution. You can easily set the pineapple out of reach.

You can even bring your pineapple wherever you go!

It sucks when we don't spend enough time in our carefully decorated home during the holidays. With a pineapple Christmas tree, you can bring Christmas with you wherever you go! Does this sound like an infomercial?

Mobile Christmas decorations would be delightful during holiday travel...

This will make it through TSA, right?

Christmas is a time for expressing yourself.

Haters may hate on your slightly bizarre Christmas pineapple, but they're all Scrooges.

You can make your Christmas pineapple as bright as you want.

An '80s vibe for the holidays? I dig it.

A glowing troll is the perfect pineapple topper.

I know I've said the word "cute" a hundred times already, but come on. That little troll up there can melt even the coldest of hearts.

You can put your pineapple wherever you want.

It's great for those of us who live in apartments. Who has the space for a Christmas tree anyway?

Be the first one in your group of friends to embrace this yummy trend.

It's pretty amazing how many people are already into this trend. Who started it?!

Pineapples are way prettier than regular trees anyway.

Have we not appreciated the pineapple as much as we, as a society, should have?

Those are some fun and funky ornaments.

Your pineapple can reflect your personal style better than any Christmas tree can.

And if you're dead-set on an artificial tree, then don't worry.

They make artificial pineapples. You can still be included in this trend!

This looks like a postcard?

Those colors! Take me to Hawaii ASAP.

Pineapples also make great ornaments themselves.

If you're not ready to jump into the trend, you can dip your toes into it by putting up a pineapple ornament.

This baby loves pineapples.

I'm not crying, you're crying! Christmas makes everything way more emotional.

All in all, the pineapple holiday trend is super fun.

I'm all here for a fleeting Christmas trend!

Who doesn't want their Christmas to be tropical?

Pineapples are forever. Share this with your friend who is obsessed with Christmas!